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Braverman Eye Center Offers Laser Vision Correction Procedure to Reduce Patients' Dependence on Corrective Eye Wear

LogoA leading LASIK South Florida specialist, Braverman Eye Center offers laser vision correction procedures which are performed using an excimer laser. The Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Excimer laser they use is much more precise in its movement and accuracy compared to other lasers. The procedures are carried out by a team of ophthalmologists with many years of experience. The procedures they provide can be helpful in correcting a range of vision problems, including farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

The All Eye Care Doctors Debunk Misconceptions About Pink Eye

All Eye Care Doctors proudly provides patients near Cambridge and Medford, MA, with prescription eyewear that they need to see the world clearly. But that's not all they do — the organization also treats ocular diseases, thanks to their experienced staff of eye-care experts! One of the most common conditions handled by the All Eye Care Doctors is conjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as "pink eye." There's no need to panic about pink eye, but there are many misconceptions about this contagious condition.

CareMax Is Offering Nebulizers and IPL Hair Removal Equipment

Australia – October 17, 2019 – CareMax is an Australian-based company that focuses on helping individuals achieve healthy living through their wide range of equipment that focuses on pain relief as well as muscle strengthening and other wellness areas. Founded by Ryan and his wife Kylie, who felt helpless as they saw their family members grapple with pain management some years back - CareMax has grown to become the go-to store for individuals looking for innovative, reliable, and high-quality equipment. The online store has, over the years, developed an impressive portfolio of products which they offer to their clients at highly affordable prices. Whether it's equipment for respiratory care, personal care, or massage & wellness, one can trust that CareMax has got them covered.

Now Get Dental Services Closer to Home Only at the Top Dental West Palm Beach Fl.- Shapiro Smile

Shapiro Smile, a leading dentist in west palm beach area, has been catering to family dental requirements for many years. As a family run dental clinic, the founders believe in offering the best-in-class dental services that range from periodontics to orthodontics, dental implants to endodontics and much more.

Connect with the Best Cosmetic Dentists FL Only at My Boca Dentist Today!

My Boca Dentist or Sindledecker Dentistry is the oldest and top Boca Raton dental clinic in the entire Florida area. With a team of experts to cater to every dental requirement, clients at the clinic can expect to enter a warm and friendly ambience that caters to every query that the patients may have.

Intermountain Healthcare's Medicare Program Produces Savings for Taxpayers

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a network of hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers who collaborate to improve the quality and experience of care for Medicare patients, saved the Medicare system $2.4 million in 2018, while maintaining top-tier quality of care, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced.

No More Phone Tag Delivering High-Quality Medical Phone Answering Solutions at Extremely Affordable Prices

LogoNo More Phone Tag is offering its medical and doctor’s phone answering solutions at an easy-to-budget monthly flat rate, unlike its competitors that charge their clients by the call.

Nasal Treatments Bolstering Unit Sales and Patient Care

LogoiData Research, an international consulting and market research firm, announced today its new study that indicates a substantial rise in nasal procedures in the United States. Over 3.5 million Americans undergo nasal procedures each year, with over 30 million adults suffering from nasal conditions like chronic sinusitis and swollen turbinates.

Intermountain Healthcare Study to Figure out Best Way to Identify Heart Disease Risk and Stop Heart Attacks from Happening

LogoIntermountain Healthcare Heart Institute researchers are launching one of the largest and most ambitious research initiatives ever undertaken in the state of Utah to test a new standard of care to better identify and treat people at risk of having a heart attack -- and to potentially stop it before they ever have one.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Obtains the Prestigious Amsterdam Dental Lab in Philadelphia, PA

LogoCornerstone Dental Labs continues its upward mobility as a company with October bringing many exciting opportunities. As a full-service dental crown lab that prides itself on staying innovative, Cornerstone Dental Labs acquired the prestigious Amsterdam Dental Lab of Philadelphia, PA. Amsterdam Dental Lab (owned and operated by Alfred Nelson, CDT) cultivated a reputation in the dental community for 60 years by creating premium, high-quality restorations with a strong concentration in implant dentistry. Speaking on the merger, Nelson said: "We are eager to combine our shared knowledge, talent, and expertise to dive into the digital dentistry revolution to create an even better customer experience at our new location."

CareMaps – Improving Care While Detecting Fraud & Abuse

Almost $100 Billion await recovery in Medicaid programs

Braverman Eye Center Offers Laser Vision Correction Procedures to Help Reduce Refractive Errors in Patients' Eyes

LogoA leading LASIK specialist in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers laser vision correction procedures to help reduce refractive errors in patients' eyes. All their laser vision correction procedures are performed with an excimer laser, which is used to reshape the cornea. The procedures are essential in correcting visual imperfections, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The eye center is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide the ultimate care to patients during the procedure.

Intermountain Healthcare Community Pharmacies Are Syncing when Patients Pick Up Medications

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's Community Pharmacies are helping patients take their medication as prescribed in a new way using medication synchronization — which means the pharmacy will coordinate the refill of medications so patients can pick them all up at the same time each month.

