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Ohio Plastic Surgeon Reveals New Responsive Website for Cosmetic Practice

Board certified Ohio plastic surgeon, John Zavell M.D. is proud to announce the launch of a new website for his plastic surgery practice in Toledo, OH. In an effort to optimize user experience and assist current and potential new patients in finding quality resources on plastic and cosmetic surgery on the go, Dr. John Zavell created this state-of-the-art website that is designed to provide functionality across all internet-compatible devices.

Precision Nutrition Certification: World-Class Nutrition Coaching

LogoThe management at Precision Nutrition (PN) Coaching today announced plans for opening the registration for the next batch of its world renowned nutritional coaching program - the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification program - on Wednesday March 11th, 2015.

Actinium Provides Business Update for 2015 and Achievements for 2014

Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.("Actinium" or "the Company"), a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative targeted payload immunotherapeutics for the treatment of advanced cancers, today provided an overview of the Company's 2014 achievements and a business update for 2015. The stated achievements and highlights below demonstrate the significant progress the Company has made on key initiatives to support the advancement of the ongoing Phase 1/2 program and upcoming Phase 3 clinical development program for Actimab-A and Iomab-B, respectively. Launches New Alternative for Patients to Access Online Health Care

The shortage of physicians in the U.S. is becoming a major problem, with the situation only expected to escalate as the population expands. Because of this shortage, many patients are forced to seek emergency medical treatment at hospitals and urgent care facilities, driving up the cost of insurance premiums. not only saves insurance companies and business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, but enables patients in any part of the country access to online health care and the ability to consult with a team of health care professionals who are available 7 days per week via phone or internet for medical advice, laboratory testing, prescriptions or referrals.

Study Finds Prevalence of Psoriatic Arthritis Higher Than Previously Thought

The number of psoriatic arthritis patients is lesser when compared to other forms of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. However, it seems that the prevalence of the condition has been completely underestimated.

Health Connections 4 Life Publishes Guide to Starting a Walking Club for People Getting Fit

In a high pressure working environment, walking is a difficult thing to fit in. People drive to their offices and sit all day, then drive to their homes and sit all night. As a result these people live a largely vegetative life, devoid of the one thing that can help them keep their weight and health in check. Walking is an easy way to keep active, and Health Connections 4 Life has published a new definitive guide to setting up walking clubs so people can commit to the activity together.

Orthogen LLC Announces Their Nanotechnology Based NanoGen Is Back in Stock

LogoWhen it comes to innovative and proven materials for dental implants and bone grafting procedures, Orthogen LLC has developed, tested and commercialized the nanotechnology based bone graft NanoGen. As the first nanotechnology based bone graft product allowed for marketing by the United States Food and Drug Administration, many dental professionals have been stocking up on the NanoGen for their practices. The past several months, Orthogen LLC has not had the product in stock for purchase, but are pleased to announce that NanoGen is readily available once again.

Researchers Investigate Link Between Alcohol Consumption and Arthritis

Alcohol consumption, especially when done excessively, has long been associated with the development of a wide variety of diseases. Among the conditions associated with alcohol consumption is arthritis.

Plasmatech Biopharmaceuticals to Present at 27th Annual Roth Capital Partners Conference – New Time Slot

LogoPlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company advancing protein biologic therapies and oncology supportive care products, has a new presentation slot at the 27th Annual ROTH Capital Partners Conference which is being held on March 8-11, 2015, at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California.

Medicina 99 Announces the Launch of the New Catalogue of Medical Institutions is one of the best catalogues of medical centers that provide their services in different regions of the Russian Federation. The main objective of this service is to get and systematize information about the most popular and prominent medical institutions in Russia that provide all kinds of medical services.

Atopic Dermatitis May Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

For people suffering from eczema, there is a good news. According to a research, the skin condition seems like reducing the risk of skin cancer. The study was conducted in mice, in which it was found that the immune system response produced by eczema may control the tumor formation, probably by peeling off the pre-cancerous cells from the skin. The eczema sufferers mostly look for the best natural eczema treatment, because treating something naturally is much better than relying on the chemical creams which may sometimes lay side effect.

Ontime Healthcare Now Offering Enrolled Nurse Jobs in Melbourne

Recognized Australia wide as one of the leading healthcare recruitment specialists, Ontime Healthcare is now offering enrolled nurse jobs in Melbourne. For getting nursing jobs, individuals need to register themselves by filling out the registration form available on their website. Through their wide range of job options, individuals will get assistance in getting themselves their desired nursing jobs in Melbourne. Besides this, the health care is even known for recruiting full-time, part-time, temporary, locum and permanent medical roles, according to the preference and flexibility of the individuals.

