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RAYDIAN Provides Adaptogenic Herbal Supplements

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Updated 8:40 AM CDT, Wed, August 08,2018

Cary, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2018 -- RAYDIAN lives up to its expectations as a natural supplement company by sticking to their greatest strength, which is looking for natural solutions to improve the health of their clients. The company was founded by a doctor and pharmacist, husband and wife team after encountering struggles their patients were going through, which could only be resolved by nature. Over the years, RAYDIAN has steadily risen to be a trusted brand renowned for their herbal supplements which have become essential elements for a balanced lifestyle.

Speaking about their primary product Calm Focus, Raja Virk, the Co-founder said, "Every day we face stress-causing encounters as life brings about disruptions which the body must respond to with increased cognitive performance. Over time the bodies natural reserves get depleted. Once the body fails to meet the ever-rising demands, you start to experience a general decrease in energy, lack of mental clarity, and focus. It is for this reason that we formulated Clam Focus which, just as its name suggests, provides you with the right balance for better endurance and resistance to stress."

Adaptogens are substances which create stability in the body's physiological processes by supporting various functionalities. RAYDIAN has taken the pains to find the best adaptogens by digging into ancient medical systems which have been in use for centuries. The result was the discovery of several herbs which form the main ingredients in their herbal supplements that have been proven to improve the overall sense of wellbeing. RAYDIAN maintains a delicate balance of all the ingredients which are used in their natural supplement for a final product which offers the body extensive benefits.

Talking about the health advantages of Rhodiola, Rammi Dhaliwal, one of the Co-founders said, "Traditionally Rhodiola grows in the mountainous regions of Eastern Europe, Asia, and Russia where different communities discovered its potent health benefits. Modern science has led to the analysis of the most active compound in the plant, which is rosavin that influences the central nervous system. As such Rhodiola herb supplements like the one we offer comes in handy for stress relief by improving mental health and supporting healthy brain function. The antioxidant properties of Rhodiola also play an important role in keeping the body healthy by getting rid of any unwanted elements and boosting fat burning."

Adaptogen supplements play a huge role in enhancing the immune system by providing support for adrenal glands. RAYDIAN recommends the use of their herbal solutions for stress management, improved resilience, and increased energy to deal with daily challanges. A combination of Rhodiola extract, Ashwagandha extract, and Lemon balm are the essential ingredients in Calm Focus. RAYDIAN offers their herbal supplements in their online store where clients can place an order with free shipping on all orders.

RAYDIAN offers natural solutions by offering brain food supplements made with powerful herbs that help increase mental clarity and fight the effects of fatigue and stress on the body.

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