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Row Against Cancer with TriForce CrossFit Grand Opening on January 4th, 2018

TriForce CrossFit is officially opening its doors on Thursday, January 4th and welcoming anyone in the community to stop by and help row for cancer. For every 1k rowed during the grand opening between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. $1 will be donated to Lynch Syndrome International toward helping to fight cancer.

Mid-Florida Agencies in Leesburg and Apopka Florida Offers Health Insurance at Reasonable Prices

LogoMid-Florida Agencies, a local agency for Florida Blue offers insurance and health-related services in Florida. The company has made a name in this service area because of their efficient and hard-working attitude. An insurance coverage, big or small needs to be procured after thorough consideration. That is why clients are on the lookout for a trustworthy company that would be able to take care of their problems and will be able to answer their questions. This is why Mid-Florida Agencies is the insurance agency to turn to when they look for services in areas of health insurance, life insurance or medical insurance.

ImageFIRST Recognized Veteran Associates This Past November

This past November, ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists locations recognized and honored veterans and their associates who are veterans.

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists Holds Holiday Party for Associates

LogoThe ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists' Lancaster location hosted a holiday party for their associates on November 11th.

ImageFIRST Lancaster Throws Holiday Party for Associates

LogoOn November 11th, the Lancaster branch of ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists held a holiday party for associates.

This November, ImageFIRST Locations Recognized Their Veteran Associates

A number of ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists locations throughout the country recognized their veteran associates this November.

ImageFIRST Uses UHF RFID Technology to Manage Client's Linen Inventory

LogoAt a large New Jersey health system, ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists recently used UHF RFID technology to help a customer manage their linen inventory.

Wynnewood Dental Arts Now Booking Appointments for the New Year

The New Year is an ideal time for taking charge of oral health. During the hectic holiday season, it can be easy to slip up on dental hygiene, which is why making an appointment with a dental care provider is so important. Thankfully, Wynnewood Dental Arts is now booking appointments for the New Year. Those who need to get a jump start on their dental care routines for the New Year will find a great environment at Wynnewood Dental Arts.

Hangover Heaven Offers Help with New Year's Eve Post Boozing Blues

LogoDr. Jason Burke and his team at the Las Vegas Iv hydration clinic offer to help club crawlers manage their hangover symptoms. The proprietary hangover remedy is a perfect way to end festive season partying this year.

Dental Ark Offers Experienced Pediatric Dentists for Treating Little Patients in Sunland Park and Horizon City Texas

LogoDental Ark is one clinic which offers quality dental service to the patients in need. Those who are looking for an expert dentist in Socorro and El Paso Texas for oral treatment, would benefit immensely from the consultation at Dental Ark. This clinic offers a diverse range of oral treatments. People looking for oral surgery will benefit from visiting this clinic due to the skilled dental surgeons working with them. To be a part of Dental Ark, the dentist needs to be skilled and highly qualified.

The Importance of Dental Care Clinics in the Neighborhood Is Inevitable

The importance of dental care clinics in the neighborhood is inevitable, though not all districts have capable dental clinics with specialist dentists. Oral care is not merely for emergencies. Though the existence of oral care is a necessity for urgent oral treatment cases, it is also very beneficial for family dental care for the best prevention from oral diseases. This is the major concern of Midlothian Marvel Dental clinic. As the leading Dental Care Midlothian, this clinic really pays attention to needs of dental treatment with the fastest response, attentive service, and affordable cost. It may be easy to find any Emergency Dentist in Midlothian. But, not all dental clinics are able to deliver their most comprehensive oral health services with the patients' convenience and comfort as the main priority. To know more, visit Midlothian Marvel Dental clinic.

Health and Body Store Offers Heat Therapy Products to Beat Winter Aches and Pains

Anyone who frequently finds themselves suffering from sore muscles, neck or shoulder pain is encouraged to pay a visit to Health and Body Store online to view their collection of heat therapy products and buy a herbal heat pack that will provide soothing relief this winter. Health and Body Store has a number of aromatherapy packs that can be heated to provide soothing relief along with the comfort of herbal scents.

Dental Ark Offers Results from Dental Issues from the Best Dentist in Socorro and El Paso Texas

LogoOral health is an important factor which everyone needs to pay attention to. Dental Ark has been offering services to patients suffering from dental issues. Over the time through hard work and patience, Dental Ark has gained the reputation of being the best in the dental field. For those who are looking for a dentist in Socorro and El Paso Texas with skills and experience could benefit from a consultation from the doctors of Dental Ark.

