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Apex Family Dental Sheds Light on How to Teach Oral Hygiene to Kids

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Updated 7:00 AM CDT, Mon, July 09,2018

Sandy, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/09/2018 -- This month, Apex Family Dental is advising parents on how they can teach their children proper oral hygiene habits.

First off, Apex Family Dental recommends that parents floss with their children before bed, ideally, in front of a mirror. By making brushing and flossing into a nightly ritual that is done as a family, not only will kids start picking up the habit of good oral care, but the parents can also use the time to teach them correct brushing techniques, including how to properly brush the gums and tongue.

Additionally, Apex Family Dental advises against threatening one's children to induce them to brush and floss. Doing so would more than likely create an emotional stigma around oral care, creating the opposite of the intended effect. Likewise, dental office visits should not be brandished as a punishment for not brushing; this would produce a negative stigma as well, making visits to the dentist a frightening idea to a child.

As a final note, Apex Family Dental recommends utilizing an hourglass or a stopwatch to teach kids how to keep proper time when brushing. The act of brushing one's teeth should take at least two minutes, and the tactile experience created by the hourglass or stopwatch will not only help kids have fun while they keep time, but it could also potentially build a stronger sense of daily ritual as well.

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