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Leading Company in Natural Health Introduces a New System to Reverse Diabetes

LogoIn a bid to fight against the rising number of people worldwide being diagnosed with diabetes, eGlobal Natural Health, a giant in the natural health industry, is introducing a new innovative program called the Total Diabetic System. The system aims not just to prevent the onset of diabetes, but also reverse the effects on people who already diagnosed with the disease.

Ontime Healthcare Now Offers Allied Nursing Jobs for Overseas Candidates in Melbourne

Caring for patients requires nurses to be well qualified and trained for administering their duties. Due to the rising need for nurses at mental health nursing agencies, Ontime Healthcare, is now offering allied nursing jobs in Melbourne for overseas candidates. To apply for these jobs, international candidates need to register themselves online with Ontime Healthcare, by filling the registration form available on the company's official website,

June Is Men's Health Month: Urgent Care at Sunset Walk-in Healthcare Is Onboard

LogoThe state of health of men in America is in crisis. Considering the advancement in medicine, technological improvement in health screening and the level of preventive care coverage in the past few years this should not be the case.

Study Showed That Combining Two Pain Relievers Can Result in Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Pain is one of the major reasons why arthritis patients suffer, and this is why many of them use pain relievers just to improve their condition. There are even those who use multiple pain relievers to achieve more pain relief. However, it seems that doing it is not a good idea.

The Arthritis Foundation Has Presented a Study That Showed Gout Risk Has Genetic Component

Swelling, pain and extreme tenderness in the joint – these are among the symptoms experienced by gout sufferers. Gout is often believed to be caused by intake of certain foods such as poultry, seafood and meat. However, it seems that there is another factor associated with the development of the condition.

Nile's Project Participates in White House Antibiotic Stewardship Forum

Nile's Project, a public-health patient-safety awareness and educational organization, today joined over 150 major food companies, retailers, and human and animal health stakeholders at the White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship to announce commitments to implement changes over the next five years to slow the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, detect resistant strains, preserve the efficacy of our existing antibiotics, and prevent the spread of resistant infections.

Pro Optimal Launches Cell Safe Lab-Certified Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Online

Pro Optimal® today announced it was launching its online brand of Dietary Supplements, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. Pro Optimal is a ground breaking line in the Vitamin and Mineral Supplements space founded by nutritional experts with decades of experience developing and manufacturing customized dietary supplements.

Redding Sports Therapy Releases Two New Videos for Consumers

Redding Sports Therapy recently released new videos to better inform consumers of their offerings and provide more information about their business and why it remains so popular. This Chiropractor Redding CA makes use of Hall of Fame Marketing to produce their videos and get their message out. Consumers find the video clips to be of great assistance in learning more about how a sport and rehab clinic may be of aid to them.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Now Accepting Health Savings Accounts as a Form of Payment

LogoIndividuals who are in need of home medical equipment and mobile accessibility can shop the selection available at Goodwill Home Medical located in Ewing, NJ. The retailer collects gently used medical equipment through donations and resells them at affordable prices. The home medical equipment, which is cleaned and refurbished for sale, is a cost-effective solution to meet the communities' health needs. Recently, the organization added a new form of payment that can be used to purchase their gently-used home medical equipment.

New Bad Breath Cures Now Provided by Closys and Pharmaden

LogoTwo companies, found at and, are grabbing the attention of consumers across the United States. These online portals are selling unique and effective products for the elimination of halitosis (bad breath) and to maintain good oral health. According to dentists and hygienists, these products help their patients permanently control bad breath. These online portals have made it easy for people to avail the products by just a few clicks of a button. Closys Fresh Breath Oral Spray is a mist that can be used anytime and anywhere to get refreshing breath. According to Closys, the spray has the ability to kill 99% of oral germs that cause bad breath in 10 seconds. The products from Pharmaden are focused on oral health. A double blind study on people who had gum disease using Pharmadens' Periotherapy product for only 30 days showed a significant reduction of plaque (bacteria), bleeding, and pocket depth of the gums. Plaque accumulation, bleeding gums, and a deep pocket depth between the tooth and gum all contribute to awful bad breath.

Studies Revealed That the Results for Hip Implants Are Positive for the Young and Old

Hip pain and disability are often the most common consequences of hip replacement surgery. However, people often resort to hip replacement surgery just to improve their overall condition. For individuals who are thinking about getting the surgery, it may be a great option.

Dutch Study Revealed RA Patients Developed a Brighter Outlook Now Than 20 Years Ago

Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA, is a condition that causes patients to suffer from a wide variety of symptoms. These symptoms are usually responsible for the depression and anxiety that patients normally experience. However, it seems that there are some improvements in the psychological condition of patients in the past decades.

Seahorse Bioscience Labware Adds Low-Profile Assay/Storage/Collection Microplate to Its Standard Catalog

LogoSeahorse Bioscience Labware announces the availability of a low profile 500µl assay/storage/collection microplate. This plate, when paired with 300µl and 400µl filter plates, works well in most vacuum manifolds and positive-pressure filtration devices.

Quakertown, PA Dentist Helps Patients Overcome Sleep Disorders for Better Health

LogoQuakertown, PA Dentist Dr. Gordon Roeder is helping local patients who are struggling with snoring or sleep apnea overcome their sleep disorder so they and those they live with can finally get a healthy night's sleep. It's estimated that more than 22 million Americans currently struggle with sleep apnea, a serious condition that leads to extremely shallow breathing, snoring, and violent gasps for air during sleep. This condition not only affects the health and sleep quality of the patient with the condition, but that of those sleeping near them as well.

