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Acute or Chronic Sports Injury? It's Important to Know the Difference

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Updated 8:00 AM CDT, Wed, May 23,2018

Athletes can find relief at Kayal Orthopaedic Center, Pain & Spine Center

Westood, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2018 -- When most athletes suffer acute injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles or bruised tendons, they head straight to emergency rooms or their trusted medical experts' offices. But when they experience chronic injuries, too often they play through the pain for too long, greatly increasing the risks of more severe injuries.

The skilled specialists at Kayal Orthopaedic Center and Kayal Pain & Spine Center have seen countless athletes with acute and chronic injuries and are second to none when it comes to diagnosis, treatment and pain management services for patients in Bergen County and beyond.

When a player collides with another player, gets hit by a ball or runs into a wall, that's when acute injuries occur. Acute injuries usually involve trauma and happen quickly. In addition to breaks, tears and bruises, acute injuries include dislocations, sprains and strains.

Chronic injuries, on the other hand, typically occur over time and are the result of repeating the same motion over and over again. They are common in endurance sports such as cycling, running and swimming. Examples include runner's knee, tennis elbow, stress fractures, tendinitis, shin splints and arthritis.

The red flags for acute and chronic injuries can be different.

Signs of an acute injury include: a visual break or dislocation, sudden and severe pain, inability to bear weight, swelling, severe tenderness, extreme weakness in a limb and limited range of motion. Athletes and others who experience acute injuries should consult their doctor or specialist if they notice the following: extreme pain and swelling, limbs bent out of shape, an inability to support weight on the injured area, or popping or crunching noises when moving the injured body part. Other symptoms that require prompt medical attention are breathing problems, fever and dizziness.

With chronic injuries, symptoms include: swelling, pain during sports or other activities and a dull ache during rest. Those with chronic injuries should seek treatment if they notice swelling, bruising or discoloration, experience extreme pain and find the injury is not getting better over time. Injuries that adversely affect training and performance should be evaluated by specialists, too.

The skilled specialists Kayal Pain & Spine Center and Kayal Orthopaedic Center use state-of-the-art techniques along with world-class training and skills to handle all nonsurgical and surgical needs, including spinal, back, shoulder, knee, elbow, hand and wrist surgery for patients in Bergen County, NJ and beyond.

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