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Prompt Care MD Emerges to Be a Reliable Medical Clinic in Amityville and Lindenhurst

LogoPrompt Care MD is a reputable emergency medical clinic in Amityville and Lindenhurst offering immediate care, urgent care, and x-rays. Being in the industry for years, the clinic has earned a reputation for its clean, modern facility. The clinic is expanding as well as gaining popularity quickly. Many emergency rooms deal with a whole lot of problems such as overcrowding, lack of space, and doctors. Counted amid the best urgent care centers, Prompt Care MD is quick to fix these issues by offering care that helps in unclogging the ER waiting rooms.

Seattle's Family Dentistry Offers the Services of the Best Emergency Dentist in Seattle and Freemont WA

LogoSeattle's Family Dentistry is the Seattle based dental practice of Dr. Ajwant Goraya, DDS. Dr. Goraya was born and raised in India and completed dental training in the country in 2002. After practicing dentistry in India for two years, she moved to the US to attend the College of Dentistry at New York University. After graduation in 2008, she accepted a job at Tukwila Dental Center, where she worked until 2013 and gathered precious experience in the field. To this day, she continues to study and learn more about the dental profession with every passing year. Additionally, she is a certified Invisalign provider and the best emergency dentist in Seattle and Fremont Washington.

New Book Release- Senior Services for the Financially Challenged

Low-income families now have a guide to assisted living placement, vital Medicaid services and U.S. Department of Aging programs.

Clients Find Soothing Relief with Nature's Approach Products Sold by Health and Body Store

As the snow of winter starts to melt away, and more and more people spend time running, playing and walking with their families in the warm weather, pain flare-ups and muscles aches become more common.

HealthCareBizSales Helps Find Health Care Business for Sale

LogoWhen it comes to selling healthcare business or any other type of medical practices for sale, is the ideal choice. Employing a division of expert business advisors, they strive to utilize a tried and tested buying process to serve the varied requirements of their clients discreetly.

PRS Insurance Brings to Table Quality Medicare Advantage Plans in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas

LogoMedicare Advantage which is also called Medicare-Part C is a significant part of the Medicare Plan. The elderly benefit from the advantage as it allows them to better handle unrelenting circumstances. The plan comes with a choice of health facilities, prescription drug coverage that is far superior to what is currently available with Medicare Plan D, and prescription home delivery service which can be pretty useful during the winter months and times of serious illness. Apart from these incredible benefits, Medicare Part C a low co-pay for a doctor visit and physical exams as well as no co-pay for preventive services, immunizations, and health screenings. PRS Insurance Solutions is one such company that offers quality Medicare Advantage plans in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas.

Signature Medicine Now Offering Personalized Medical Weight Loss Programs

LogoSignature Medicine is devoted to helping people throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania improve their health by dropping excess weight. Led by Dr. Ashish Sitapara, their weight loss programs serving residents in Langhorne, PA, as well as other local areas, focus on finding personalized, comprehensive, and research-backed solutions to improve health.

Med Manager: The Ultimate Medicine Organizer Launches Kickstarter Campaign

LogoMed Manager is a simple, practical and innovative solution for people using prescription medication. It is a comprehensive case that is designed to hold up to 15 medications as well as critical medical information nearly so that in any emergency situation, patients can simply pick up the case and go. The Med Manager also acts as an organizational tool to help reduce home clutter and assist in taking the right medications at the right time. The case comes with many features and benefits, and it is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter for its large scale production.

Midwest Neurology Associates Is Offering Innovative Care for Chronic Headaches

LogoWith the help of personalized treatments, compassionate care, and prompt appointments, Midwest Neurology Associates devotes itself to its patients. With a focus on maintaining a comfortable environment, and clear, effective communication between its physicians and patients, the medical center offers such innovative treatments as infusion therapy to residents of areas like Munster, IN.

Braverman Eye Center Offers a Wide Range of Laser Vision Correction Procedures with the Highest Quality Care Standards

LogoBraverman Eye Center, a leading LASIK South Florida specialist, offers a wide range of laser vision correction procedures with the highest quality care standards. All of their laser vision correction procedures are performed with an excimer laser, which is used to reshape the cornea for correcting visual imperfections, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. They have a team of board-certified Ophthalmologists who are Fellows of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and have helped many South Florida LASIK patients to regain their normal vision. This eye care center is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and provides all super specialties under one roof.

Cannalogix Partners with Anantlife to Become the First Research Institute in the US to Offer DNA Tests for Cannabis Side Effects

LogoThe Anantlife-Cannalogix joint-collaboration commenced in January 2018 between Anantlife's Dr. Rahul Kushwah and Cannalogix Foundation's Chief Research Officer, J.B. Creel - on behalf of all patients seeking relief from the systemic effects of an imbalanced Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS). By mid-February, the first-of-many revolutionary breakthroughs to be co-developed by the joint-collaboration had been announced creating the world's first genetic kit measuring a Clinical Endo-Cannabinoid Deficiency (CECD). CECD was originally theorized by Dr. Ethan Russo (1) in his 2004 article and is believed to be responsible for migraine, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease and other related conditions that effectively and collectively impact over 20% of the U.S. population - not to mention their families. Due to the collaboration, it is just a matter of time before you and your family physician will be capable of obtaining genetic insight leading to preventative care, symptom management and best of all - individual systemic improvement based on genomics technologies. The technology being incubated around the genomics technologies will produce everything from prenatal vitamins to one-a-day, anti-aging supplements and every single health and wellness product in between – all customized to the individual patient based on their decoded DNA analysis.