San Diego Dentist Explains the Advantages of Dental Implants

A San Diego dentist has highlighted the many advantages that dental implants have over other methods of replacing a lost or damaged tooth; Dr. Sonny Aryan, who specializes in dental implants in San Diego, explains why this method of cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular and is a common procedure now throughout dental clinics.

Arthritis Foundation Recommends Mindfulness and Meditation to Combat Arthritis Pain

Meditation is one of the most popular self-healing methods practiced by many people around the world. It is believed to significantly help individuals get rid of stress and maintain peace of mind. Now, it seems that arthritis patients too can take advantage of meditation.

Vonco Medical and Biodex Help Gamble Guest Care Upgrade Their Skilled Nursing Rehabilitation Centers

Shreveport, LA Vonco Medical a leading provider of new and quality pre-owned and refurbished physical therapy, rehabilitation and medical equipment sales and support and Biodex recently partnered to provide Gamble Guest Care in Shreveport, LA with a 2 day continuing education course in which professionals from both Vonco and Biodex as well as an expert occupational therapist were flown in to oversee the training. More than 50 physical therapist attended the event which unveiled a major upgrade to Gamble Guest Care's rehabilitation facilities to the latest in Biodex Balance and rehabilitation products.

CPR Basics 123 Launches New Website Aiming to Spread CPR Fundamentals for Public

CPRBasics123 is a new website aims to help millions around the globe to learn the first aid technique. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it can be performed virtually anywhere by a specially trained individual who have already mastered the skill. CPR should be learned as it's a very important lifesaving procedure in times of emergency and accidents.

Get Immediate Pain Relief from Emergency Dentist in San Diego

Dr. Aryan, a 24- hour emergency dentist in San Diego, is proud to offer out of hours dental care to those living in the Pacific Beach and san Diego areas. Dr. Aryan hopes the service will encourage people to get dental care sooner rather than later so that they can get immediate treatment should an emergency occur thus reducing the risk of developing complications.

Green City Utilizing Innovative Products to Rejuvenate Winter Skin

LogoAs the city of Philadelphia has experienced one of the coldest February's in history, many individuals are suffering from dry skin. Known for their organic and all-natural conditioning services, Green City has treated their clients with innovative skin care products to rejuvenate their skin throughout the winter. With the constant winds, dry air and low humidity, those suffering from dry skin will retain their healthy and glowing skin with the Philadelphia skin care services at Green City.

Review of Latest Laser Treatments for Rosacea, Scar Correction & Tattoo Removal: Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Eric Bernstein

LogoThe latest laser technologies for treating rosacea, correcting scars and removing tattoos are the subjects under discussion this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on, when show host, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes once again, board certified dermatologist Dr Eric Bernstein, from his practice in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Dr Bernstein is widely regarded as one of the world's authorities on laser medicine and laser technology. Both Dr Bernstein and Dr Lycka are long experienced laser surgery specialists who provide cosmetic laser surgery services on a daily basis.

Recent Research Shows Human Breast Milk Is Effective in the Treatment of Infant Atopic Dermatitis

For babies with atopic dermatitis, timely use of human breast-milk has got the same effectiveness as1%hydrocortisone in best cream for eczema, based on a research published within the IJD (International Journal of Dermatology).

Planting Marie's Garden: A Place for Love to Grow

Marie's Garden is a brand new organization raising funds to start facilities that will help families with children that have been diagnosed having any of the conditions within the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Marie's Garden will also welcome children with OCD and ADHD into the after hour and weekend programs as well.

DermaLounge Nurse Provides Anti-Aging Services for Clients in Edmonton, AB

Aging takes it's toll on everyone's skin, but the effects of aging can be halted and even reversed through a variety of non-surgical procedures.

One Family Making Sure Meningococcal B (Men B) Vaccination Is Available for Everyone

LogoWhat do you do with your sadness and your grief when faced with the loss of your child? Is Proudly Exhibiting at Hinman Dental Convention 2015

LogoThe 103rd Hinman Dental Convention is due to be held between the 26th to the 28th of March this year with the theme 'Foundation for the Future'. This is the country's top dental event and a comprehensive resource for those interested in seriously pursuing education in dentistry.

Announcing a Unique Holistic Approach to Rehab for Pregnant Women at New Directions for Women

LogoThough the dangers of combining pregnancy with chemical dependency are well known, the all-too-common nature of the problems this deadly combination causes has spurred the womens-only rehab facility New Directions for Women to take a unique female- and family-oriented approach.