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Access Elevator Solves Issues of Limited Usage with Their Lula Elevators

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Updated 9:52 AM CST, Mon, February 25,2019

There are instances when residential and commercial clients require elevators that can answer their limited usage requirement. In such cases installing LU/LA elevators is the best choice.

Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2019 -- There is nothing that can match the elegance of the LULA elevators when it comes to style and design. This mobility solution from Access Elevators promises the highest level of safety with the promise to meet the need of their clients who are physically challenged. The LU/LA elevators also known as the Limited Use Limited Application elevators are perfect for every project- big or small and ideal for both commercial and residential use.

Access Elevator has been around in the industry for many years now, and they are the perfect choice for shopping around for mobility solutions. As one ages or face physical challenges due to accidents or any massive surgery, moving around the house also becomes very difficult. Installing residential elevators or stair lifts or unenclosed wheelchair lifts can give independence to individuals to move around the property independently. Individuals who are physically challenged don't have to rely on anyone to take them around.

TheĀ LU/LA elevatorĀ is designed to meet the requirements of the ADA and provide access for low occupancy / low rise commercial buildings. This is a perfect option where a traditional passenger elevator is not feasible or required by code. The Elevation is ideal for applications up to six stops and 50 feet of travel. The Elevation is designed for use in schools and other educational settings, churches, multi-family housing units, libraries and more.

The unique features of the LU/LA elevators also make them an excellent choice for every property. The elevators have the Shallowest pit depth that is required in the industry (13" pit), all lights are energy saving LED, and includes directional indicators.

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