No More Phone Tag Providing Highly Accurate Phone Answering Solutions for Medical Facilities

LogoGreat businesses start with great customer care, and doctors' offices are no different. Considering this fact, No More Phone Tag offers high-quality medical phone answering solutions for private practices, as well as large healthcare facilities. The service provider makes sure that the after-hours calls of its clients are handled promptly, professionally, and without any hassle. If the call is not urgent, their patients can quickly leave messages for the next business day. Else, its experts notify the doctor on-call within three seconds.

The Iconic Baseball Player Bucky Dent Experienced Dramatic Change in His Vision After Getting Cataract Surgery at Braverman Eye Center

LogoBucky Dent, one of the most famous baseball players in the history of the game, experienced dramatic change in his vision after getting cataract surgery at Braverman Eye Center. With his clear vision, the former baseball player is excited to enjoy his life to the fullest. Dent has been wearing glasses for years, and because his vision was getting blurry and he was having a tough time seeing, the surgery was needed to keep up that quality lifestyle.

Dr. Natalie Wong Joins the Reclaimability Pain Services Team

LogoReclaimAbility Pain Services is excited to announce that Dr. Natalie Wong has joined our practice. Natalie Wong, MD is a board-certified and fellowship-trained physician with several years of professional experience. She specializes in pain management with a focus on spine interventions, joint injections, and peripheral nerve interventions.

Intermountain Healthcare Recognized as a Utah Business Leader in Sustainability

LogoUtah Business magazine has named Intermountain Healthcare a 2019 Green Business Award winner for the health system's initiatives to enhance sustainability efforts and numerous green projects.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Presbyopic Lensectomy to Reduce Patient's Need for Reading Glasses or Bifocals

LogoA well-renowned LASIK specialist in Hollywood, Braverman Eye Center offers Presbyopic lensectomy to reduce patient's need for reading glasses or bifocals. The procedure is recommended to patients whose eyes have become less flexible, resulting in the eye's ability to switch from one focal point to another. It is perfect alternative for people looking to get LASIK surgery but are not good candidates because they are out of the treatment range. The surgery allows patients to effectively see objects, both at distance (driving) and at near (reading), without glasses.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Cataract Surgery to Help Patients Regain Their Normal Vision

LogoA well-recognized eye center in Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers cataract surgery to help patients regain their normal vision. For operating on your cataracts, the ophthalmologists utilize latest micro-surgical techniques, laser assistance if desired, and ensure that the patient is ready to return to an active daily routine the very next day. The surgery is carried out by a team of ophthalmologists who are all Fellows of the American Academy of Ophthalmology with many years of experience.

Braverman Eye Center Offers LASIK Surgery Changing the Shape of the Cornea Permanently

LogoA prominent name in the realm of ophthalmology, Braverman Eye Center offers LASIK Surgery which permanently changes the shape of the cornea. Their procedure has become widely popular across South Florida with its accuracy and success rates. This surgical procedure is carried out by a team of board-certified ophthalmologists with a distinguished career and many years of experience in the full range of laser vision correction techniques. This procedure is performed at their state-of-the-art eye center that is equipped with the latest tools and technology.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Dental Implant and Orthodontic Solutions in Canada

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics is an established dental office that's dedicated its presence to the provision of top-notch dental and orthodontic services. Founded by professional dental physicians, the office has evolved to offer a whole range of dental and orthodontic solutions that are personalized to meet different client requirements. The dental center further focuses on providing a comfortable and relaxed environment for its patients – elements that have seen them become a favorite destination for many. All their solutions are in line with the industry's requirements, and they can always be relied upon to deliver professional, affordable, and safe dental & orthodontic services.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Providing Invisalign Care and Dental Implants in Spruce Grove

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics takes pride in the provision of quality backed dental care services with the aid of seasoned specialists, namely; Dr. Suzanne Cziraki, Dr. Tim Barter, and Dr. Dorota Szula. The practice has, from the start, sought to be distinct in the market through the provision of transparent and affordable dental services. Garden Dental & Orthodontics has 100% focus on their patients and has no limits when it comes to ensuring each patient gets to have the best experience each time, they visit this clinic.

Green Spirit Hydroponics Inform All How to Treat Grow Pests

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK's favourite hydroponics equipment providers, are renowned throughout the industry not only for their immense range of high quality products, but also for the leading advice that they share with their customers, recently uploading an article to their website blog entitled 'IDENTIFYING AND TREATING GROW ROOM PESTS'.

BBC Discuss Hydroponics Growing Advantages: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

The BBC recently uploaded an article entitled 'What's the surprising way to cut your diet's carbon footprint?'! This article discusses how food accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions, highlighting a growing movement that is becoming popular to reduce the distance food travels before it reaches our plates – Hydroponic growing.

Wrist-Worn Step Trackers Are as Accurate in Predicting Patient Health as Standardized Clinical Walking Tests, Researchers Find

LogoDetermining how far patients with pulmonary disease can walk in six minutes has long been an effective clinical tool to help physicians determine their exercise capacity, as well as to aid in predicting health outcomes and mortality.