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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements Now Available at Michigan Chiropractic Services

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Updated 8:45 AM CDT, Wed, August 22,2018

Garden City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2018 -- In the interest of the wellness and whole-body health of their patients, Michigan Chiropractic Services now offers pharmaceutical grade supplements to their patients at three locations throughout Michigan. The staff at our offices know the important role that nutrition plays alongside spinal health, and how these two come together to form a whole-body view of wellbeing and health.

Drs. Amanda and Adam Apfelblat, board-certified chiropractors, have been practicing in Michigan for the past 17 years, offering services ranging from massage therapy techniques to back and neck pain treatment for patients of all ages. Recognizing that the health of the body and the basis of a pain-free life begin from the inside of the body, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offers a variety of nutritional services to come alongside their care and repair of the spine.

Extra weight, poor nutrition, and dehydration are just a few issues that can aggravate an already suffering spinal column, which affects the entire body through the nerves running from the spine to the rest of the body, and they can keep non-invasive treatments and therapies from working as well as they potentially could and should. Now, the Michigan Chiropractic Specialists are happy to add FDA pharmaceutical grade supplements to assist their patients in their nutritional goals and lifestyle.

These supplements have been tested through random sampling of a third-party agency and proven to be 99% pure in the raw ingredients with which they have been made, ensuring that the supplement contains exactly what is listed on its ingredient list. With this level of purity and the lack of fillers and additives, the products are proven to have a better absorption rate and lower risk of allergic reaction that can sometimes come from contaminants and fillers of lesser products, making them the best investment for your health on the supplement market. In comparison, over-the-counter vitamin supplements, while they may be cheaper at first glance, are considered food grade, and may contain questionable and unhelpful fillers and ingredients like sodium benzoate, dextrose, ethyl cellulose, and cork byproducts. In contrast, the purity of a pharmaceutical grade supplement ensures a pureness and quality that results in better absorption into the body, making it worth the extra cost for peace of mind and increased results.

Dr. Adam Apfelblat remarked, "In our busy lives, we often struggle with providing our bodies with the many vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain a truly healthy existence. While not always obvious, deficiencies in these areas can lead to long-term symptoms, including muscle and bone issues that are difficult to undo. When investing in our nutritional health and making sure that our dietary needs are met through proper nourishment, both in our food intake and top-of-the-line vitamin and mineral supplements, we invest in our long-term health, and we will reap the benefits of it for many years to come."

Dr. Amanda Apfelblat added, "When scheduling an appointment with us, we will take you step-by-step in addressing the health of your whole body the pain you may be dealing with and the treatments that can get you back to feeling great. Why waste time and money on weak supplements, pain medications, surgeries, and other invasive procedures, when a simple appointment could be the first step to non-invasive healing that addresses the cause of the symptoms and not just the symptoms themselves?"

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