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Sion Nobel M.D. Opens PRP "Platelet Rich Plasma" Stem Cell Clinic for Back Pain and Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Late Tuesday afternoon Sion Nobel M.D. and his Marketing Director Gary Monroe held a press conference at Mission Hills Medical Center for TV, Newspapers, Digital Press and Magazines. Sion Nobel M.D. a highly respected Physician who has practiced medicine for the last 47 years with a pain management focus is now using PRP and BMCC (Bone Marrow Stem Cell Concentrate) to end pain and enhance new tissue growth.Dr. Nobel has opened a new division in his center at his Mission Hills offices. Dr. Nobel has been using PRP for ending Body Pain and Cosmetic Rejuvenation for the last 5+ years. Most residents in the community and in greater Los Angeles did not know Dr. Nobel offered these state of the art Stem Cell services. " "It has required years of study and research for me to be confident about delivering the best medical services to my patients. PRP is a miracle break through and I will make it available and affordable for everyone," stated Dr. Nobel.

6 Month Smiles Dentistry Sweeping Conejo Valley, CA

At a small gathering of local press and valley residents, Albert Chow D.D.S. shared a new Cosmetic dental program available through his offices. The Perfect Smile in only 6 months. It was always thought impossible but not anymore. Albert Chow D.D.S. Voted LA Magazines Top Cosmetic Dentist says, "The perfect smile is available for teens and adults and finally at affordable prices, honestly there is no reason not to have the smile you always wanted"

Zoom Plastic Surgery Launches New Website to Promote Renowned Beverly Hills Surgery

Plastic surgery is more common now than ever before. It's high profile in the world of Hollywood and the media has ensured that the surgery has advanced rapidly, with surgeons seemingly in an arms race to devise and implement the most effective techniques. Plastic surgery is both art and science, and nobody has resolved these two disciplines together better than Zoom Plastic Surgery. Their practice, Zoom Plastic Surgery, has just launched a website to promote his services to a broader field of potential clients than ever before.

PyoorCBD Launching Products for Miley Cyrus and Many Others

LogoPyoorCBD, Inc., Company that announced last month that they will begin to distribute their Cibamine Xtra CBD Infused Energy Drink Additive and 7 Hour Sleep. Well they Have created quite a Big Reputation amongst Music Artists in the last 7 months landing Big Collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Cheech and Chong, Action Sports Legends and many more surprise Collaborations to be announced By PyoorCBD by Summer 2015.

Leading a Healthy Life Naturally Is Now Easy

Great news for those who are looking for home remedies for many of the issues they are facing! Natural Remedy, a blog, comes out with a number of posts on a regular basis and these posts give a lot of tips to people to get over their problems.

DermaLounge Nurse Provides Botox and PRP Priapus Services for Clients in Edmonton, AB

Registered Nurse Jaclyn Stark provides a few of these services and offers clients the opportunity to turn back time on their bodies. These procedures are Botox, Priapus Shots. None of these procedures require surgery, and they all necessitate minimal amount of downtime, so patients can recover quickly and see their results with little delay.

American Sleep Association Expands Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance and Snore Guard Distribution Worldwide

American Sleep Association (ASA) has expanded its sleep apnea and snoring treatment access internationally. Since restructuring its distribution model, ASA has experienced international demand for sleep apnea and snoring treatment options.

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio Offering Unlimited Passes

LogoOnce a relatively obscure practice, yoga is now one of the world's most popular personal fitness practices. Beloved for its proven benefits to longevity and mental health, it is practiced by groups as diverse as mindful college students to corporate executives who wish to de-stress. One variation, hot yoga, has gained popularity especially in the past decade. In order to provide Nashville hot yoga students with the maximum benefits of yoga at minimal cost, Fahrenheit Yoga Studio now offers unlimited pass packages.

PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals' Partner Hanmi Pharmaceuticals Receives Marketing Approval for MuGard in Korea

LogoPlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company advancing protein biologic therapies and oncology supportive care products, announced today that its Korean marketing partner, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ("Hanmi") (KSE: 128940) has received marketing approval in Korea from the country's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety ("MFDS") and the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) for MuGard, its oncology supportive-care treatment for the management of oral mucositis. Under the terms of the previously announced marketing agreement, Hanmi will import MuGard from the United States and marketing will commence. Hanmi intends to market MuGard in Korea under the trade name Mucogard. Offers Teeth Whitening Kits with Custom Dental Trays

Teeth-whitening may be the most widely used cosmetic-dentistry service on the planet and it is provided by dentists, orthodontists as well as beauty stores. Over 99 percent of people show that they think having a white, gorgeous smile makes an individual's appearance more attractive, and around 75% of people asked in surveys genuinely believe that having an unpleasant smile may harm one's odds of success at work. These numbers indicate the significant adults put upon the whiteness of the individual's smile and clarify why tooth bleaching has turned into a flourishing industry.

NEWT Introduces Ferno Powertraxx Evacuation Chair

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport (NEWT), a social and medical wheelchair transport serving the Chicagoland area, has added the Ferno EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair to its services.

