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Enhance Your Skin's Defense Against Environmental Damage with the Sun Protection Supplement, Sunsafe Rx

LogoPeople like to go outside during the summer to enjoy picnics or indulge in outdoor sports. And some people enjoy indoor tanning to get a glowing tan. However, years of sun exposure and indoor tanning have multiple harmful effects on your body, particularly on your skin and eyes. One of these issues is actinic keratosis: a skin condition characterized by scaly rough patches of skin on your neck, scalp, hands, forearms, ears, lips, and face as a result of sun damage. Sunsafe Rx sun protection pills enhance your defenses against the effects of environmental exposure that may lead to skin damage including harmful effects like actinic keratosis. Research shows that the ingredients in the Sunsafe Rx nutritional supplement can help reduce harmful effects from UV rays.

Premier Pediatrics Offers the Services of Compassionate Pediatric Doctor in Belleview and Beverly Hills Florida

LogoPremier Pediatrics provides a wide range of pediatric care services that are meant for infants to 18-year-olds.

Kayal Orthopedic Center Expanding in Stony Point, NY, Area

New state-of-the-art office to open at 11 Holt Drive

Nine Intermountain Hospitals Earn 'A' Grades in New National Safety Report

LogoNine Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah have received an 'A' grade in a new national safety report.

WeCare Tlc Adopts Bridges to Excellence Standards at Healthcare Centers Nationwide

LogoWe Care tlc, a leading workplace healthcare center operator, is adopting best practices, Bridges to Excellence standards, at all 53 healthcare centers nationwide, effective immediately. The company will share its own data with the program in order to ensure the highest level of care for its patients.

South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies Excels in Hospital Equipment in Heroica Nogales and Monterrey

LogoFor those looking for hospital equipment in Heroica Nogales and Monterrey, South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies is the ultimate resource.

South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies Offers Quality Hospital Beds for Home in Corpus Christi and Guadalajara

LogoWhether it is an injury or an ordinary sickness, the patients might complain if they don't get the right kind of hospital beds. Keeping their comfort and condition in mind, many medical clinics and health organizations focus on having the right kind of hospital beds when choosing hospital equipment for patients. The choice depends on various factors and also on the prices of different beds, though. Still, each bed has a specific purpose, and not every hospital has all the types.

American Health Care Academy Offers Nationally Accepted Online First Aid and CPR Certification Training Programs

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy aims to keep developing health courses that are easy-to-understand, accurate, and beneficial to the public. Its training can be accessed for free online anytime. The institution appreciates continuing training and education for all persons to provide a responsible, healthier and enlightened society. American Health Care Academy values include saving lives, commitment to excellence, social responsibility, promoting acts of Good Samaritan, and qualified and responsible instruction. The institution trains both individuals and groups of 5 or more people. As the group size grows, it offers a better discount. Its training program enables everyone to register and complete the course at their schedule and pace.

Baltimore Physical Therapists Expanding Operations and Accepting New Patients

LogoBaltimore, MD - FX Physical Therapy, Baltimore's top physical therapy practice, is now expanding operations and accepting new patients. The practice, which has three offices in the Baltimore area, offers hands-on, engaged care to their patients.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Performs Tummy Tucks for Qualified Patients

LogoAfter trying healthy dieting and exercising and not seeing the expected results, many people turn to an abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, to lose their excess weight. Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery specializes in tummy tucks and other surgeries necessary for those looking for a mommy makeover in Philadelphia, PA, and its surrounding areas.

Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Offers Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions

LogoBayside Dental & Orthodontics is a collaborative practice that's committed to providing the best care in the dental and orthodontic fields. Based out of Airdrie, the dental office addresses a whole range of dental areas ranging from general dentistry to orthodontics, where they personalize their treatments to meet individual needs. To further provide excellent care, Bayside Dental & Orthodontics has in its fold a team of well-qualified and experienced dental physicians who are passionate about what they do. All their services are provided as per the industry's requirements, with clients assured of professionalism when they partner with the dental clinic.

Virtual Care Solutions Are the Future of Healthcare

LogoInnovations in healthcare are leading to more comfortable lives and peace of mind without being at the doctor.

Airdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Is Offering Dental Services in a Modern, Relaxing Environment in Alberta

LogoAirdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics identifies with many residents of Airdie and the greater Alberta region as the local dental office for quality but affordable services. The driving goal for the facility is that everyone deserves to have a bright smile regardless of their financial abilities, and measures have been taken to make this a reality. It is not just the treatment costs that have made Airdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics a top choice for many people, but the extensive range of services provided for the entire family.

Rapha Dental Centre Offers Family Dental Services in Prince George

LogoRapha Dental Centre is a dental office on a mission to provide the best care when it comes to the dental arena. Focused on the family aspect, the dental clinic has adopted holistic approaches to their dental services, which allows them to provide personalized solutions to clients of all ages. Their specialty lies in a variety of areas such as general services, orthodontics, dentures, teeth whitening, implants, TMJ pain therapy, and much more. Rapha Dental Centre further boasts of a certified team of dentists who bring years of industry experience with them - resulting into satisfactory services. Regardless of the dental need at hand, one can trust that Rapha Dental Centre will always attend to their requirements.

