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Ortho-K at Buena Vista Optometry

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Updated 12:38 PM CST, Mon, December 03,2018

5-Star Reviews Given to this Ventura Eye Care Practice

Ventura, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2018 -- Our eye doctor at Buena Vista Optometry is highly qualified and experienced in fitting patients with innovative ortho-k lenses. This breakthrough method of vision correction enables people with mild to moderate nearsightedness to see clearly without any daytime eyewear. Also called CRT or Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS), orthokeratology is suitable for both children and adults, as long as the patient has healthy eyes.

Ortho-k lenses are specialized rigid gas permeable lenses that are inserted before bedtime and removed upon waking. Overnight, these vision shaping lenses mold the cornea gently, thereby flattening the cornea to correct any refractive error that is causing myopia. In the morning, the patient removes the ortho-k lenses – and sharp vision remains throughout the entire day. The effects last only a few days maximum, which is why the ortho-k lenses must be worn nightly to maintain crisp vision.

At Buena Vista Optometry, in Ventura, CA, Dr. Ranjeet Bajwa specializes in fitting these advanced contact lenses. To determine a patient's candidacy for ortho-k, Dr. Bajwa will perform a thorough eye exam and use corneal topography to map the shape of the cornea.

Based on these results and measurements, customized lenses will be made for each individual patient who qualifies as a candidate. (Not all patients are suitable for orthokeratology, depending upon the corneal shape and condition.)

Recent scientific research has shown that medium and high myopia is linked directly to higher incidences of severe eye disease that can threaten sight later in life. Ortho-k lenses are rising in popularity as a highly efficient method of myopia control for children. Dr. Bajwa fits many young patients in Ventura County with these revolutionary lenses.

"Fortunately, ortho-k lenses are effective at slowing down myopia in children, which removes the health risks to their vision in the future," says Dr. Bajwa. "Ortho-k can reduce the rate of myopia progression in kids with an average slowdown of more than 55%!"

Ortho-k is also ideal for anyone who wants clear vision without undergoing laser surgery or dealing with bothersome eyeglasses or daytime contacts. Sports players and people with an active lifestyle are avid fans of ortho-k. It is also a fantastic option for anyone who works in a dusty or arid environment that interferes with wearing contact lenses comfortably.

The friendly and skilled team at Buena Vista Optometry invites all patients, new and returning, to book a consultation for ortho-k lenses in their Ventura County office. Dr. Bajwa provides precise fittings and follow-up exams, and he is available to assist with any issues related to wearing ortho-k lenses. At present, this practice has 65 Google Reviews – all of which are 5-star reviews!

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