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SPEX Seattle Brings Honest, Compassionate Eye Care to Bellevue

LogoAfter many years of successful practice in Seattle, Washington, premiere eye care professional Dr. Scott Campbell of SPEX in Seattle, WA has officially announced that he will be bringing his highly regarded brand of patient centered, technology driven eye care to a wider base of patients by opening a second location, SPEX Bellevue. Commenting on this momentous decision and the demand for a new location in Bellevue, Dr. Campbell notes, "SPEX is known for being the go to place for honest, compassionate eye care, and having worked with patients at a surgery center specializing in glaucoma, cataract and oculoplastic surgeries in Bellevue for years, opening a second SPEX practice here is simply what people wanted."

Veterans Helping Veterans: A Plan to Increase Healthcare Benefits

Barbara Murphy, a licensed sales' agent in Kansas City, MO., specializes in the marketing of Medicare products, has come up with a plan to help American Veterans obtain additional healthcare benefits.

UNYC Franchise Systems Supports Physicians as They Tackle the Burdens of Health Care Reform

Physicians must navigate through a trifecta of regulatory trials in 2015 including providing even more documentation to show they are providing high quality care, attesting to meaningful use, and potentially transitioning to ICD-10.  These burdens are causing already busy physicians to have increased administrative loads, which leads to increased staffing pressures, and the need to recruit and retain top-level employees.  To top it off, physicians are facing higher overhead costs.  UNYC Franchise Systems wants to ease the burdens of physicians in meeting these challenges through the acquisition of franchise assets.

Dr. Hiten Prajapati Introduces Cutting-Edge New Way to Detect Glaucoma

LogoDr. Hiten Prajapati of Triangle Family Eye Care in Morrisville, North Carolina proudly announced this week the arrival of the latest cutting-edge technological addition to his practice, the Humphrey Matrix 800 Visual Field Analyzer by Zeiss. The Humphrey Matrix 800 is Zeiss' latest innovation in peripheral vision testing as a means of early detection of serious eye conditions such as glaucoma. In giving a quick explanation of how this remarkable device helps his patients, Dr. Prajapati explains, "The Humphrey Matrix 800 by Zeiss is utilized basically to map and check the patient's peripheral or side vision. Since glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve that affects peripheral vision the VFA would pick up any loss of sensitivity in one's side vision if glaucoma is present. It also would check for progression of glaucoma."

Dental Emergencies Is Affordable at Dentist Emergency Sydney

LogoDentist Emergency Sydney has recently declared new affordable fee structure for after hours and weekend emergency dental care. The dental portal caters to Sydney & all major cities across Australia.

Health Experts Are Investigating the Impact of Taking Glucosamine for Bursitis

There are more than 8.7 million Americans who are suffering from bursitis, which equates to 1 in 31 individuals. This painful condition is often caused by inflammation in the hip, knee, elbow and other large joints. Those who suffer from bursitis often experience pain in moving and performing daily activities.

Studies Suggest the Right Vitamin C Could Help Reduce Arthritis Risk

Vitamin C is considered to be effective in helping to reduce the risk of inflammatory arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis. However, experts warn there are many things about vitamin C that those suffering from, or prone to, arthritis should know about.

Sovereign Health Supports Brain Awareness Week

LogoMarking its 15th anniversary, the Dana Foundation's Brain Awareness Week will begin the week of March 16th, hosting events, commentary and analysis on neuroscience and education all over the world. Events associated with this year's Brain Awareness Week include the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival, International Convention of Psychological Science in Holland and Brainwave, a New York-based exhibition featuring discussions on relationships and attachment theory with experts and Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Arthritis Foundation Announces New Guideline for Screening Psoriatic Arthritis Patients

Psoriatic arthritis affects 30 percent of individuals who suffer from the chronic skin condition known as psoriasis. In a majority of cases, arthritis arises years after the onset of psoriasis. However, there are cases when arthritis symptoms occur before, or at the same time as, psoriasis starts appearing. Information about co-morbidities is essential for sufferers, and this is why experts are seeking to educate the public about the disease.

Experts Consider Glucosamine an Effective Natural Supplement for Muscular Pain

In 2005, the FDA issued a warning against the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) due to the increasing number of individuals who were experiencing side effects when taking the drugs for extended periods. Since then, the number of consumers resorting to natural alternatives has been steadily growing. This is especially true of those experiencing regular muscular pain.

Quick Care Family Medicine Announces New Website with Special Offer for New Patients

Keeping the family healthy is a major priority for young families. Additionally the need for urgent care arises especially when young ones and elders are part of the family.

Low Testosterone Treatment to Offer the Best Fight Against Aging in Men

It is no news that aging can play havoc when it comes to maintaining a healthy harmony of hormones in men. Like women, as men age, they lose vigor, vitality and are succumbed to dips in energy, all of which can be addressed by taking a keen look at the low testosterone treatments offered at Male Anti Aging Institute.

Cam Wellness Institute Launches Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Campaign

It is estimated that as many as 45 million people currently suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in the United States. For many of these people, the condition has become so severe they are unable to live their lives comfortably. Many people must quit their jobs, miss out on family functions and suffer constant discomfort. However, the Cam Wellness Institute wants them to know it does not need to be that way. For this reason, the institute has launched a campaign to draw attention to their all-natural 30-day Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Program.

