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Resident Worked to Make Alaska the 49th State

LogoFrom her apartment at Morning Pointe of Lexington, Kentucky , Irene Russell could share stories about how she began her career as a FBI investigator working for the then head of the department, J. Edgar Hoover, but her work that followed is even more amazing. Russell helped establish Alaska as the 49th state.

Creator of Wheel-a-John Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Production Funds

LogoThe Wheel-A-John is a revolutionary, self-contained system that offers waterless, hands-free external relief for those in manual wheelchairs.  Located on the web at , the Wheel-A-John eliminates the need for wet diapers, cuts down on urinary tract infections and offers wheelchair occupants of any age a safe, private and dignified way to relieve their bladders without drawing attention to themselves.  Now, creator John Kicos has lauched an IndieGoGo campaign at to raise funds to produce and distribute the Wheel-A-John to all who need it. Is Now Offering USDA Certified Organic Moringa Capsules

Moringa capsules, Moringa tea and Moringa powder are now available on, all made with USDA Certified Organic Moringa Oleifera. Offers Teeth Whitening Kits with Custom Dental Trays, an online retailer of teeth whitening supplies for trade professionals and consumers, has announced that their e-commerce store features teeth whitening kits that contain custom-made teeth whitening trays.

Achieve Clinical Research Is Conducting a New COPD Clinical Trial in Birmingham, AL - Volunteers Needed

Logo*To find out more about this COPD clinical trial, check out Achieve's trial page at or contact them directly at 205-380-6434.

Participate in a Gastroparesis Clinical Trial at Avail Clinical Research in DeLand, FL

Logo*Want to learn more about the clinical trials being conducted at Avail's clinic in DeLand? Check out the trial page at or contact them directly at 386-785-2404.

Ventura Clinic Announces Pro Sports-Tested PRP Therapy Now Available to Everyone

LogoThe Regenerative Medicine Specialists, a Ventura County clinic specializing in rapid pain relief and recovery, has introduced platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. This medical technique has been used for years by elite sports stars who needed to achieve a full recovery with minimal risk and down time, and now it is available to all Ventura County patients.

Smiles at San Tan Ranch Will Participate in Smiles for Life Fundraising Drive in 2015

Smiling can rarely make everything better, even if it can spread joy for a moment. However, one charity is enlisting the help of dentists to ensure that a great smile can make a real difference in the lives of sick children. Gilbert Family Dentist Smiles At San Tan Ranch has announced their intention to help raise funds for Hope Arising through the popular Smiles for Life national teeth whitening fundraiser. They will offer patients discounted whitening services, and all the proceeds will go directly to children in need locally and around the world.

Alameda Dental Care Announces Participation in Smiles for Life Event for Hope Arising

A smile can change a person's life, and having the confidence to smile can transform one's fortunes. As such, dentists care deeply about making a difference in people's lives. Alameda Dental Care is a Tempe Family Dentist offering affordable, high quality and cutting-edge dental care for all the family. They have just announced their participation in a fundraising event for Hope Arising, offering discounted dental whitening services and donating the proceeds to charity.

North Stapley Dental Care Announces Participation in This Year's Smiles for Life Event

There are few things as upsetting as sick children, and when thinking about them people have little reason to smile. Despite this, the Smiles for Life campaign is asking people to do just that in the name of a good cause. Mesa Family Dentist North Stapley Dental Care has recently announced their intention to offer discounted teeth whitening services to help people get a smile they love. What's more, all proceeds from these procedures will be donated directly to the Smiles for Life campaign.

Shalimar Family Dentistry to Participate in Smiles for Life Children's Charity Drive

A smile is a powerful thing. It can help people feel more confident, more accepted, and it can make someone feel better when they're down. Now, the power of a smile can even help sick children recover from illness. Tempe Cosmetic Dentist Shalimar Family Dentistry is participating in the Smiles for Life campaign this year, which aims to raise funds for Hope Arising. The drive has so far generated $33 million dollars since 1998 for hundreds of charities, and Shalimar Family Dentistry hopes to use the power of smiles to get children healthy again.

Cure for Diabetes Identified in Miracle Shake

Diabetes Free and Dr. David Pearson are pleased to announce the release of a program and product that is an effective treatment for diabetes. According to Dr. Pearson, speaking in his explanatory video, there is an exceptional cure which has been developed by him and his team of researchers. The solution which is described in his fascinating new Diabetes Free eBook, came about from a change in understanding about the role of the liver in the production of insulin.

