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Online USA Doctors Now Offering Treatments and Consultations for Those Looking to Consult a Doctor Online

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Updated 10:03 AM CDT, Fri, April 17,2015

Online USA Doctors have unveiled a new website and service, giving those without health insurance an inexpensive alternative to walk-in doctor’s offices.

Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2015 -- With medical costs rising, Americans are discovering that online doctors are a cheaper, more effective way to consult with a doctor. As is most often the case in America, visiting a doctor's office is not only time consuming, expensive, and difficult to schedule, it is sometimes nearly impossible to fit into a busy calendar. People find themselves increasingly crunched for time, trying to schedule work, children, and extracurricular activities inside of an ever-tightening window of time, not to mention the constantly expanding queue to see an actual doctor. Getting a spot in the queue to visit a doctor in-office can take months. As the need for professional medical care expands, not only are visits to a doctor's office time consuming and difficult to schedule, they are increasingly expensive, especially for those without insurance.

Out of pocket costs are also increasing, and out of pocket expenses are rising yearly. The commonwealth Fund Healthcare Affordability Tracking Survey, conducted back in 2014, revealed that more than one of five 19-to-64-year-old adults who were insured all year spent 5 percent or more of their income on out-of-pocket costs, not including premiums, and 13 percent spent 10 percent or more.

In an effort to provide those without insurance, or those with high insurance deductibles a professional, comprehensive and reputable medical service, Online USA Doctors has created, a full-service online doctor website, making it not only possible for those feeling the crunch of higher insurance premiums to consult a doctor online, but making it simple and convenient as well. makes online doctors available to anyone around the United States, and as simple to consult a doctor online as a click of the mouse and a dial of the telephone. With, those who wish to consult a doctor online can visit the website, choose a consultation plan that fits their schedule and budget, and call the toll free doctor hotline at 888-315-9647 to schedule a no-hassle doctor consultation.

The most common consultations that take place via are remedies for common illnesses like the flu, colds, muscle and joint pain, and other non-emergency medical treatment. However, Online USA Doctors is fully capable of treating more serious issues, can order lab tests if needed, refer patients to more specialized physicians if necessary, and even write prescriptions.

The benefits of an online doctor mainly rest on ease of use and privacy. When patients consult a doctor online, they feel more comfortable revealing personal information, as the visits take place either via the telephone or a video conferencing service like Skype. This treatment model eliminates embarrassing face-to-face doctor's visits, allowing the Online USA Doctors a deep insight into potential ailments.

Another benefit that an online doctor can provide is ease of scheduling. With Online USA Doctors, scheduling is never a concern, as the company employs a vast network of licensed physicians, so patients can consult a doctor online at their own convenience.

With urgent care and emergency room visits doubling over the last 10 years, many of these visits could have been addressed outside of either environment, especially for those seeking answers to simple medical concerns. With Online USA Doctors, patients receive initial consultation from a licensed physician, and referrals to more specialized medical professionals if necessary, resulting in patients receiving treatment options from beginning to end, until the issue is resolved. Finally, if approved, customers have access to prescriptions as recommended by the treating physician, sent to the pharmacy of their choice. With a range of plans, from $4.99 for an individual consultation, Online USA Doctors is the best place for Americans to ask a doctor online and save.

To contact Online USA Doctors and learn more, simply visit or call toll free directly at 888- 315-9647.

About Online USA Doctors
The creators of Online USA Doctors have successfully launched 5 urgent care clinics, in addition to advising multiple large hospital systems. The result of this level of experience culminated in the creation of the most advanced online medical treatment solution available today. Online USA Doctors allows patients across the nation to connect with physicians and specialists and receive the full range of medical services available from an emergency room or urgent care clinic, but at a fraction of the cost.

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