A Healthier 2015 Initiative Announced by Regen Doctor, Regenerative Medicine Will Be the Way Forward

LogoA dramatic alliance of universities, companies, and financial institutions backing or conducting research and development in the regenerative medicine field suggests there is great potential for regenerative therapies to finally go "mainstream" as treatments in 2015.

Southern California Vasectomy Specialist Offers Complete Urology Care

With age come a series of problems in men that need immediate expert intervention. Prostate problems can cause a great amount of discomfort and, can also pose risk to the overall health and well being of an individual. In this regard, Dr. Gary Bellman well known as a Vasectomy specialist is equally adept at providing treatment in all other aging related problems such as diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, no scalpel vasectomy and so on.

HJ Has Just Released a New Video for Women About How to Get Slim Fast

LogoHJ has just released a new video for women about how to get slim fast, a video in which she shares the exact steps that she followed to get slim.

The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne Announces Availability for Composite Filling Procedures

LogoWith ice now affecting many areas, the odds of one slipping and chipping their teeth are greatly increased. One of the most widely used methods to repair the damage is the addition of composite fillings. To help restore smiles in the Greater Philadelphia area, The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne has announced they have availabilities for composite filling procedures. While they are not permanently fixed to the tooth, they do provide lasting results.

American Dental Care in Harrisburg Announces Availability for Porcelain Crowns Procedures

LogoWhen a tooth has been damaged, the individual has several options to repair it. Among the most common solutions is to have a porcelain crown attached. The procedure not only protects the tooth but also strengthens its structure. Helping patients restore their once beautiful smiles, American Dental Care in Harrisburg has announced it has availabilities for porcelain crown procedures. Once set in place, no one will be able to tell that the crown is not part of the client's natural teeth.

American Dental Care in Hershey Announces Availability for Invisalign Services This Spring

LogoAs metal braces are very noticeable and restrict certain eating habits, many choose to forgo straightening their teeth and perfecting their smiles. Fortunately, recent advancements in dental practices and technology have led to the creation of a comfortable and invisible alternative called Invisalign. Reducing the stigma associated with braces, American Dental Care in Hershey has announced they have availabilities for Invisalign services this spring. With the treatment, patients will no longer have to be self-conscious about their smile or their braces.

American Dental Care in Doylestown Now Offering Emergency Dental Services This Spring

LogoAll it takes is one missed step to ruin an individual's meticulously maintained smile. When accidents happen and teeth are damaged, it is important that the individual contacts their dentist immediately. Providing urgent care when disaster strikes, American Dental Care in Doylestown is now offering emergency dental services this spring. The dentistry will restore the patient's smile before it can inconvenience their life.

Suburban Dental Associates Now Offering Inlay Restorations This Spring

LogoWhen trauma has left teeth damaged, individuals have several options that will restore their smile. Inlay restorations are a conservative route that many choose to effectively repair the damage. The process is more evasive than having a crown placed as less of the tooth structure is removed while preparing the area for the procedure. Helping patients regain their beautiful smiles, Suburban Dental Associates is now offering inlay restorations this spring.

New Molecular Technology Implemented to Protect Nation's Crops

The winter frost isn't the only thing affecting our nation's crops, according to the Purdue University Weed Science team. The team is working hard to educate food growers on a major culprit: herbicide-resistant weeds to be exact. Food growers across the country are finding it increasingly difficult to kill "super weeds" as they become resistant to the most popular herbicides. After years of constant exposure to these herbicides, certain invasive plants have also developed a resistance, leading farmers to use more of the chemical. In some cases, the weeds have grown completely tolerant to these chemicals, allowing them to grow as high as eight feet tall.

FITLIFE Performance Training Introduces Youth Programs in Bucks County

LogoFitness programs for speed and agility training in Bucks County sometimes overlook young people, preferring to focus on older adolescents and adults. While Ivyland-based FITLIFE continues to offer personalized training to college students and adults with a variety of fitness needs, the company has also announced the introduction of youth fitness programs to their roster, for athletes as young as seven years old. With these programs, FITLIFE intends to continue to improve quality of life through physical performance training and to introduce the proven benefits of team sports to young people.

Dr. John Schiro DDS Opens New Cosmetic Dentistry Practice in Austin, Texas

Dr. John Schiro DDS is now announcing the grand opening of his new cosmetic dentistry practice in Austin Texas. Dr. John Schiro is an Austin cosmetic dentist providing "smile makeover" cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry helps people with damaged, chipped, crooked, discolored, or missing teeth get a beautiful new smile that makes them look more attractive and feel more confident.

100% Organic Fijian Turmeric Capsules Now Available from Wakaya Perfection

LogoRecognized around the world as one of the foremost providers of effective, affordable health and wellness products, Wakaya Perfection now offers USDA-certified, 100% organic Fijian turmeric capsules for your well-being. Turmeric has been used in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Wakaya Perfection's turmeric, which contains 5.96% of the active healing ingredient curcumin (as compared to traditional turmeric that has .92% curcumin), helps detoxify the liver while relieving inflammation and indigestion. As with all Wakaya Perfection products, this turmeric is hand-cultivated in Wakaya's rich virgin volcanic soil with only the Fijian sun and equatorial rainfall for nourishment. No pesticides or preservatives are ever used in the cultivation process.