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Green City Beauty Shares Skin Care Advice for the Different Seasons

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Updated 1:57 PM CST, Tue, January 29,2019

Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2019 -- Most people looking for affordable skin care in Philadelphia believe that dry skin and dehydrated skin are one in the same, but they actually require different methods of care. While those with dry skin will most likely have to hydrate their skin throughout their lives, dehydrated skin is seen more as a temporary condition that can disappear if handled correctly. Changing temperatures and levels of humidity are two of the main factors when it comes to skin dehydration. Here are some skin secrets for the winter and summer seasons.

During the frozen months of winter, low temperatures and even lower humidity levels, combined with harsh winds, can wreak havoc on the skin. These natural elements suck moisture out of the skin which causes dryness, cracking, and itchiness. An additional cause of wintertime skin dehydration is due to central heat in the home and car, as well as taking hot showers—all of which pulls water out of the skin cells. To combat the winter skin dehydrators, Green City Beauty advises clients to soothe their dehydrated and irritated skin cells by creating a winter skin maintenance routine of daily exfoliation, moisturization, and serum treatments. It's also recommended to keep a humidifier in the home, especially while sleeping with the heat on.

Summertime factors that contribute to skin dehydration are mainly sunlight and outdoor heat. The sun's rays can quickly cause skin dehydration, so in addition to drinking tons of water, it's important to always wear protective sunscreen while outdoors. While indoors, whether it be in the car or at home, air conditioning will also suck water out of the skin causing dehydration. It's important to consume fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water as well as fatty acids.

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