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Permanent Makeup Is the New Solution to Everyone's Beauty Problems

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Updated 9:41 AM CDT, Mon, June 17,2019

Beauty Design is a company that offers services in a variety of permanent makeup procedures, particularly permanent eyeliner, permanent lip makeup, permanent eyebrow, Microblading, and eyelash extensions.

Markham, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2019 -- Everyone knows that applying makeup is not an easy task. For one, it is extremely tedious and demanding, and with a world that moves at a fast pace, it's difficult for everyone to find the time to apply makeup on a daily basis. And for another, some people have medical conditions, such as sensitive skin or having undergone chemotherapy, that hinder them from achieving their ideal beauty look. With all of this, it is understandable that people are now actively looking for a replacement solution. They want a solution that gives them the same results as makeup but that is eventually better in the long run. In the contemporary time, that solution is permanent makeup, and that is something that is offered by Beauty Design.

Beauty Design is a beauty clinic located in Toronto, Canada that offers services in permanent makeup procedures. It's been in operation for over ten years now, and the technicians in this clinic specialize in the sought-after cosmetic procedures of permanent eyeliner, permanent lip makeup, permanent eyebrow makeup, Microblading, and eyelash extensions.

But what is permanent makeup? And why is it so sought-after? Simply put, permanent makeup is a revolutionary cosmetic technique that involves permanent pigmentation of the dermis. It makes use of a pen that contains iron oxide to deposit the pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. As a result, it produces designs that resemble makeup, and its primary goal is to enhance the beauty of one's facial features. In other words, permanent makeup makes one's eyes pop, their eyelashes and eyebrows fuller and thicker, or their lips redder and more defined. Aside from that, since the pigments are inserted into the skin, the results will last longer than the regular makeup.

Even though permanent makeup has only been around fairly recently, it has developed quite a lot over the past few years. As of right now, there are five popular procedures under this technique. They are as follows:

- Permanent eyeliner is the procedure that enhances the shape and the natural beauty of the eyes.

- Permanent lip makeup aims to add more color to the lips, thus making the lips more defined.

- Permanent eyebrow uses tattoo dyes to fill in a dimensional brow shape and spare spots

- Microblading, just like permanent eyebrow, targets the eyebrows as well, and this procedure aims to make the brows look fuller and thicker by inserting tiny, hairlike strokes into the skin.

- Eyelash extension aims to enhance the length, fullness, curliness, and thickness of the lashes. That is achieved by adding artificial eyelashes into the lash line using a semi-permanent glue.

The rise in popularity of permanent makeup is due to the fact that it offers so many benefits. These said benefits are as follows:

- It helps save time and energy. One doesn't have to wake up extra early every day just to put on makeup. They just have to wake up and simply get on with their day since they already look ready and refreshed.

- It's a perfect solution for those who suffer blemishes caused by disease and old age because it corrects these said blemishes. Scars are also easily corrected.

- It's smudge-proof. People can now say goodbye to mascara getting runny or lipstick getting smudged, thus ruining the entire makeup look. This is because, with permanent makeup, one can smear, smudge, or wipe all they want, and the makeup still remains as if untouched.

- It lasts for a very long time. Generally speaking, the results of permanent last between a year and five years, often reaching a decade. And sometimes even, with regular touchups and the proper aftercare, the results can last a lifetime.

About Beauty Design
Beauty Design is a Toronto-based beauty clinic that helps make all your beauty dreams come true. The clinic specializes in permanent makeup, and its technicians can perform a wide variety of permanent makeup procedures, particularly permanent eyeliner, permanent lip makeup, permanent eyebrow, Microblading, and eyelash extensions. Beauty Design has been active for over a decade now, and for all those ten years, they have made sure that their service is consistently excellent and that all their clients feel satisfied with their service. This pursuit of excellence and satisfaction will continue in the years to come as excellence in their service is the ultimate legacy that Beauty Design wants to accomplish.

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