Dr. Nadler and Associates Taking New Patients in Need of Spinal Decompression Therapy This June

LogoHaving chronic lower back pain can be unbearable. Also, not only is it painful, but it can limit any individual from going about his or her daily life. To help those with chronic and/or painful back pain find relief, many chiropractors—such as Dr. David Nadler—provide nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy options. Therefore, individuals who would like to find relief from lower back pain via a non-surgical method can turn to Dr. Nadler and Associates. In fact, they are taking new patients in need of spinal decompression therapy this June.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Acquires Jaslow Dental Laboratory, Inc.

LogoCornerstone Dental Labs, a dental lab located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, is excited to announce that they have recently acquired Jaslow Dental Laboratory, Inc. located in Jenkintown, PA. Cornerstone Dental Labs is always looking to grow their business, and there is no denying that they have seen anything but expansion since they also acquired Goodman Dental Lab back in November 2014. Cornerstone Dental Labs is happy to welcome all of Jaslow's employees and looks forward to providing even better services to their own clients and patients, as well as those at Jaslow.

Cornerstone Direct Wholesale Announces Dental Lab Outsourcing Available This June

LogoCornerstone Direct Wholesale is pleased to announce that they are now offering dental lab outsourcing services to dental practices this June. Dental practices looking for a reputable company that has had years of success getting their clients what they need via their China dental lab outsourcing services will not be disappointed with what Cornerstone Direct has to offer. Those who are interested in hearing about the company's dental lab outsourcing available in China can feel free to call the company at 800-363-8981, or get in touch with the company by filling out a contact form on their website.

My Identity Doctors Now Offering Medical ID Bracelets for Safety During Summer Outdoor Activities

The summer season is the perfect time for picnics, barbeques, beach time and various sporting activities. But, too much outdoor activity can cause sunburns and other harmful effects to people of all ages. To create awareness for safety during the summer season, My Identity Doctor is now offering Medical ID bracelets and necklaces. These medical ID jewelry pieces are made of premium stainless steel that easily withstands everyday use.

Portland Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Launches New Responsive Website

Female board certified Oregon plastic surgeon, Dr. Kathleen Waldorf is proud to announce the launch of a new website for her cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery practice in Portland, Oregon. As an expert in the industry and an active member of the community, Dr. Waldorf wished to create a website with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Integrating Holism Within the Contemporary Western Healthcare System

LogoThe American Holistic Nurses Association will be hosting a presentation titled "Integrating Holism within the Contemporary Western Healthcare System: Models and Methods" on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm in Branson, Missouri at its 35th annual conference. This interactive, half-day workshop will enable the holistic nurse attendee to develop the skills needed to effect change, increase awareness and appreciation of the impact of our holistic roots within the western healthcare model. The learning process will include a review of successful case studies and development of a personal action plan to transform holism into practice.

Fox Chase Family Eye Care Adds Cutting-Edge Technology to Bolster Innovation in Practice

LogoFox Chase Family Eye Care, a local Philadelphia optometric practice with a constant focus on enhancing its patient experience has recently undergone a significant upgrade. Replacing the industry-standard devices in the practice, Fox Chase Family Eye Care recently implemented The Marco TRS 5100 in order to provide patients with the most advanced optical technology available. A fully-computerized system, the TRS 5100 automates the process in which Fox Chase determines patients' prescriptions, known as refraction. Marco's TRS 5100 provides a significantly more accurate refracting system than the traditional refractor that is found in the majority of today's optometric offices, which was designed 80 years ago and still remains the standard. This allows for faster, more convenient and accurate prescriptions than can be provided elsewhere.

Anti-Aging Dentistry & Oral Health Issues Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Kourosh Maddahi

LogoAnti-aging dentistry treatment has evolved from the work and observations of leading cosmetic dentist Dr Kourosh Maddahi, both on patients and through working on 'extreme makeover' TV shows where he could see how the results of his cosmetic dentistry work created a great starting point and enhanced results for the plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists. It is also the subject of his Amazon best-selling book.

myNEXUS Announces Their Exhibit in Nashville at Booth 943 at AHIP Institute 2015

myNEXUS, Inc. announces they will be exhibiting at booth 943 at the AHIP conference to be held in Nashville, Tennessee June 3rd-5th, 2015. The myNEXUS team will be available to explain the capitated and delegated benefit management services to attendees of this conference and how it benefits patients, members and health plans. All parties attending the conference should stop by the booth to learn more about myNEXUS, Inc. and how they are uniquely moving healthcare forward with their turn-key solutions for insurance companies.

An Exclusive Natural Chinese Herbal Therapy Treats Interstitial Cystitis Without Unbearable Surgery to Terminate Bladder Pain and Other Complications

LogoAccording to a report released by connection newspapers recently, thirty-year-old Adela Mary, a woman who works on computer and science. After suffering from this disease, she is in pain much of the time, has difficulty sleeping, cannot walk any distance at all; even cannot swim or participate in physical activity– and has to stay at home for a long period of time. "IC is definitely a disease that not only affects you every day, but it Influences your entire life," she said. Her life as she knew it has been disturbingly altered and disappointedly changed.

New Research Showed That Wine Consumption Can Trigger Gout Flares

It has long been known to many people that alcohol consumption, especially when done excessively, can be very unhealthy. However, consumption of even the modest amount of what is known to be a healthy alcoholic beverage is also linked to flares.