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American CPR Care Association Is Offering CPR and First Aid Online Training 

LogoAmerican CPR Care Association is one of the most sought-after online-based institutions in the US. For many years, the institution has specialized in the provision of reliable CPR certification courses online for healthcare providers. Other courses offered by the institution include First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, and AED Training. OSHA, ECC, and AHA have certified and approved the services offered by the institution. Therefore, all healthcare providers in the US can rely on the quality of their courses.

Seattle's Family Dentistry Is Popular for Being the Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle and Shoreline Washington

LogoSeattle's Family Dentistry is an extremely reliable and widely trusted dentistry serving the people of Seattle. It is famous for being the dental practice of Dr. Ajwant Goraya, DDS. Dr. Goraya graduated from the College of Dentistry at the New York University in 2008 and worked at the Tukwila Dental Center for several years as well. Dr. Ajwant Goraya is a certified Invisalign provider and is considered by many to be the best dentist in Shoreline and Seattle Washington.

American CPR Care Association Is Offering First Aid and CPR Training ONLINE

LogoAmerican CPR Care Association is an online institution that focuses on providing medical professionals and ordinary people with nationally accepted and easy to understand infant, child, adult First Aid, and CPR training online, AED training and bloodborne pathogens courses. The institutions courses aim to promote and improve the health of individuals and communities. They always monitor their course curriculum to make improvements which keep up with the set standards. The institute informs the society about health-related issues and how to tackle them at the initial stage hence creating a healthier environment for communities. Concerning the American Heart Association and 2015 ECC guidelines, the institute has been able to develop courses that speak to the actual knowledge requirements of various individuals in the medical profession and beyond. The courses can be accessed through their platform, and clients are guaranteed of excellent pricing for the same.

Clear Advantage Orthodontics Offering Orthodontic Services for Adults and Children in Vancouver

LogoClear Advantage Orthodontics is a family-focused dental care facility that serves the residents of Vancouver from their offices in the Oakridge Mall. Under the care of a highly experienced and talented team of professionals, who understand that every patient's need is unique, the practice offers everyone a trusted place for tailored treatment. Clear Advantage Orthodontics considers all their patients to be members of their larger family who are given undivided attention and the best care.

Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Providing Cosmetic Dentistry Services

LogoBayside Dental & Orthodontics is a well-respected dental center that's making all the difference for its patients in the Airdrie community. The center does this through the provision of excellent dental care which is aimed at remedying the different dental problems for its patients. Run by industry professionals, the dental office has managed to build a sturdy reputation for itself where they are associated with quality backed, reliable and flexible dental solutions. Additionally, the dental clinic offers a relaxing and comfortable environment when one visits the clinic, with the guarantee of unmatched customer service from the minute one walks through their doors.

Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Offering Dental Solutions in Airdrie

LogoBayside Dental & Orthodontics is helping residents in Airdrie achieve excellent dental health through their dental and orthodontic solutions. Founded by dental professionals, the dental center is proud of the achievements it's made in this field, which has resulted in high client satisfaction. Bayside Dental & Orthodontics addresses a wide range of dental problems ranging from general dental issues to cosmetic dental problems, in which they personalize their services to meet different client demands. All their dental services are provided in line with the industry's regulations, and patients are always assured of excellent dental and oral care when they seek the clinic's services.

Pritidenta Advises on the Benefits of Full Contour Zirconia Blanks for the Dental Industry

As a top-rated manufacturer and supplier of pre-shaded zirconia blanks to dental professionals around the world, pritidenta understands the need for strength and durability from these products, all without sacrificing the necessary esthetic qualities that clinicians seek and patients deserve. Now, the trusted provider of German-engineered priti®multidisc ZrO2 technology is advising on the significant benefits that full contour zirconia blanks offer for both dental clinicians and labs.

How to Get an Emergency Root Canal Treatment in London

LogoSometimes the worst dental pain imaginable will occur at the most inconvenient times. The good news is that there is a great solution for dealing with your painful root canal pain at the emergency dentist clinic in North London.

