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Brazilian Butt Lift with Own Fat: Surgery Abroad Helps Patient Save 42 Percent

The Brazilian butt lift is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure designed to enhance the buttocks. It is incredibly popular across much of the world, including the U.K. Most people, however, find that elective cosmetic surgery is not covered under many health plans. Rarely will such procedures be approved even if medically necessary. There is a solution for those who are interested in this procedure and want the option of a Brazilian butt lift with own fat.

Biorevitalization Cost Abroad: Main Factor Why More Women Choose to Go Abroad for Biorevitalization

Many people have discovered that biorevitalization procedures can be significantly less expensive if you decide to travel abroad. Despite the cost of flight, hotel, and expenses while traveling, patients end up getting the same type of treatment, and world-class medical services for far less.

Mesotherapy Abroad: Why Women Choose to Go Abroad for Mesotherapy

One of the most requested procedures of mesotherapy is mesotherapy for fat loss. It is a surgical procedure that requires the surgeon to inject specific pharmaceuticals that are herbal extracts and homeopathic medications or vitamins into the subcutaneous layer of fat that is located just beneath the skin.

Gastric Plication, Gastric Sleeve, or Gastric Band? Facts That Help Patients Understand and Choose

Therefore, it is necessary for the operating surgeon to evaluate patient's eating habits as well, in order to determine the best type of surgery. For example, people who have excess weight due to overconsumption of sugary food are usually recommended a gastric bypass surgery. During this surgery, the length of the intestines is reduced. Thus, the distance travelled by food through the digestive tract is shorter. The body absorbs less food. Therefore, after this surgery, the patient can reach the ideal body mass and gradually loses about 60-70% of the excess weight. The patient completely stops craving sugary food, or the body does not tolerate it anymore. After this surgery, people no longer feel the need for sugary products and desserts.

Plastic Surgery Abroad: Less People Are Choosing to Have Tummy Tuck and Tummy Liposuction on the Same Surgery

Most patients wanting to get abdominoplasty surgery done, consider going abroad for tummy tuck. Many times, a patient would want to have tummy tuck together with tummy liposuction in order to save time and cut down costs.

Kardiolita Hospital Gets Re-accredited by the JCI Assuring the Highest Quality of Medical Services

JCI – Joint Commission International – accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care, and JCI accredited hospitals in Europe and worldwide is always the first choice for many International patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

Thigh Liposuction and Thigh Lift Surgery Abroad: Important Factors Most Patients Overlook

Fat liposuction procedure abroad is a great choice for people who want to contour their body and get rid of flabby areas that are difficult to get sculpted with diet and exercise – while cutting down costs at the same time.

Plastic Surgery Abroad: Why Before and After Photos Should Not Be Influencing Patients' Decisions

Many people, when choosing to go abroad for plastic surgery, want to make sure they have made the right choice for surgeon and the hospital to be operated in.

Cheap Otoplasty Abroad: Risks and Advantages of Inexpensive Ear Correction Abroad

Cheap otoplasty abroad is a search term that is being used a lot on various search engines by people who are looking for more information and have made a choice to go abroad for ear correction surgery.

Breast Lift with Implants or Without Implants Remains One of the Top Surgeries Performed Abroad

For many women living in Scandinavian countries or the UK, it is normal to search for options to get their breast lift surgery abroad. By having the surgery performed in another country, they not only get the same or even higher quality of medical services, no waiting time and very attractive cost savings, but they also keep the confidentiality.

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