Premier Pediatrics Introduces the Best Family Doctors in Beverly Hills and Summerfield Florida

LogoChildren need special care at the early stage of growth. Being vulnerable to the cold and cough, they need the best treatment that can ensure healthy and happy development into adulthood. Premier Pediatrics is one such clinic that employs the family doctors in Beverly Hills and Summerfield, Florida who provide the best treatment, meeting needs of each child.

Pacifico Plastic Surgery Booking Consultations for Potential Patients Interested in Fat Transfer or Liposuction Procedures

With four convenient locations, spread across Staten Island and Brooklyn, NY, and Iselin and Old Bridge, NJ, Pacifico Plastic Surgery serves patients with the utmost care and artistry. Providing a full suite of cosmetic and restorative procedures, the center assists the victims of injuries, burns, as well as disease and congenital conditions. Pacifico Plastic Surgery's cosmetic procedures augment patients' natural features and correct disfigurements, as requested and agreed upon by Dr. Pacifico and the patient in question. The center is now booking free consultations with any person interested in their fat transfer or liposuction procedures.

Dental Implant Cost Abroad: Major Factor Determining Why So Many People Chose to Go Abroad for Dental Implantation

Dental implants are one of the most advanced dental appliances in the industry and are meant to function like an authentic tooth root that is firmly embedded into the jaw bone.

New Medical Equipment Sharing Company--Helping Doctors Serve Their Patients Better

LogoDoctors try hard to provide their patients with the best and most current medical technology. However, the high cost of this ever-changing technology makes it difficult for physicians to constantly invest in new medical equipment. They don't have the cash. Doc2Doc Connect is the first medical equipment sharing service of its kind! With Doc2Doc Connect, doctors can safely and affordably rent, buy, or sell, equipment from each other. The sharing economy has arrived in medical practices.

SwiftPath Program, LLC's New Telehealth Platform Enables Outpatient Joint Replacement Delivery to Regional, National and International Patients

LogoAs outpatient joint replacement goes mainstream, the joint replacement landscape demands new solutions to address old problems, according to Craig McAllister, MD, a ProOrtho surgeon and president and chief medical officer of SwiftPath Program, LLC. State-of-the-art outpatient facilities and specialists are embracing new telehealth software platforms and digital products from developers like SwiftPath. These are designed to alter how healthcare delivery, access and education in the outpatient space is managed—not only locally--but for patients who travel to access outpatient joint replacement surgery.

India Ranks Among the Most Spiritual Places in the World for Yoga and Meditation

From its inception a few centuries ago in India, Yoga has evolved and transformed into one of the most useful ways of remaining in shape both physically and mentally for a massive number of people all around the world.

National Nonprofit Raising Awareness of Most Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer on March 3

LogoOn March 3, Triple Negative Awareness Day, SHARE Cancer Support, a national breast and ovarian cancer support nonprofit, is raising awareness about triple negative breast cancer to help the public understand the risks and severity of developing the disease and to encourage advocacy efforts for better treatments.

PioneerRx to Host the American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) National Convention, PharmaCon Expo

PioneerRx is the official event host for the 2nd annual American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) national convention, PharmaCon Expo.

Quality Medical Provides a One Stop Solution for Impact 305 Repairs and Maintenance

LogoQuality Medical is a technology-driven and customer-focused enterprise, which is fully committed to providing advanced biomedical equipment solutions to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the healthcare industry. This company was established in the year 2004, and over the years they have become one of the leading biomedical repair and maintenance service providers in the industry. They also perform responsible recycling and sell premium quality refurbished equipment.

Quality Medical Offers Devilbiss 7305 on Rent

LogoEstablished in the year 2004, Quality Medical is a company that sells an extensive range of biomedical equipment. They also provide rental, maintenance and repair services and specialize in infusion and respiratory equipment. Their highly experienced staff have a good understanding of the various clinical aspects of this equipment and therefore can meet the expectations of the customers efficiently. They perform in-house detail calibrations whenever necessary, to ensure that all their repairs and preventive maintenance services meet the required performance standards that are set by the manufactures of the equipment. Being an authorized service center for most reputed brands of infusion, respiratory and other biomedical equipment, at Quality Medical one can find a one-stop servicing solution for them.

Quality Medical Provides the Ideal Solution for All POC Repair and Maintenance Problems

LogoQuality Medical was founded in the year 2004. This company engages in the sale, rent, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of advanced biomedical equipment. One of the primary aims of this company is to make equipment servicing hassle-free for their customers. They provide affordable repairing and maintenance services, by keeping the budgetary concerns of the customers in mind.

Genesis Health Clubs Donates Swim Facilities for the Weekend to Raise Money for Make a Wish Foundation Through Swim to a Wish Event

LogoGenesis Health Clubs, owned by prominent Wichita businessman and philanthropist Rodney Steven, announced today that it is donating the swim facilities at its West Central health club in Wichita, KS for the weekend to Make-A-Wish Kansas for their Swim to a Wish fundraiser.

Quality Medical Is the Best Place to Avail Invacare 10 Repair Service

LogoQuality Medical is a firm that deals with the sale, rent, maintenance and repairs of biomedical equipment. This company was founded in 2004, and they serve healthcare facilities across the globe. In fact, 40 % of their customers are based outside of Southeast USA.

Mobility123 Is Helping Residents in 2018 Regain Independence with the Eclipse Elevator

LogoSince 2003, Mobility123 has specialized in the design, evaluation, and sale of independent living solutions. Maximizing comfort and convenience for their clients, they extend their service to accessible constructions, and adaptive remodelings for residents in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding communities.