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Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants Provides Colonoscopy Services

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Updated 8:00 AM CST, Wed, December 27,2017

Yardley, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2017 -- Residents who have been putting off getting a colonoscopy are encouraged to finally take the plunge and take this important step towards cancer screening with Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants. Colonoscopies are proven lifesavers when it comes to detecting cancer of the large intestine early, especially in those over the age of 40.

Many patients who know they need to schedule a colonoscopy put off the procedure due to fear of discomfort or embarrassment. However, the truth is that a colonoscopy is a necessary and common procedure; everyone aged 40s to 75 should have a colonoscopy to screen intestinal cancer. If cancer is detected early, there is a much higher chance of beating and treating it. Anyone with a family history of colon cancer or polyps should be especially vigilant about scheduling their colonoscopy, as genetics influence the onset of these conditions.

Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants is here to make getting a colonoscopy easy, simple, and affordable. Their team accurately schedules appointments in advance, and they never schedule emergency procedures ahead of routine appointments, your appointment is your time, period. Also, with cutting-edge technology and years of experience as their patient advocate the team at Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants prides themselves on providing prompt, professional, and accurate diagnoses to help their patients rest with the peace of mind that comes along with taking control of their health.

If you are would like to schedule a consultation or to learn more about them, you are encouraged visit Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants website, or give them a call at 215-321-4700.

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