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A Lifetime Battle for Lydia Harris, the 60-Year-Old South Florida Resident, Comes to a Happy End with a Visit to Braverman Eye Center

LogoMost people have eye problems at one time or another. But some people have had a common vision condition, usually present from birth. There could a variety of reasons for early age eye problems and left untreated, they can cause serious damage to an individual's eyes. There are many patients who recognize their eye problems later in life. The 60-year-old south Florida resident, Lydia Harris had spring time cataract surgery to correct High Myopia and cataracts in both eyes by Braverman Eye Center in Hollywood. Before she got to see Dr. Stanley Braverman and his staff in their state-of-the-art office - or be referred by her Optometrist Dr. Dan Llewellyn in Fort Lauderdale, who is the official eye doctor for the Florida Panthers - Harris had endured a lifetime of vision problems.

The Braverman Eye Center Provides Phakic Lens Implant Ensuring Better Vision and a Quicker Recovery

LogoLASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is one of most commonly performed laser eye surgery to treat myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. However, it is an elective procedure, and individuals may decide not to have this surgery at all. There is a range of alternatives available for LASIK surgery, including EPI-LASIK, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), advanced surface ablation (ASA), radial keratotomy (RK), wavefront-optimized LASIK, phakic lens implants, and more. A leading LASIK specialist in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center provides Phakic Lens Implants for better vision and a quicker recovery. Phakic lenses are made of plastic or silicone that are implanted into the eye permanently to reduce a person's need for glasses or contact lenses. Ophthalmologists at Braverman Eye Center implant these lenses into the eye without removing the eye's natural lens.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Presbyopic Lensectomy to Help Patients Gain Better Vision

LogoWith age, the lenses in people's eyes become less flexible. This loss of flexibility compromises the eye's ability to switch from one focal point to another focal point. This condition is called presbyopia. If you have presbyopia, you would need bifocals even to perform the easiest of near vision tasks. Wearing glasses all the time can be quite an inconvenience. If you want to have your presbyopia treated, you can also opt for Presbyopic Lensectomy. If you wish to get Presbyopic Lensectomy, you should check out Braverman Eye Center.

Lydia Harris Gains Her Vision Back with Cataract Surgery from Braverman Eye Center

LogoLydia Harris, a 60-year old woman, gained her vision back with cataract surgery from Braverman Eye Center. Since pre-school, Ms. Harris has suffered from poor vision and had to wear bifocals all her life. She was referred to Dr. Stanley Braverman by her Optometrist Dr. Dan Llewellyn in Fort Lauderdale, who is the official eye doctor for the Florida Panthers.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Small Incision Cataract Surgery Restoring Patients' Vision to Potentially Perfect Levels

LogoA prominent ophthalmology center in Broward County, Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers small incision cataract surgery that can potentially restore patients' vision to the perfect level. Their small incision surgery is a popular cataract surgical technique that aims to provide patients with better unaided vision. The procedure includes removing the cataract and replacing it with a lens implant that allows you to see from far to near, like before you required glasses. The surgery is carried out by a team of board-certified ophthalmologists who have treated many Fort Lauderdale and Miami patients over the years.

Braverman Eye Center Offers LASIK Surgery Helping Patients Achieve Better Vision

LogoA leading eye care center in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers LASIK surgery to help patients achieve better vision. The surgery can correct a variety of vision problems while also reducing patients' dependency on prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. The surgical procedure is carried out by a team of board-certified ophthalmologists who treated many of Ft. Lauderdale / Miami LASIK Patients. Their ophthalmologists make use of the latest tools and technology to ensure that their treatments meet the highest quality standards with equal level of safety and accuracy.

Tsion 'CeCe' Etsubneh Had a Great Experience During LASIK Surgery at Braverman Eye Center

LogoTsion 'CeCe' Etsubneh, a 26-year-old woman, had a great experience during her LASIK surgery at Braverman Eye Center. For the past 23 years, she had suffered with poor vision, and had to wear eyeglasses and contact lenses all the times. CeCe's stepfather had recommended Dr. Stanley Braverman to her after he himself had the same surgery done by Dr. Braverman.

The Braverman Eye Center Provides Wavefront-Optimized LASIK Surgery Using the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Laser

LogoThe Braverman Eye Center, the finest eye care center, offers Wavefront-Optimized LASIK surgery using the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Laser. This Wavefront-Optimized LASIK is much more customized when compared to treatments involving glasses, contact lenses, or traditional LASIK methods. In fact, the level of vision obtained is far more precise. The laser uses proprietary nomograms to adjust the asphericity of the cornea to perform a prolate ablation based on the anterior curvature readings. The results obtained after Wavefront Lasik Surgery are typically better than standard excimer laser treatments.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Cataract Surgery to Help Restore the Vision of Those Suffering from Cataracts

LogoA top LASIK and cataract specialist center nationwide, Braverman Eye Center offers painless cataract surgery to help restore the vision of those suffering from cataracts. During the procedure, they dissolve the cloudy natural lens of the eye and replace it with an artificial lens. Their cataract surgery has helped improve the quality of life for thousands of people by increasing their independence through improved vision. Their surgery provides great degrees of safety and efficiency while ensuring excellent visual outcomes for patients. The cataract procedure is performed by board-certified Ophthalmologists who enjoy a great reputation in South Florida.

Braverman Eye Center Offers LASIK Surgery to Effectively Treat Refractive Errors of the Eye

LogoA recognized name in ophthalmic care in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers LASIK surgery to effectively treat various vision correction problems. Their LASIK eye surgery can help improve patients' vision and reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. An outpatient surgical procedure, the surgery is performed with the utmost care and precision to achieve desirable results. During the procedure, a thin layer of internal corneal tissue is removed with an excimer laser. Unlike most lasers that produce heat, an Excimer laser removes tissue with little thermal damage or scarring to adjacent tissue.

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