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Blacklands Botanicals Offers Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds and Plants

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Updated 12:11 PM CST, Tue, March 05,2019

Nags Head, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2019 -- Blacklands Botanicals has committed themselves to the cultivation and improvement of high CBD industrial hemp which they then avail to their ever-growing range of clients. The state registered growers bring with them an accumulated experience of over 100 years which they use as a solid foundation for their world-class solutions. Blacklands Botanicals understands the science behind growing hemp and maximizes on the core concepts for enhanced quality which they pass down to the market.

Talking about how their processes are the key to obtaining good medicine, the Company Spokesperson said, "The fact that CBD oil holds lots of potentials in the field of medicine is just recently becoming common knowledge after the legalization of industrial hemp production. Still, this does not erase the fact that there are various strains of hemp which have been the subject of research as the need for understanding the genetics becomes crucial. We save you the trouble by giving you access to products that have the best of genetics and thereby plants that yield powerful medicine."

Hemp farmers worried about how to feminized seeds have all their concerns catered for by Blacklands Botanicals. Since every grower is after a solution that will ensure maximum returns on their investment, the company provides seeds that are obtained through intensive selection criteria. Blacklands Botanicals knows that the best seeds come from solid parents and every stage of the selection process is highly monitored. The result is feminized seeds which give all growers the confidence of solutions that will enable them to get the best hemp plants depending on their lands.

Speaking about the advantages of feminized seeds over clone plants, the Company Spokesperson said, "Hemp plants grown from seed will produce a large taproot and clone plants do not. An issue sometimes encountered with clone plants is root bounding which can be traced to several underlying factors. To avoid these complications when looking to get the most suitable variety of the hemp plant for your farm, we offer you feminized seeds which have been tested and approved through various tests. In the end, we take away all worries about the labor and costs that would be involved in mainstream processes that involve separating males from females and getting substrate nutrients among other activities."

The commitment to in-depth research as a never-ending effort for developing high-performance CBD seeds and plants are the defining attribute of Blacklands Botanicals that has seen them become market leaders. All this is supported by a team that shares a common vision and has developed a system that enables their duties to be complementary to the primary objectives. Blacklands Botanicals equally have the advantage of location as they are situated in the North Carolina Blacklands area which has rich organic soil that naturally supports cultivation making their work easier.

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Blacklands Botanicals is building on the great attributes of high CBD hemp oil products by providing licensed entities in the niche segment with a partner to provide them with the top of the line feminized seeds and plants.

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