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Keen Healthcare and Keen Mobility Solutions Feature Rollators and Wheelchairs, Including the Keen Freelander Hemi Wheelchair, a Lightweight Wheelchair Design

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Updated 10:49 AM CDT, Mon, September 09,2019

Keen Healthcare products include Reclining Wheelchairs, Bariatric Wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, and wheelchair cushions. The extensive range of Keen Mobility Solutions provides innovative healthcare for homes and nursing facilities

Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2019 -- Keen Healthcare, one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of wheelchairs, is based in Portland, Oregon and has proudly been revolutionizing healthcare in America since 2002. Built on the tagline "Better products for better care", the passionate team at Keen Healthcare believe in delivering the highest quality of products at the lowest possible prices. For individuals who foot propel, the height of a hemi wheelchair is a critical factor. The Keen Freelander 2.0 Hemi-height deluxe lightweight wheelchair has a set of features which set it apart from other models. Being as low to 15.5" from the ground, this lightweight wheelchair weighs only 30lbs (without front rigging). Lightweight wheelchairs can be easier to store and have the advantage of being easier to maneuver, and yet this Keen product has a weight capacity of 300lbs. Safety features are important to consider and the Keen Freelander 2.0 Hemi-height deluxe lightweight wheelchair has quick-release wheels as a standard feature, as well as a gentle tilt of just half an inch down from the front of the seat to the back, just enough of a difference to improve positioning and help prevent potential falls. A low profile is maintained on the Hemi height wheelchair with 6" front wheels and 21" rear wheels. A durable frame is a necessity when looking for a suitable wheelchair to purchase, and this model has a high strength frame. Purchasing the most suitable wheelchair can do more than prevent pressure sores and skin irritation, correct positioning can positively enhance breathing and digestion. With adjustable height armrests and non-tearing arm pads, the wheelchair is flexible enough to correctly fit the user, aiming for a comfortable experience and improved quality of life.

Finding the perfect mobility solution can be daunting as every situation is unique. Seating specialists can offer advice on the seat size which will be needed as well as the other options to be selected, such as standard or elevating leg rests. The team at Keen Healthcare offer support Monday - Friday from 8am -5pm PST to talk through requirements and advise on potential solutions. With a straight-forward shipping policy and the ability to order products directly from their website, Keen Healthcare continues to be recognized for their world-class medical equipment and supplies.

For a wide range of bath environment, bed environment, mobility and transport solutions, wheelchair cushions, and bariatric products, visit the Keen Healthcare website to find out more.

About Keen Healthcare
Keen Healthcare is a leading national manufacturer and distributor of innovative and world-class quality medical equipment and supplies focused on safety, mobility, and comfort. Vail Blackwell Horton, founder, and owner of Keen® Healthcare launched the company in 2002 while Vail was still in college out of his own physical necessity. Since then he has established several patents for his innovative line of healthcare equipment and has led Keen® to be one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in the country. Products include manual wheelchair design, reclining wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchair design, wheelchair cushions, hospital beds for home, bariatric wheelchair design, canes, electric bed frame design, folding walkers, rollators, alternating air mattress, transfer poles, and other medical and mobility equipment. As a manufacturer that sells direct to clients, the team is able to answer questions and find solutions for each client's unique need. Products are readily available to the US market and can be purchased easily through their e-commerce website,

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Toll-Free: (866) 330-Keen (5336)
Corporate Headquarters: 3510 SE Main Street Portland, OR 97222
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