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Wynnewood Dental Arts Helps Philadelphians Conquer Dental Phobias

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Updated 12:54 PM CDT, Thu, May 23,2019

Wynnewood, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2019 -- No one enjoys getting dental work done. However, for some children and adults in Philadelphia, the idea of going to the dentist isn't just annoying—it's a deep source of dread and anxiety that can even trigger panic attacks. Wynnewood Dental Arts is proud to provide pain-free dentistry in Philadelphia that makes it easy and stress-free for anyone living with dental phobia to get the cleaning, filling, or other dental procedures that they need.

Kids aren't the only ones who hate going to the dentist—a whopping 60 percent of adults have experienced enough anxiety or fear over a dental procedure that they put off scheduling an appointment. 5-10 percent of adults suffer from a severe fear of the dentist called "dental phobia." Those living with dental phobia often put off having their dental work done, live with pain or oral health issues for long periods of time, and allow their dental problems to become worse and more difficult to correct over time.

Wynnewood Dental Arts is one of the best dental practices in the area for residents who suffer from dental phobia. Their compassionate and skilled team offers sedation dentistry and other anxiety-relieving techniques that make coming in for a check-up or procedure much less scary. Available for both children and adults, anxiety-free dental services from Wynnewood Dental Arts are helping defeat dental phobia in Philadelphia.

Anyone suffering from dental phobia in Philadelphia who has been putting off a dental procedure is encouraged to contact the team at Wynnewood Dental Arts today or pay them a visit online at

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At Wynnewood Dental Arts, Dr. Thomas DeFinnis, hygienists, assistants, and front office staff are concentrated on their patient's comfort above all else. Together, they are focused on building an atmosphere in which patients can feel at ease. Specializing in sedation, cosmetic, restorative, and family dentistry, Wynnewood Dental Arts makes every visit a pleasant one.

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