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VisionArts Eyecare Center Named as Top Transitions Optical

LogoDr. J.W. Vann and his staff at VisionArts Eyecare Center in Fulton, MO, were recently recognized as one of the top three eyecare practices in America for 2014 by Transitions Optical. They were honored at the recent Transitions Academy, held January 26-28, in Orlando, FL.

Cleveland Local Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce Hangover Killer

LogoThe feeling of waking up after a night of heavy drinking is known to all. Drowsiness, nausea, and headache are common concerns that people face for almost the entire day. Slovakian inventor, Ivan Ducko, has come up with an excellent solution to this age-old problem. Ducko's creation, Hangover Killer, is a lightly carbonated beverage that prevents a hangover. This refreshing beverage with a citrus taste has been formulated to reduce the consumer's BAC 40% quicker on average.

Major Paper Shows How Melligen Cell Line Derived from Human Liver Cells Can Reverse Diabetes

A recently published paper in the scientific journal Molecular Therapy – Methods & Clinical Development puts the spotlight on novel research that has been done by a team at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the University of Sydney in Australia. The research team observed that a cell line called "Melligen" cells that was derived from human liver cells show real promise as a potential treatment for Type 1 diabetes because these cell are capable of regulating blood glucose (sugar) levels by producing insulin on demand. This observation, noted the authors, illustrates that Melligen cells can reverse the diabetic condition.

Barcelona Based Design Firm Greydot Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Introduce Tubix Modular Pill Holder

LogoAt present, there is no alternative in the market to store medicines with style in a metal designer container. Most of the available containers are made of plastic. Barcelona based design firm Greydot wants to change things around with their new, modular medicine holder named Tubix.

Groundbreaking Hair Replacement Procedure Saves Model's Career

A male model from Bradford has undergone a revolutionary hair replacement procedure, which could help him extend his modelling career.

UK's Aintree University Hospital Joins Cel-Sci's Phase III Head and Neck Cancer Trial

CEL-SCI Corporation today announced that Aintree University Hospital, in Liverpool, England, has become a clinical site for the Company's global pivotal Phase III head and neck cancer trial for its investigational immunotherapy Multikine* (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection). This is the first center to join the Multikine Phase III study in the UK.

MyCampusDoc Enables Members to Use All Health and Lifestyle Related Services and Discounts for a Low Monthly Fee

MyCampusDoc partners with Telehealth doctors, which are available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year to prescribe by phone treatment for many common conditions. These include conditions such as a cold, respiratory infections, poison ivy, flu, bronchitis, sinus problems, pink eye, ear infections and more.

Dr. Eddie Longman Offers Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

LogoNot long ago, patients with missing teeth had only a few options for restoration, which included bridges or dentures. With advancements in dentistry, a new method of replacing missing teeth is now available—dental implants. This has allowed Dr. Eddie Longman of Alexandria Old Town Dental to restore the beauty and function of his patients' smiles.

VitaBreeze Unveils New Discount Coupon Offer on New Fish Oil Supplement

To celebrate the launch of the new VitaBreeze Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement, the company spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan, announced that the firm is launching a 70 percent off discount coupon offer. The fish oil supplement offers the highest concentration of essential omega-3s currently available.

Sclerotherapy to Treat Spider Veins in Legs Is Explained by Dr Barry Lycka & Karen Whitney

LogoSclerotherapy is the name of the treatment given to get rid of spider veins in legs, where a solution is injected into troublesome veins to make them shrivel and ultimately be absorbed by the body so that they disappear. A greater level of scientific knowledge and understanding has developed over the last ten years or so regarding spider veins and how best to treat them. And due to its specialized nature, it is often a procedure that is referred to expert Sclerotherapists to treat.

24 Hour Dentist in San Diego Offers Emergency Dental Care

An emergency dentist in San Diego has taken steps to ensure patients in the area can get help for their dental emergencies as soon as they need it so they do not need to wait for urgent dental care in San Diego.

Los Angeles Transgender Voice Therapy Offered by Top Los Angeles Speech Therapist

LogoLA Speech Therapy Solutions offers dedicated programs for transgender voice therapy patients who are transitioning from either male-to-female or female-to-male, helping to transform the voice to match their external appearance. The organization offers a series of transgender speech therapy sessions that focus on vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, and non-verbal forms of communication that help patients to overcome the difficulties that transgender patients so often face.

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Menachof Utilizes 3D Computer Imaging for Better Patient Consultations, Visualizations & Outcomes

LogoDenver facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Michael Menachof is offering patients ideal results with their procedures by utilizing the latest in computer imaging technology at his Greenwood Village office. Using 3D imaging technology, Dr. Menachof and his staff at The Center for Aesthetic Facial Surgery are able to create accurate representations of what the outcomes will look like after a facial plastic surgery procedure. This technology helps Dr. Menachof and his patients communicate in a more effective, visual way about what the patient expects with their procedure and what the realistic outcomes will be.

