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New Health Portal Publishes Alternative Treatments of Health Still Not Very Well Known and That Can Help in the Cure of Cancer

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Updated 11:27 AM CDT, Thu, October 18,2018

Cypress Springs, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2018 -- Did you know that the eucalyptus serves to treat flu and even acne? The incense is effective against malaria and combat dust mites and ticks? Or that the melon shell has an action against hypothyroidism? These are some of the applications of herbal medicines that very few people know, and that the health portal Leet Doc extracts from the most traditional medical libraries in the world.

Recent studies also say that melon, rich in cucurbitacins, has anticancer action, similar to that of many other plants, such as Tabebuia heptaphylla and Ageratum conyzoides. For those who want to take Tribulus terrestris to gain muscle without too much effort, the news is not good, since the herb is not very effective for this and does not increase the amount of testosterone in the body after a certain limit.

Leet Doc explains in an easy way how to take advantage of the benefits of these plants, including the dosage in which they should be used, but making clear the possible side effects they cause – not because something it is natural that it will not harm you – and warning that they should only be used under medical supervision.

According to the website, many of the studies involving these plants were made only with animals, and therefore, not all have scientific evidence in humans, however, it is more an alternative for those who can not afford expensive allopathic treatments, have had poor results with them or are afraid of the adverse reactions they may bring.

Despite the wonders that plants can do for health, the site highlights that when the pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in phytotherapy research, the result is magnificent, since there is manipulation of the concentrations of several herbs in the right dosage to potentiate the beneficial effects from them.

Finally, the site makes clear that a lot of new things are being discovered right now, and in the coming years there will be a cure for many diseases, all thanks to the power of nature and the hard work of scientists.

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