Stellnaturals Now Offers an Exclusive Toenail Fungus Treatment

Stellnaturals now offers an exclusive solution to problems related to nail fungus. FungiAid, a 100% natural product, is one of the best nail fungus treatments available in the market. This product is designed to help people get rid of nail diseases permanently and quickly without spending too much on expensive medical care.

Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants Helps Its Patients Save Money

Healthcare deductibles have been steadily rising for patients throughout the United States as a result of healthcare legislation that has been instituted over the past decade. Actually, over the past four years throughout the United States patient spending on healthcare insurance deductible have risen on average 200%. Unfortunately, this has caused a vast array of patient to try to minimize or postpone important medical care from cancer screenings to impending problems requiring treatment.

Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants Provides Colonoscopy Services

Residents who have been putting off getting a colonoscopy are encouraged to finally take the plunge and take this important step towards cancer screening with Regional Gastrointestinal Consultants. Colonoscopies are proven lifesavers when it comes to detecting cancer of the large intestine early, especially in those over the age of 40.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center Is Booking Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in the New Year

LogoThe fully-licensed Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center is now booking with patients heading into the new year. Known for their breast augmentation services in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, their aesthetic treatment facility and ambulatory surgery center gives local residents the rejuvenation services they desire. Specialized in dermatology, body contouring, aesthetic theory, and surgical techniques, their doctors and staff happily discuss and evaluate procedures with their clients. Visitors to the surgical center will be given a tour of the facilities as they speak with Dr. Raphael Gabay or Dr. Neil Gottlieb about their visions and their decision to seek a cosmetic enhancement or surgical procedure.

Dr. Luciano Looks to Help More Pennsylvanians Get Healthier in 2018 with Concierge Medical Services

LogoThose who are looking for a better and more personal way to take control of their health in the upcoming year are encouraged to call Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano Concierge Family Medicine to learn about the benefits that come along with having a concierge family medicine doctor in Richboro.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Offers E-Stim Therapy to Patients

LogoPatients who are suffering from persistent muscle or back pain or are recovering from an injury and are in need of advanced chiropractic services in Philadelphia are encouraged to give Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates a call to learn more about whether they can benefit from electrical stimulation therapy.

Think of a Cup of Tea

Whether it is Chinese or foreigners, to change their own inherent ideas, out of their comfort zone to try new things, is not an easy thing.

Bayshore Home Care Offers Home Care in Clearwater and Hillsborough County for Seniors That Want to Keep Their Independence

LogoSenior members of the family who want to continue living in their home after retirement and on their terms can do so without any difficulties. There is one company that can assist them with living their life exactly as they want. Bayshore Home Care offers elder care in Clearwater and Pinellas County. They make it possible for elders to continue staying in their home and keep their independence and dignity. There are many who have senior members of the family with needs to be cared for. With the challenges of juggling work and home, it becomes difficult for families to take care of elder relatives around the clock. Bayshore Home Care addresses these problems by offering home care in Clearwater and Hillsborough County. In the hands of responsible elder care service providers, seniors remain safe. Families can go to work while leaving their aged parents under the watchful eyes and supervision of a veteran healthcare team.

The Wonders of Tea with Ana Delgado

-Lately I'm doing tastings because people want to know more about tea; When I do the tasting I give a somewhat broad explanation regarding what tea is and its origin. In addition to the most important events that revolved around the tea, I also talk about the different varietals and leaf varieties, tasting high-end strand flavors and letting them know its infinite properties, is something that many do not know, explains the lover of the tea.

Is Matcha Tea Really Good?

This trend started in the form of latte, however, people are not only drinking it. Matcha is a type of green tea and we all know that it has many benefits. So, it turns out that the range of benefits of this famous beverage ranges from weight loss to cancer prevention. It sounds great, but is it true?

GAR Labs Offers Low-Cost Private Label Cosmetic Hair and Skin Care Manufacturing

Leading hair and skin care manufacturer, GAR Labs is proud to announce that it will be offering 5000 to 5 million pieces of custom private label cosmetic hair care and skin care at an amazingly low price. GAR labs team of highly skilled scientists specializes in developing and researching the most innovative hair and skin care solutions for different brands. From sexy, high-end brand name anti-aging creams to inexpensive, quality natural body lotions sold in local health food store. GAR Labs serves all private label needs.

Max Muscle Nutrition Recommends MY-T for Men

With more than 600 various products available in-store, Max Muscle Nutrition of Exton, PA is the leading provider of vitamins and supplements for fitness gurus as well as anyone looking to improve their health. This holiday season, the experts at this location are recommending the innovative My-T, courtesy of M Lab Supplements.