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Recent Studies Link Desk Jobs with Premature Death

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Updated 9:15 AM CDT, Fri, August 03,2018

Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2018 -- Prolonged sitting is shown to increase the likelihood of a host of risk factors including blood clots and poor heart function.

As an ever-increasing portion of the workforce is employed in desk jobs and those involving extensive computer work, research has begun to emerge showing just how unhealthy long periods of sitting and inactivity can be.

Greg Grambor knows blood clots. He is the president of Vascular PRN, a national distributor of pneumatic compression therapy devices for preventing clots.

"So many people sit all day, every day at their jobs," Grambor said. "This can cause blood clots to form in the legs, even for healthy people without other risk factors. Combined with the gradual degradation of heart function that comes with a sedentary lifestyle, this can spell disaster. The pneumatic compression devices available from Vascular PRN are a non-invasive way to help prevent clots from forming."

Among the research sounding the alarm is a 2017 Columbia University study of nearly 8,000 adults 45 and older. It found those who sat for greater lengths during the day ran as much as twice the risk of death as those who sat less. And a 2016 Cambridge University study showed that one in six deaths in the United Kingdom were caused by conditions linked to office lifestyles, including heart disease and stroke.

Grambor pointed out that even for those unable to get up and move regularly, the risk of clots, at least, may be mitigated.

"Exercise and activity are surely the most effective way to reduce risk," he said. "But that is not an option for everyone at all times. When physical activity is limited, pneumatic compression therapy devices can be a key part of a comprehensive health strategy."

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