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A Study Showed That Brain Imaging Can Confirm the Severity of Pain

Pain is one of the reasons why being an arthritis patient is really difficult. Albeit pain is common, not all sufferers know exactly how to rate their pain, especially when their doctor asks them. The good news is that there is a method that can help patients learn more about pain.

A New Study Found That the Complication Rates of Joint Replacement Surgery Vary Widely

Joint replacement surgery is one of the treatments that patients resort to. It is believed to be very beneficial, especially to individuals who suffer from severe pain. However, there is a new update about the surgery that patients should be aware about.

NYC Gastroenterologist, Dr. Shawn Khodadadian, Announces Rise in Patients Seeking GI Treatment Due to Alcohol Consumption

Dr. Shawn Khodadadian, of Manhattan Gastroenterology located on New York City's Upper East Side (, announced today a rise in patients seeking GI treatment and evaluation due to alcohol consumption. "Alcohol irritates your digestive system. Potential GI problems that can occur due to alcohol abuse can include liver disease, cancers of the GI tract, gastritis and heartburn (GERD), peptic ulcers, and pancreatitis. New York is a food and drink culture so this finding in my practice is not surprising".

New Website Offers Peerless Insights for Those Seeking Careers in Nutrition

LogoAs the nutrition field continues to grow, so do the number of people seeking careers in helping others live healthier lifestyles. Nutritionist Advisor has quickly established itself as the authoritative source for this specific group of curious would-be nutritionists, and offers an unprecedented amount of resources, tips and news on what is required to build a successful career as a nutritionist.

Harrell Dental Implant Center Launches All-on-4 Campaign

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, more than 30 million Americans require dentures, as they are missing all teeth in either one or both jaws. Dental implants offer an alternative to crowns, bridges and dentures for individuals, and the success rate seen with implants is 98 percent, as reported in scientific literature. Reports Consumers Save Money by Whitening Teeth at Home reports 71 percent of women judge a man by their teeth, which helps to explain why teeth whitening treatments have become so popular over the past few years. In addition, Keiton Research learned that 58 percent of individuals are more apt to acquire a job and 53 percent are more likely to receive a pay raise when their teeth are whiter. With the help of TeethWhiteningAtHomeTips, individuals find they can have whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

Xpress Dental Clinic Explains the Conventional and Modern Approaches in the Treatment of Dental Caries

LogoOne of the most distressing dental problems that people, whether the young or old, are facing is the development of dental caries or tooth decay. Based on the studies conducted by the American Dental Association, pain due to dental caries or tooth decay have been the leading reasons why children and even adults are prompted to seek professional dental help. And most often than not, people would call for emergency visits because of intolerable pain and discomfort and during the visits the conditions are really worse.

Xpress Dental Clinic Discusses the Controversies of the Link Between Poor Oral Health and the Predisposition to Cardiovascular Diseases

LogoThe connection between the predisposition of an individual to heart disease and oral health issues has always been a point of debate among the dental professionals and Cardiologists as there are many studies that have been conducted that showed no significant correlations between the two.

Dr. Lambert Endorses Dental Implants

LogoFor anyone wishing to replace missing teeth, Dr. Thomas Lambert of Always About Smiles strongly recommends dental implants as an effective long-term solution. Not only do implants restore function and beauty, they also provide excellent structural support and are more durable than either bridges or dentures.

Optometrist Invents Reading Glasses That Can't Be Lost

LogoReading glasses lost or forgotten? That's a pain! What if your reading glasses could always be handy, like a cell phone, never again left behind or misplaced?

First Response Introduces a Groundbreaking Medical Alarm System to Protect Seniors in America

LogoFirst Response, America's leading authority and nationwide provider of personal emergency response systems (PERS) for independent seniors and individuals with chronic disabilities, is introducing a new generation of home medical alert systems that offers consumers a variety of modern-day features not found in traditional at-home emergency medical systems and devices.

The Arthritis Foundation Shares Five Walking Strategies Arthritis Patients Need for Fitness Success

For arthritis patients, engaging in physical activities can be very challenging or even impossible. However, they need to become physically active to maintain or improve their mobility.

