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NeuroVisual Medicine Is the Newest Eye Care Service at Lakeline Vision Source

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Updated 9:03 AM CDT, Thu, June 21,2018

Lakeline Vision Source is proud to include Dr. Jennifer Catalasan, O.D., an experienced NeuroVisual Medicine specialist, as a valued member of their professional optometric team.

Cedar Park, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/21/2018 -- NeuroVisual Medicine is a clinically proven treatment for patients who suffer from Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD), a condition in which the eyes are misaligned.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction is a condition that people can be born with, or it occurs as a consequence of traumatic brain injury or concussions. It often leads to symptoms of dizziness, headaches, vertigo, anxiety, and difficulty reading. While the symptoms are very disturbing, the ocular misalignment does not need to be extreme to cause problems; even eyes that are slightly misaligned can damage normal functional and comfortable vision. That's why a normal eye examination does not always identify the signs of BVD.

Trained at the NeuroVisual Specialists Institute, Dr. Catalasan performs specialized and highly detailed eye exams to identify, diagnose and treat this serious condition. She is only one of three optometrists in Texas who specializes in Binocular Vision Dysfunction, and she is currently an active member of the NeuroVisual Medicine Network.

"I have treated many patients with BVD who are relieved to finally receive an accurate diagnosis and helpful treatment for their symptoms. Many people have visited a multitude of eye doctors with no improvement before they approach Lakeline Vision Source and benefit from our NeuroVisual rehab services," says Dr. Catalasan.

NeuroVisual Medicine can help restore comfortable vision to people who suffer from BVD. This therapy consists primarily of creating prisms in eyeglasses. At Lakeline Vision Source, a specialty optical lab is used to make these precisely prescribed lenses. These prisms bend the image that eyes see, which corrects small amounts of visual misalignment.

When adjusted correctly, the prisms displace the actual image that one sees so that it lines up properly with the other eye. As a result, the patient will no longer see double or need to compensate for their ocular misalignment in any other way. On average, tailored NeuroVisual therapy reduces symptoms by about 80%, improving essential skills such as reading speed and comprehension, hand-eye coordination, anxiety, motion sickness and balance. Dr. Catalasan works one-on-one with each patient to optimize the results.

Lakeline Vision Source is located minutes away from Lakeline Mall. The entire friendly staff features high credentials and specialized training, as well as a strong focus on keeping pace with the latest medical and technological advances. Patients who experience symptoms of Binocular Vision Dysfunction are encouraged to contact Lakeline Vision Source to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Catalasan @

Dr. Jennifer Catalasan, OD
Lakeline Vision Source
3419 El Salido Pkwy Ste 100 Cedar Park, TX 78613
Phone: 512-918-EYES (3937)

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