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Professional Head Lice Treatment Center, Advice on Lice Offers Non-Toxic Head Lice Treatment to Clients in Virginia, DC, and Maryland

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Updated 10:21 AM CDT, Fri, July 06,2018

This press release is to announce to readers that Advice on Lice offers highly effective head lice removal services to clients in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.

Kensington, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/06/2018 -- Anyone can get head lice, however it is most common among pre-school children attending child care and elementary-school. When a child comes in head-to-head contact with an infested person during sports activities, slumber parties, during camping, or at home, they are most likely to get head lice. The situation becomes really frustrating for parents, when their child get head lice. They try out various medications to prevent lice infestation. Eradicating head lice can be difficult and time-consuming since they reproduce quickly and resistant to various chemical treatments. Taking this into account, Advice on Lice, Inc. is providing highly effective head lice removal services to clients in Virginia, DC, and Maryland. The treatment they provide is 100% safe and performed under the supervision of a popular lice lady in Bethesda, Karen Franco. They have an outstanding team of highly trained professionals who provides head lice treatments on both in-office appointments as well as house calls.

A representative of Advice on Lice talked about their safe, head lice removal services, "The treatment for head lice offered by Advice on Lice, Inc. are contingent upon the contracting family taking an active role to prevent recurring infestations. Advice on Lice, Inc. understands the demands parents face daily and are here to assist you with a full range of lice services as a Cure for Head Lice including head checks, updated lice education and for those in need of it, complete nit and head lice removal services."

About Advice on Lice
Advice on Lice, Inc. was officially established in November 2007, but the work of the company began at least ten years before. Started as a personal mission for Karen Franco who volunteered in programs attended by children to help screen for head lice in order to prevent outbreaks, Advice on Lice is where visitors receive comprehensive information on the condition. Through the years, Advice on Lice has acquired a great deal of knowledge on the subject and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

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