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Freedom from Fully Human Supplements Delivers Inflammation Relief at Research Backed Doses

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Updated 10:02 AM CDT, Fri, March 29,2019

Falls Church, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2019 -- Freedom, the revolutionary new inflammation supplement from Fully Human Supplements delivering relief in doses that research shows can fight ailments, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Research has shown that taking a supplement once-a-day isn't effective at the current doses being delivered. Freedom is the first anti-inflammation nutritional supplement that delivers clinically researched, all natural compounds, in the doses that research has shown will aid the body in truly reducing inflammation.

"I'm a disabled Army veteran who has suffered from severe osteoarthritis and depression for nearly 10 years. I have extremely limited mobility making it difficult to even play with my kids, and my depression, while managed now, was bad enough to prompt multiple suicide attempts. It horrifies me that other people are in the same sort of crippling pain that I live with, and some are, possibly at this moment, contemplating taking their own life," says founder Tim Chrisman on the inspiration behind the project. "I know that there are better ways than people taking high doses of pain medicine that fogs their minds, and destroys their internal organs. There are better ways to manage depression than just taking an anti-depressant pill that may or may not work -- and in upwards of 10% of cases can cause even more severe depression than what you had originally. That isn't fully sustainable, and that isn't how we bring our full selves to life."

Freedom is the right choice for anyone suffering from any sort of inflammation. Every compound in the formulation is clinically verified in dozens of clinical studies. If at anytime to company reformulates after finding new research, they will send all regular customers a free month's supply of the new formula. From a price standpoint, Fully Human Supplements is delivering a product cheaper than it would cost customers to combine the ingredients themselves.

Finally and most importantly- Freedom is more convenient. The serving size is only three pills, taken three times a day, and each bottle will have a 30-day supply. To replicate the amount of herbs in Freedom, consumers would need to take at least 13 pills; taken three times a day.

"Supplement companies seem to take a similar approach, trying to offer their customers the most extravagant claim possible, and delivering the absolute minimum possible," adds Chrisman. "Fully Human is the first of what will end up being a series of ventures I start to meet my personal vision of ending human privation in my lifetime. Inflammation and stress are responsible for epidemic levels of human suffering, and there are clinically proven ways to address these issues. Fully Human is committed to delivering those solutions, and constantly innovating to ensure the best possible results are delivered to the most people."

Freedom from Fully Human Supplments is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

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Fully Human, LLC, is a veteran owned business combining science and supplements to help humanity to bring our full selves to life. Founded in 2019, Fully Human emerged from its founder's struggles with arthritis, depression and post traumatic stress, to be the first nutritional supplement company delivering fully researched, all natural compounds, in the doses that research has shown will enable the body to fight inflammation, depression and stress.

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