Redefine Healthcare Offering Stellate Ganglion Blocks

LogoRedefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that they offer stellate ganglion blocks at their New Jersey locations. Part of the sympathetic nervous system, the stellate ganglion is located on either side of the voice box in the neck. A stellate ganglion block involves injecting medication into the nerves to help reduce pain in the upper chest, upper arm, neck, and head. It can also improve the blood supply to the arm. Stellate ganglion blocks are often used to diagnose or treat problems with circulation or nerve injuries such as phantom limb pain, causalgia, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering X-LIF Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is pleased to announce that they will now offer X-LIF Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion, a minimally invasive procedure designed to relieve pain caused by certain spinal conditions.

Pritidenta Advises on the Benefits of Using Multicolor Blanks for Dental Restorations

As a company that strives to stay at the forefront of dental materials, pritidenta combines high-quality products with German engineering to manufacture their CAD/CAM solutions. Now, the company is advising on the significant benefits of using their multicolor blanks for dental restorations.

Neuromation Researchers Demonstrate New AI Technique That Dramatically Improves Reliability of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

LogoThe paper, Breast Tumor Cellularity Assessment using Deep Neural Networks, demonstrates a new technique that dramatically improves the rating reliability for diagnosis of breast cancer over existing techniques known in the literature.

Wynnewood Dental Arts Offers Emergency Dental Services to Philadelphia and Beyond

Dental emergencies don't only happen during business hours. Anyone in need of fast dental attention is encouraged to contact Wynnewood Dental Arts to make an appointment with their emergency dentistry in Philadelphia.

The Powerful Nutritional Supplement Sunsafe Rx Can Help Support the Skin of People with Vitiligo

LogoSummers can be an enjoyable time to spend in the sun, including just relaxing at the pool or playing any number of outdoors sports. However, the sun's rays have serious, harmful effects on your skin. For some individuals, one of these issues is vitiligo - a skin disease that results in the loss of skin color. You can be born with vitiligo, but it often develops between the ages of 20 and 30. People with autoimmune diseases and people who are sensitive to sunlight are at an increased risk. If you have vitiligo, you need to take extra precautions when exposed to the sun because areas of your skin lack pigmentation - the crucial proteins in our skin that help protect us from UV rays.

At-Home Kidney Dialysis, Pre-Emptive Transplant Approach Is Focus of Intermountain Healthcare's New Patient-Centered Kidney Care Program

Imagine having to go into a medical clinic for several hours three or more times a week to receive life-saving care. On top of that, you also have a chronic condition that requires that you have to arrange visits with multiple caregivers, as well as having lifestyle requirements of diet, exercise, medications, and physical care.

Bayshore Home Care Is Staffed with Professionals Having Expertise at Home Care in St Petersburg and Tampa Florida

LogoBayshore Home Care is a family-owned organization in Florida. This organization was founded in 1986 and is considered to be the best place to seek out the services of senior care in Pinellas County and St Petersburg, Florida. Bayshore Home Care is staffed with compassionate individuals who have senior citizens as parents, and hence are adequately aware of the practices involved in caring for aging people. They also understand the struggles and complexities involved in balancing concern for aging parents, while also respecting their freedom and independence.

Bayshore Home Care Offers the Best Services of Senior Care in Pinellas County and St Petersburg FL

LogoBayshore Home Care is a prestigious organization that offers premium health services to the senior citizens of Florida. This organization was founded in 1986 and has over years gained the trust and loyalty of Florida residents with their high-quality services. Bayshore Home Care was established with the core mission of offering tailored services to senior citizens, as per their unique requirements and concerns. This organization is staffed with well-trained professionals, and specialize at-home care in St Petersburg and Tampa, Florida.

Hudson Regional Hospital Is First to Offer Hitachi Oasis 1.2T High-Field Open MRI in the New York Metro Area

Patients needing an open MRI can now get the most advanced imaging available in the area with Hudson Regional Hospital's Hitachi Oasis 1.2T High Field Open MRI.