Home Remedies for Pain Relief Become Increasingly Popular Among Arthritis Sufferers

Arthritis pain is something that can make the lives of millions of people from around the world extremely challenging. Unfortunately, successful pain management can be unique to each individual, making it difficult to find a method that works for everyone. This is why more arthritis sufferers are resorting to a variety of home remedies to achieve pain relief. There are a myriad of pain relief techniques recommended by experts, and sufferers often try to see what works for them.

Research Reveals Link Between High Cooking Temperatures and Increased Risk for Inflammation-Related Diseases

Having a healthy diet filled with nutritious foods is one of the most popular ways to become physically healthy. Many health professionals strongly recommend regular exercise, healthy lifestyle and good eating habits in order to achieve optimum health. However, some nutritionists now warn that selecting the right foods may not be enough.

17 Plus 3 Equals ... Success

Nevada's largest neurology practice, Clinical Neurology Specialists (, is also one of the most highly-regarded practices. Even as Dr. Leo Germin and staff celebrate CNS's 17th Anniversary, the Best of Henderson Awards Program recognized the practice as "the Best Neurology Practice in Henderson" for the third year in a row. This three-in-a-row recognition puts the practice in Henderson's Business Hall of Fame, according to Nathan L. Germin, MBA, Vice President and Practice Manager of CNS.

Houston Oculofacial Announces They Are Now Seeing Patients in Baytown

Houston Oculofacial announces they are now seeing patients in Baytown, the fifth location of the practice. The new location allows patients in need of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery to receive treatment that is convenient and close to home. The practice, an affiliate of Houston Eye Associates, has no plans to close other locations, as they wish to serve as many as possible in the Houston area.

Ocean Dental in Shrewsbury, NJ Unveils Newly Remodeled Dental Office

LogoOcean Dental in Shrewsbury, NJ recently unveiled a newly renovated facility that is providing patients with a modern, updated environment for their dental needs. The renovation features new paint, flooring, décor, and layout that give the office a modern, updated touch. Each element of the remodel was carefully considered and chosen by Dr. Janeen Ferraro and staff to provide patients with the best, most welcoming environment.

Slidell Dentist Dr. Edwin L. Kopfler Explains the Benefits of Titanium Dental Implants for Smile Restoration

LogoDr. Edwin Kopfler, dental implants dentist in Slidell, Louisiana is encouraging patients to learn the facts about titanium dental implants and how they can help them achieve the beautiful, functional smile they've dreamed of since experiencing permanent tooth loss. Although many patients are leery of the safety of titanium due to it being a foreign substance, Dr. Kopfler hopes patients realize that it is the safest and most effective material for providing long-lasting prosthetic dental results.

Wappingers Falls Family Dentist Dr. Michael D. Meshnick Welcomes Patients of All Ages

LogoWappingers Falls, NY dentist Dr. Michael D. Meshnick is encouraging local families to make dental care a family affair, and welcomes patients of all ages at his practice. Dr. Meshnick emphasizes that regular dental check-ups and cleanings should start at the age of 12 months to set a solid foundation of optimal oral health for life. Dr. Meshnick and his staff take special care to ensure that each patient, no matter their age, feels welcome and comfortable at their office.

The Perfect Dump Now Providing a Great Poo This Spring

LogoThe Perfect Dump™ is pleased to provide users with a great poo this spring. Waking up in the early morning can be quite a task. Who wants to get up at the crack of dawn and get ready for work? Well, The Perfect Dump™ will make individuals look forward to getting up with their supplement that makes for a better poo.

A New Approach to KOL Profiling

System Analytic today launched a revolutionary type of Key Opinion Leader Profiling, called "Live KOL Profiles".

Review of Latest Treatments for Acne Scarring from Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Rebecca Baxt

LogoMany adults suffer not only from acne but from the scars caused by acne they had as a teenager, because they didn't have access to the range of acne treatments that are available to patients today. Having a face scarred by acne causes distress and embarrassment but many sufferers do not realize the range of treatments and options they have these days to reduce or remove their acne scars.

Former White House and Camp David Resort Chef, Marti Mongiello in Asheville at the LIVE WELL Expo

LogoWhen every chef who could possibly contribute to killing the President of the United States is brought into a room, things get pretty serious. Executive Chef to the President, Marti Mongiello took it to heart - literally. His catch, of Grilled Pacific Ocean Salmon with Polynesian Salsa over Wild Rice is nice to try at home also from his appearance at the LIVE WELL Expo held at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Asheville, NC, Saturday, March 28.

High Cooking Temperatures Linked to Inflammation-Related Diseases

More people around the world are shifting to healthier food and lifestyle choices. Fruits and vegetables are increasingly preferred to processed food items, as they contain more vitamins and minerals, and are generally chemical-free. However, it seems that practicing healthy food choices is not enough to increase protection against a wide variety of diseases.

Experts Urge Arthritis Sufferers to Discuss Pain with Their Doctor

Arthritis is an increasing problem, with millions of sufferers in the United States alone. Some experts are now concerned that there is also a growing trend of individuals self-medicating with potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals to manage their pain. According these experts, sufferers need to learn how they can properly discuss their pain with their healthcare provider to ensure they are getting proper treatment.

Experts Develop Personalized Tools for Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers to Manage Pain

There are more than 1.5 million people in the United States who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is known for its capacity to progress rapidly, cause extreme inflammation and degrade the joints. That is why researchers are searching for ways to improve the management of the condition.