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Tastu Tea Explains Matcha Production

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Updated 10:34 AM CDT, Mon, July 15,2019

Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2019 -- Tastu Tea combines superior matcha tea with electrolytes and essential vitamins and minerals to create a delicious, energizing beverage. This unique blend comes in easy-to-pack packets and can be mixed with water, or added to protein and health shakes. Matcha tea has been popular across China and Japan for over 1000 years, and unlike other traditional green teas, matcha is produced using a skilled and laborious process.

The matcha experts at Tatsu Tea have advised that matcha can be derived from three different varieties of the Camellia Sinensis plant. These varieties are called okumidori, yabukita, and samidori. The fine green powder is created after a lengthy process which involves blocking the sunlight for the last six weeks of the harvest time for the matcha producing plants. The resulting dark conditions stop the process of photosynthesis and encourage the leaves to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids.

This increase in chlorophyll and amino acids is what gives matcha tea its distinct, powerful flavor. After this, the greenest parts of the plants are removed and dried out in massive cages using industrial heated blowers. Once dried, the leaves are deveined and have their stems removed. Finally, the remaining leaves are ground into powder form, a process which is traditionally finished by hand by the producers of the most superior matcha brands.

The team of nutrition and wellness experts at Tatsu Tea source only the finest matcha tea available and infuse the distinctive green powder with a blend of essential electrolytes. Electrolytes are vital for several core functions within the human body, including hydration. Due to the caffeine content in Tatsu Tea, many active workers and fitness conscious individuals drink Tatsu Tea as a healthy alternative to sugar-filled energy drinks.

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Originally conceived as a way to prevent jet lag, Tatsu Tea utilizes a precise blend of traditional Japanese matcha tea combined with essential electrolytes. The blend provides natural stimulation and energizing effects for individuals who need to both optimize their energy levels and remain alert and focused at all times. Tatsu Tea is the matcha upgrade designed to help today's modern warriors.

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