San Gabriel Speech Therapy Center Has a Grand Opening

LogoSan Gabriel speech therapy is one of the most useful tools that parents and children alike can use. This is due to the fact that San Gabriel speech therapy helps with any speech impediments or language delays an individual may be experiencing. SGV Speech Therapy is one of the top speech therapy providers in the San Gabriel Valley area. SGV Speech Therapy is located at 604 S. Del Mar Ave. San Gabriel, CA 91776 or through their website (626.782.7615)

Preventing Whiplash and Other Spine Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

LogoA public safety campaign by the Tulsa Police Department is focused on preventing car accidents and the potentially serious injuries that can result. Among the most common types of injuries suffered in a crash are those impacting the back and neck. Taking some simple precautions can help minimize the risks.

Keen Healthcare and Keen Mobility Solutions Feature Rollators and Wheelchairs, Including the Keen Freelander Hemi Wheelchair, a Lightweight Wheelchair Design

LogoKeen Healthcare, one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of wheelchairs, is based in Portland, Oregon and has proudly been revolutionizing healthcare in America since 2002. Built on the tagline "Better products for better care", the passionate team at Keen Healthcare believe in delivering the highest quality of products at the lowest possible prices. For individuals who foot propel, the height of a hemi wheelchair is a critical factor. The Keen Freelander 2.0 Hemi-height deluxe lightweight wheelchair has a set of features which set it apart from other models. Being as low to 15.5" from the ground, this lightweight wheelchair weighs only 30lbs (without front rigging). Lightweight wheelchairs can be easier to store and have the advantage of being easier to maneuver, and yet this Keen product has a weight capacity of 300lbs. Safety features are important to consider and the Keen Freelander 2.0 Hemi-height deluxe lightweight wheelchair has quick-release wheels as a standard feature, as well as a gentle tilt of just half an inch down from the front of the seat to the back, just enough of a difference to improve positioning and help prevent potential falls. A low profile is maintained on the Hemi height wheelchair with 6" front wheels and 21" rear wheels. A durable frame is a necessity when looking for a suitable wheelchair to purchase, and this model has a high strength frame. Purchasing the most suitable wheelchair can do more than prevent pressure sores and skin irritation, correct positioning can positively enhance breathing and digestion. With adjustable height armrests and non-tearing arm pads, the wheelchair is flexible enough to correctly fit the user, aiming for a comfortable experience and improved quality of life.

Clear Advantage Orthodontics Provides Invisalign and Braces Solutions in Vancouver

LogoClear Advantage Orthodontics is a top-rated orthodontic center known for providing unique orthodontic solutions in the Vancouver region. Pioneered by Dr. Suzanne Cziraki, the center focuses on providing personalized orthodontic solutions to a broad range of clients at affordable prices. To date, Clear Advantage Orthodontics has worked with dozens of patients where they've been able to deliver high-quality orthodontic and dental services including Invisalign, braces, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, surgical orthodontics and much more. All these services are delivered through the use of modern approaches and equipment, making them highly reliable, accurate, and effective. With these services, essentially, individuals can be sure to achieve excellent dental health.

Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Offers Orthodontics Solutions in Airdrie

LogoBayside Dental & Orthodontics is a well-established dental practice focused on providing a variety of dental solutions to its clients in the Airdrie area. Featuring a team of experienced dentists, the dental clinic has grown to offer a whole range of dental services including orthodontics, cosmetic services, and general dental services. Bayside Dental & Orthodontics has since its inception worked on bringing the latest advancements and skills in oral care – a feat that has seen them stand out in the dental industry. The clinic is headed by Dr. Randal Headley, Dr. Suzanne Cziraki, and Dr. Tim Barter, guaranteeing patients only the best when they seek their dental services.

Dr. Paul Drago Puts His Experience and Specialty Training to Good Use for Patients with ENT Disorders and Deformities

LogoA specialist in the field with more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Paul Drago is one of the most reliable experts for all ENT-related medical and surgical treatments in South Carolina. Known to be a creditable cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Drago receives patients from all over the state who may need an expert surgeon for otolaryngology problems.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Booking Consultations for Patients Interested in Microblading Procedures and Much More

LogoGabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery is currently booking consultations for patients looking to save time and improve their natural eyebrow area. As the leading provider of microblading permanent makeup in Philadelphia, their expert team of cosmetic professionals has helped hundreds of customers to achieve perfect semi-permanent brows.