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New Night Guards Support Oral Health Without Sacrificing Comfort

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Updated 12:10 PM CST, Mon, December 02,2019

Cornerstone Dental Labs Roll Out Two New Night Guards

Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2019 -- Eight percent of Americans suffer from Sleep Bruxism (Lavigne, p.1). That's 40 Million Americans who are unable to get a good night's sleep and are at risk for sacrificing their long-term oral health without treatment. For those who are unaware: Sleep Bruxism is a condition where a person excessively grinds their teeth at night. Sleep Bruxism can range from mild to severe with a host of symptoms such as jaw soreness, dull headaches, poor sleep, and damaged teeth. What causes Sleep Bruxism? An exact cause can be hard to pin down with a combination of factors tied to its root.

Common causes of Sleep Bruxism:

* Stress/Anxiety
* Sleep Disorders (such as Sleep Apnea)
* Abnormal Bite
* Alcohol/Tobacco
* Excessive Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

When symptoms become bad enough, a prescribed night guard often becomes a common form of treatment. The benefits of wearing a prescribed night guard at night to treat Sleep Bruxism is to relieve tension and cushion the jaws of the mouth, preventing teeth from sifting and further breakdown of enamel.

As a full-service dental lab in the Philadelphia area, Cornerstone Dental Labs had been making night guards for their clients for years. Still, with new technology and materials to use – they know that they needed to revamp their current offerings to not only stay competitive but to provide the best possible options for their clients and as a result, their patients.

"One area that is ramping up is the digital denture workflow. One area, in particular, is our new night guards. We know that to get a better product, we need to use better materials. We've been testing various products and procedures to create the best possible restorations. We finally settled on elements that are strong and durable, yet soft and flexible because we know that patient needs to be comfortable as well." – Kyle Russel, CAD/CAM Technician

They tested different workflows and products for eight months before they finally settled on a method and product that they felt proud of and that they could meet their client's needs. They are pleased to introduce two new offers for night guard:

Premium Hard/Soft Night Guard - "NEW"
The Premium Hard/Soft Night Guard is custom designed to the patient's needs to alleviate pain and clenching caused by severe bruxism. It provides durable, long-lasting protection to teeth and jaw muscles without sacrificing comfort. A prescribed medical night guard with a thermo-triggered fit to the patient's occlusion.

Ortho-Hard - "NEW"
A traditional orthodontic hard night guard created to provide a stable cushion to a bite while a person sleeps, relieving muscle tension in the jaw and shielding the enamel of the teeth. Milled to last and treat moderate to severe bruxism.

Vacuum Formed
Get a good night's sleep in this vacuum-formed night guard. Be proactive and protect a smile from the worst stress-induced teeth grinding at night. A simple, comfy solution to minor to moderate bruxism.
*Available in multiple colors and prints upon request.

If interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact Cornerstone Dental Labs' sales department at or 302-540-6559 for more information and pricing.

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