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LipiFlow Technology Now Available at Dry Eye Treatment Center of NYC

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Updated 9:59 AM CST, Tue, January 02,2018

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2018 -- The optometric team at Dry Eye Treatment Center of NY & NJ, announces the addition of the cutting-edge LipiFlow technology to their modern Manhattan office. The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System, by Johnson & Johnson, is a revolutionary new dry eye treatment that is regarded highly by eye doctors around the globe. Dr. Alan Schlussel, O.D., LLC, dry eye specialist at this popular NYC practice, is committed to helping patients with the most advanced and effective eye care.

Dry eye is a common and irritating condition with a variety of causes. An inadequate amount of ocular lubrication leads to a range of uncomfortable and often painful symptoms, such as burning, itching, blurriness, and inflamed eyes. One typical cause of dry eye syndrome is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which refers to a clog or problem with the meibomian glands. MGD can decrease the quantity of oily lipids in tears, which leads to rapid evaporation and low moisture in the eyes. LipiFlow is a specialized medical system, drug-free, that enhances the function of meibomian glands.

"Dry eye can dramatically reduce quality of life, causing stinging, redness and irritation that gets in the way of many normal activities. We are pleased to offer NYC patients LipiFlow – a dry eye treatment that brings genuine relief," says Dr. Schlussel. "Our pricing for LipiFlow therapy is more competitive than most Manhattan optometry offices."

Dr. Schlussel performs LipiFlow therapy in his convenient NYC office, and the entire procedure takes approximately only 12 minutes. Using Vector Thermal Pulse Technology, LipiFLow applies regulated peristaltic energies and heat to the Meibomian glands to liquefy any blockages and propel them out of the gland openings. Numbing eye drops are used so patients experience total comfort, and LipiFlow has been proven completely safe – with optimum results as a dry eye treatment.

Every case of dry eye syndrome is unique, and an experienced eye doctor must evaluate each individual condition to determine the cause and recommend the most suitable treatment. Dr. Alan B. Schlussel, O.D., LLC, of the Dry Eye Treatment Center of NY & NJ, performs thorough eye exams to diagnose and treat dry eye in his NYC eye care clinic and West Orange, NJ, optometry office.

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