WeGuard® Introduces 'Live View' Which Provides Remote Access to Mobile Devices in Real-Time

LogoWeGuard® introduces 'Live View', a feature where you can connect to any of your mobile devices and view them in real-time, right from the WeGuard admin portal. Unlike other solutions out there, 'Live View' does not require any third-party application to be installed on the device or at the viewer end. This feature comes to all WeGuard enterprise customers at no additional cost and provides remote access to mobile devices in real-time. 'Live View' extends mobile live screen share and provides two-way voice communication, which helps the viewers to communicate to the device (user of the device) by speaking right from the WeGuard portal.

Center City Emergency Dentist Illuminates Smiles with Lumineers

Center City Emergency Dentist is the leading cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia, offering inlays, outlays, whitening, veneers, and Lumineers. Lumineers are a great alternative to traditional veneers as they present the same benefits, without the invasive treatments or frequent office visits. All patients who are looking to fix cosmetic dental flaws should turn to Center City Emergency Dentist for Lumineers.

How RxMatch Helped a Patient Finally Get the Right Blood Pressure Medication

LogoJoan Eggert, MD, has become an advocate for Intermountain Precision Genomics' RxMatch — which uses a simple cheek swab to help determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient based on their personal DNA — since an adverse drug reaction led to her own near-death experience.

The Braverman Eye Center Provides Wavefront-Optimized LASIK Surgery Using the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Laser

LogoThe Braverman Eye Center, the finest eye care center, offers Wavefront-Optimized LASIK surgery using the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Laser. This Wavefront-Optimized LASIK is much more customized when compared to treatments involving glasses, contact lenses, or traditional LASIK methods. In fact, the level of vision obtained is far more precise. The laser uses proprietary nomograms to adjust the asphericity of the cornea to perform a prolate ablation based on the anterior curvature readings. The results obtained after Wavefront Lasik Surgery are typically better than standard excimer laser treatments.

Intermountain's Work to Prevent Suicides by Firearms Praised by Congress

LogoIntermountain Healthcare's work to prevent suicides involving firearms was featured at a recent congressional hearing in Washington, D.C. in September. The U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Subcommittee brought together public health experts from across the country to discuss the consequences and costs of gun violence.

TruVision Health Offers Tips for Healthy Holiday Fun

The holiday season makes it easy to get caught up in enjoying generous amounts of delectable food and drinks and forgo a regular healthy diet. The team at TruVision Health would like to remind its customers and the public at large that keeping healthy holiday tips in mind is important during big events, feasts, and parties.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Is Offering Affordable Dental Implant Surgery in Spruce Grove

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics' commitment has, from the start of their journey, been to make professional dental and orthodontic care affordable to everyone regardless of their financial capabilities. In a bid to achieve this objective, the dental clinic has adopted the 2019 Alberta Dental Fee guide that has seen them reduce their fees, although they offer top-notch services. It is therefore, not surprising that Garden Dental & Orthodontics continues to reach out to a wide range of patients and families who are looking for quality backed treatments and affordability in the charges.

Zen'd out Massage Offers Massage Services in Denver

LogoZen'd Out Massage is a renowned massage center that focuses on providing holistic massage services to a whole range of clients. Based out of Denver, the massage center has grown to become an industry favorite which has been propelled by the center's ability to provide unique massage services. Today, the facility is operated by a fully insured and accredited team of well-experienced massage therapists who see to it that these services are offered in a gentle, friendly and professional manner. Their facility features modern equipment for the provision of massage services, and clients can be sure to enjoy a relaxed environment when they visit the facility.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Cataract Surgery to Help Restore the Vision of Those Suffering from Cataracts

LogoA top LASIK and cataract specialist center nationwide, Braverman Eye Center offers painless cataract surgery to help restore the vision of those suffering from cataracts. During the procedure, they dissolve the cloudy natural lens of the eye and replace it with an artificial lens. Their cataract surgery has helped improve the quality of life for thousands of people by increasing their independence through improved vision. Their surgery provides great degrees of safety and efficiency while ensuring excellent visual outcomes for patients. The cataract procedure is performed by board-certified Ophthalmologists who enjoy a great reputation in South Florida.

Braverman Eye Center Offers LASIK Surgery to Effectively Treat Refractive Errors of the Eye

LogoA recognized name in ophthalmic care in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers LASIK surgery to effectively treat various vision correction problems. Their LASIK eye surgery can help improve patients' vision and reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses. An outpatient surgical procedure, the surgery is performed with the utmost care and precision to achieve desirable results. During the procedure, a thin layer of internal corneal tissue is removed with an excimer laser. Unlike most lasers that produce heat, an Excimer laser removes tissue with little thermal damage or scarring to adjacent tissue.

Braverman Eye Center Offers Presbyopic Lensectomy Helping Patients Gain Better Vision

LogoA LASIK specialist in South Florida, Braverman Eye Center offers presbyopic lensectomy which is a great alternative to LASIK surgery. It is perfect for people looking to get LASIK surgery but are not eligible candidates because they are out of the treatment range. The presbyopic lensectomy treatment can reduce patients' dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Unlike most vision correction procedures that attempt to change the focusing power of the cornea, this procedure focuses on replacing the eye's natural lens with an acrylic high-quality intra-ocular lens (IOL) implant.