Special Knee Transplant Minimizes Return to Operating Room

Dr. Frank McCormick, a LESS Institute orthopedic surgeon, Harvard Medical School professor, and Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve, recently presented at the International Cartilage Repair Society's annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

Natural Genetics Introduces 100% Money Back Guarantee on Testrosity Testosterone Booster

LogoNatural Genetics has just launched a 100% money back guarantee on their emerging Amazon product Testrosity. With the launch of this guarantee, all unsatisfied buyers of this all natural testosterone booster will be able to receive a complete refund on their purchase. It may be recalled that this product was launched recently in Amazon and has done reasonably well so far to attract the attention of many health conscious Amazon shoppers. Many of these users suggest that the product has helped them fight the adverse effects of aging by boosting the level of testosterone in their body.

Dr. Schultz Integrates 3D Dental Imaging System in Practice

LogoAt Smiles of Distinction, Dr. Bart Schultz's patients enjoy the benefits of the most advanced 3D dental and facial imaging system available. The practice makes use of the award-winning i-CAT® Cone Beam 3D Dental Imaging System for greater clinical control and a more efficient workflow.

Dr. Ken LeBlanc Provides Solutions for Missing Teeth

LogoIn the past, an individual who lost a tooth due to decay, an accident, or gum disease was faced with only two options—they could either get a bridge placed or simply live with an imperfect smile, dietary restrictions, and jaw shrinkage. Today, Dr. Ken LeBlanc makes use of technological advancements to provide many more solutions that aid in restoring a smile to its natural beauty.

Research Investigates the Link Between Hearing Loss and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis has been linked to a wide variety of medical conditions. Patients often suffer from a myriad of pain and discomfort. Hearing loss is another condition that is associated with arthritis.

Taconic Biosciences and Cellaria Biosciences Agree to Scientific Collaboration to Facilitate Xenograft Use in Oncology Research

Taconic Biosciences and Cellaria Biosciences announced that the two companies have entered into a scientific collaboration designed to facilitate and improve the utility of patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) in animal models for oncology and immuno-oncology research. Cellaria's novel methodologies for generating cells from patient tumors will complement Taconic's industry-leading portfolio of tissue humanized mouse models, which are well-suited as hosts for PDXs.

New Fox Valley Resort Style Living Senior Residence Announces Grand Opening and Opportunity for Tours

Continuing with their concept of active senior living in an exceptional home, Jolene and Paul Moran announce the opening of a new Century Oaks Home on Ballard Road in Appleton. Fostering a lifestyle of "having fun" and loving life, this new Century Oaks Home will be open for tours during their grand opening celebration on Saturday May 30th from 11 am to 4 pm.

Laser Assisted Hair Reduction & Preventative Anti-Aging Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Ashraf Badawi

LogoLaser Assisted Hair Reduction is an effective method for dealing with unwanted facial and body hair, for both men and women. The latest techniques and technology make it a procedure with high levels of patient satisfaction, and hair removal / reduction procedures have developed greatly from the early days of painful Electrolysis.

Experts Revealed the Secrets in Boosting Energy Among Arthritis Patients

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of having arthritis. Many patients suffer more not just because of the pain but also other symptoms and discomforts. The good news is that there are ways to improve energy levels among sufferers.

Divine Bounty Dietary Supplement Rockets Up Amazon Bestsellers List

People with joint pain have responded wholeheartedly to the release of Divine Bounty's new curcumin supplement. Available exclusively on, the supplement quickly shot up the marketplace's bestseller list, far exceeding the firm's projected popularity.

WAHEN Reaches out to Policy Makers to Enable Them to Create Better Health Economy in West Africa

West Africa has been traumatized by the outbreak of Ebola, a deadly virus that has up to a 70% fatality rate for those who have been infected. The outbreak has pushed the health services beyond their limits, and health spending is threatening to spiral out of control. The West African Health Economic Network ( was established almost fifteen years ago in order to help West Africa improve its health economy, and create an interaction between researchers and policy makers as to how to deliver the best services most effectively. They are now appealing to policy makers afresh, with an aim to standardize health economic approaches across the region.

New Cancer Documentary Creator Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoNathan Crane is the creator of an empowering new film that explores the facts about finding the most effective and affordable cancer prevention and treatment methods worldwide.  CANCER:  The Integrative Perspective, is a feature film dedicated to sharing the best solutions for overcoming cancer.  Now, Crane has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production and distribution funds for this important documentary.

B12ShotChicago Offering Premium B12 Injection Packages

LogoB12ShotChicago is offering high quality B12 injection packages at reasonable rates. These potent B12 packages are considered to be more affordable than any deal on Groupon. The online store is providing fast, easy, affordable and hassle free experience to customers.