San Diego Dentist Advises Patients to Seek Expert Advice on Implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for replacing lost or broken teeth. However, Dr. Sonny Aryan, a specialist in implant dentistry in San Diego, says that patients considering a dental implant need to talk to a qualified, experienced dentist to ensure the best results possible.

My Fitness Den Enlightens Readers on How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

Everyone in the world wants to be fit. That is the number one priority of every single human being in this world, to get in shape and to feel in shape. That can only be achieved by being physically fit. These things may seem easy but do not come without any hard work. Fitness means different things to a lot of different people. Some think it is looking immensely attractive in a swimsuit, others think it is being extremely good in some sports. But is it the real definition of fit? Basically, being fit is having an in general quality of health, which means, being a healthy weight that is considered normal and having a good internal immune system and feeling healthy as well. A person may not be a really good athlete or may not even be that good at sports but the thing is that if the person is comfortable with his body and is able to do multiple tasks while being at a normal weight and having an immune system, that person would still be considered fit.

InvoCare Adds to Its Team of Phenomenal Care Specialists Endeavoring to Minimize Grief After Loss

LogoInvoCare adds a new compassionate team member upholding their mission to bring a new approach to funeral arrangement services. The company has announced the hiring of BJ Zarcone as a Customer Support Specialist in San Diego. Providing burial and cremation in Orange County and Los Angeles counties as well, InvoCare turns the tide. With the help of Zarcone and other team members the company refuses to tolerate impersonal care. For those overwhelmed by uncaring cremation providers, they're dedicated to offering a simple cremation and burial service. A service complete with a caring staff trained to soften the harsh realities families face.

DDSRank Announces Dental Scholarship

America's leading dentistry SEO experts have today announced plans to launch a scholarship program. Their goal is to help future health professionals pay for their education. The scholarship will award one aspiring dental student $500 to go towards books or tuition for the 2015 fall semester. If you're studying to become a dentist at the current time, DDSRank wants to hear from you. With very few companies offering scholarships exclusively for dental students, this award is a great opportunity.

Arthritis Foundation Provides Facts About Walking to Help with Knee Osteoarthritis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, two-thirds of American adults have reported that they exercise only by walking for about 90 minutes per week. This is sad news for health experts, since it shows that many individuals don't engage in adequate exercise.

New Research Advocates Tea Is Healthier Than Modern Drinks for Children

By the 90's the number of young kids drinking tea had dropped to around a third and nowadays the NDNS (National Diet and Nutrition Survey doesn't even record it.

Podcast on Minimally Invasive Rhinoplasty Featuring Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon Now Available

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. Jay Dutton is now available on

Chicago Dentist Dr. Rita S. Platt Introduces Painless Injections with DentalVibe

LogoDr. Rita S. Platt, Chicago dentist at Healthy Smiles Family & Cosmetic Dentistry recently introduced new technology at her practice that is taking the pain out of injections for dental procedures. With the DentalVibe injection comfort system, patients can receive numbing injections without any of the pain typically experienced with needles and syringes.

Santa Monica Dermatologists Create Educational Resource to Better Serve Their Patients

Mary Lee Amerian, MD and George Anterasian, MD, founders of the Santa Monica Laser and Skin Care Center located in Santa Monica, CA, have created this visual infographic on injectables to give their patients an easy way to digest educational information on these procedures. Realizing information may be better absorbed visually for some, Drs. Mary Lee Amerian and George Anterasian have begun to create a library of infographics to support the educational information on their site. Out of the cosmetic procedures series, this infographic is focused specifically on the use of injectables in facial rejuvenation.

Concord, CA Dentist Dr. George Koerber and Staff Awarded Diamond Certification for Stellar Patient Satisfaction Ratings

LogoDr. George Koerber and his staff at The Dental Center at Sears in Concord, CA recently received the Diamond Certified award from American Ratings Corporation, solidifying their place as one of the most highly-rated dental offices in California based on patient satisfaction. The Dental Center at Sears achieved this award by receiving a patient satisfaction score of greater than 90 on a scale of 100.

Earth-Body-Medicine: Our Vital Connection to the Healing Earth Workshop to Be at Holistic Nurses Conference

LogoThe American Holistic Nurses Association will be hosting a presentation entitled "Earth-Body Medicine: Our Vital Connection to the Healing Earth in maintaining Groundedness and High-level Wellness," on Friday June 12, 2015 from 8 am to 11:45 am in Branson, Missouri at its 35th annual conference. The educational workshop and lecture is aimed at exploring our integral connection to the healing earth and the wellness it can provide to us. The presentation will also discuss ways to prevent inflammation and aromatherapy practices to support tranquility by using resources like clay, minerals, and essential oils provided by the earth to detoxify the body and increase life force.

New Podcast on Mommy Makeovers from Dr. Steven Robinson of Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Inc. Now Available on eHealth Radio Network

A new podcast on the eHealth Radio Network featuring Dr. Steven Robinson MD, FACS of Ohio Plastic Surgeons, Inc. is now available on