Top Houston Surgeon Launches to Help People Find the Best Plastic Surgeons in Houston, Texas

Human beings are unique in that we are capable of design, we manipulate our surroundings to better suit us. Our love of design is inherent in our nature, and when we see something imperfect we strive to improve it. This is even true of our own bodies, and plastic surgery has made huge leaps and bounds in the editing of human appearance. Not all plastic surgeons are of equal calibre however, and with such delicate and high stakes procedures, people want the best. Top Houston Surgeon has been launched to help them find it. Encourages Wearing Medical ID Bracelet During National Kidney Month and Beyond

March is National Kidney Month, sponsored by the American Kidney Fund. Currently 31 million Americans live with chronic kidney disease. There are a number of events taking place during the month including Kidney Action Day on the Hill, Memphis Kidney Action Day, and more. To help keep those with kidney disease maintain their health, doctors encourage them to wear medical ID bracelets in the form of diabetes bracelet, dialysis bracelet, insulin dependent bracelet and other types of diabetic medical bracelets.

Self-Help Arthritis Devices Found Useful Among Sufferers

There are a number of treatment options and alternatives that are used by arthritis sufferers. This includes NSAIDs and natural remedies like curcumin supplements. There are also other remedies that are becoming more and more popular among those with arthritis.

Health Professionals Identify Arthritis Symptoms That People Should Not Ignore

Arthritis is a condition that can reduce people's quality of life, and increase their risk for developing a wide variety of ailments. This is why experts recommend early detection, especially to those prone to the condition.

Medical Malpractice in Veteran Hospitals on the Rise

LogoThere is an increasing number of U.S. veterans who become victims of medical malpractice each year. In 2013, there was a total of $91.7 million in settlements paid to victims of veteran clinic medical malpractice, which was the highest total since 2001(Freedom of Information Act request).

First Response Announces Launch of New User-Friendly Website

LogoFirst Response has announced the launch of their newly re-designed website to reflect the latest and most significant advancements in medical alarm system technology. First Response System, a leading national provider of senior emergency response systems, has created a more modernized, and thus enhanced, website to more effectively communicate and market its most comprehensive product line to these targeted consumers for 2015 and beyond.

Family Dental Treatment Easier Than Ever in South Carolina

One of South Carolina's fastest growing family dental practices has today announced a huge increase in the amount of clients they serve. The revelation comes after opening their second family practice in James Island to service more South Carolina residents. Their first dental office, Sweetgrass Dental in Summerville, has helped numerous patients to get that perfect smile during the last twelve months. Regardless of the treatment people might need, the team at both Sweetgrass Dental locations offer a full range of expert services.

Root Canal Awareness Week Begins March 22 Reports Santa Rosa Endodontics

Santa Rosa Endodontics joins the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) in supporting Root Canal Awareness Week March 22 - 28, 2015. This year marks the ninth annual effort to increase public awareness and knowledge of the facts about root canals. Offers Health Benefits of Smoothies for Diabetic Patients

Diabetes, frequently alluded to by specialists as diabetes mellitus, depicts a gathering of metabolic illnesses in which the individual has high blood (glucose), either on the grounds that insulin creation is lacking, or in light of the fact that the body's phones don't react appropriately to insulin, or both. Patients with high glucose will commonly encounter polyuria (regular pee), they will get to be progressively parched (polydipsia) and hungry (polyphagia). You can try smoothies for diabetics for alternative.

Moringa Capsules: USDA Certified Organic Moringa Now Available on

Moringa capsules, Moringa teaand Moringa powder are now available on, all made with USDA Certified Organic MoringaOleifera.

Primefitnesspasadena Launches an Advanced Body Building Program Under the Well Trained Experts

Primefitnesspasadena has announced a sure success way to train the body weight. The option of losing and gaining weight is claimed to be made easier with this trainers of body building. They give coaching on using different kinds of weight training equipments and train with great expertise. These body building coaches teach the clients to get their desired goal with great consistence and patience. With these two factors in mind they are ready to take the challenge with any type of body building. The presence of high intensity interval training for the clients separates this program from others.

What Causes Adult Acne? Popular FAQ Answered in Latest Video from Dr Barry Lycka

LogoAdult acne is an increasing problem and acne should no longer be thought of as something that only affects teenagers. There are more adults developing acne, particularly women. Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka has created a mini-series of educational videos about different aspects of acne, and this is the first video in this series.

Research Investigates Personalized Pain Management Plans for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Statistics show that there are over 1.5 million individuals in the United States who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a majority of them being women. This condition can cause extreme inflammation and joint degradation among sufferers. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is considered to be a condition that is difficult to manage. Experts even suggest that common medications may be effective for some, but ineffective or toxic for others.