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Drug Abuse by Doctors Causes Rise in Medical Malpractice

LogoThere are an estimated 100,000 doctors and nurses in the United States who are suffering from addictions to prescription drugs (U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). This negligence in quality care has increased the risk of medical malpractice for patients. It has resulted in outbreaks of hepatitis infections, serious injury, and wrongful death.

Insight Research, Top Clinical Research Organization, Now Offering Efficacy Test Services

Maintaining their name as one of the leading clinical research organization in the Indian Ocean, Insight Research continues their growth. Clinical studies are being set up in compliance to international and local standards as well as Good Clinical Practice.

3rd Dimension Studios Publishes Video About Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Toronto, Now Serving the US and UK

Hair loss is something that affects as many as two thirds of men during their lifetime, and the effects of male pattern baldness can be punishing to self esteem, confidence and extroversion. As such, many men seek solutions to their hair loss problems, but surgery often feels too radical and more importantly, too expensive. Toronto hair replacement practice 3rd Dimension Studios offers non surgical hair replacement systems to Canada, the US and the UK, and has created a new YouTube video demonstrating the procedure in action.

The Office of Mark C. Marchbanks D.D.S. Relocates to Brand New Building on Matlock Road

Dentistry is one of the most feared health practices for children and adults alike, and finding the right dentist is not just about technical capabilities, but about attitude and atmosphere. People want a friendly and comforting environment, matched with the very best expertise. Mark C. Marchbanks D.D.S is one of the most recommended family dentists in Arlington, and his practice has been so successful he has now transitioned to a new space in a newly constructed building, in order to offer his patients the best service possible in a luxurious new suite.

DentalSave Offers New Dental Insurance Coverage to Cover Oral Crisis in U.S. Health

Currently, a projected 132 million US adults and kids, or one-third of the populace, still lack dental insurance benefits.

Popular Informative Website,, Re-Launches with Mobile-Friendly Design

LogoThe well ranked and popular website,, re-launches with a fresh look and a responsive design. Dr. William Brown, renowned sports hernia specialist, invested in the redesign in order to better provide his patients and site visitors with a viewer-friendly experience.

Sovereign Health of Florida Receives Mental Health License

LogoSovereign Health's Florida facility has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2014. Previously, the Fort Myers center catered to addiction and dual diagnosis through the use of biofeedback and other cognitive testing, as well as comprehensive brain wellness training and other holistic alternatives. Now, Sovereign is happy to announce that the location has recently received its mental health license. Due to this new development, Fort Myers will begin accepting new admissions for its mental health treatment program immediately.

The Life Center Announces the Launch of Energy Genesis - The Next Level of Health Technology

The Life Center, formerly known as Life Vessel of the Rockies, an established leader in Energy, Sound and Light Healing Technologies, today announced the general availability of the brand new Energy Genesis technology. It incorporates a 360 degree resonant chamber that uses sound, light, vibrations and frequencies together in a way to more deeply reinforce the natural healing ability of the human body. The process resets, rebalances and reprograms the cells in the body back to their pure (healthy) energy frequencies, which seems to enhance the body's natural healing ability.

Mint Condition Fitness Now Offering Free Initial Assessments for Personal Training Programs

LogoAs the weather becomes warmer, many individuals want to get in shape for summer activities. Because the body is unique to each individual, customized workout programs can be more effective when it comes to improving health goals. This spring, the personal training company of Philadelphia, Mint Condition Fitness, is offering free initial assessments for personal training programs. An initial assessment is conducted to determine what services the client specifically needs to meet his or her health initiatives. Individuals who want to enhance their body are invited to contact Mint Condition Fitness for a free initial assessment that will formulate a workout program customized to their needs.

Melanoma Awareness: Novel Therapies Are Giving New Hope for Patients with Advanced Melanoma

LogoThe American Academy of Dermatology has designated the month of May as National Melanoma Skin Cancer Prevention Month to raise awareness about skin cancer, increasing the chances of early detection so treatments can be given early. The first Monday in the month is called Melanoma Monday. The goal is to raise awareness about melanoma. Melanoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer in which cells within moles on the skin becoming malignant (cancerous) and can spread rapidly to other areas of the body if left untreated.

Why BODY-ALINE Is Better for Posture & Back Pain Compared to Other Back Posture Solutions

The BODY-ALINE is the world's 1st back strengthening & posture correction exercise machine. It is specifically designed for use in homes, offices, gyms & rehab clinics. It does something that no other posture product and/or back pain cure can do: It strengthens your back & realigns your postural muscles in one simple motion. You only have to use for a few minutes a day and you will stand-up taller & straighter, and feel less pressure in your back each and every time you use it. Here's are some quick comparisons that explain why the BODY-ALINE is far superior to any other back & posture solution on the market:

Sleep Dentist Network for Dental Providers Who Provide Sleep Apnea Oral Appliances and Snoring Devices by American Sleep Association

American Sleep Association (ASA) has announced the launch of the ASA Sleep Dentist Network. The objective of the Sleep Dentist Network is to provide easy access for sleep apnea and snoring patients to treatment options including oral appliances and snoring dental devices. Future goals include direct referral lead system and oral appliance discounts.

The Arthritis Foundation Has Provided Some Guidelines About Flares for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis symptoms make life challenging for those who suffer from the ailment. Although they often resort to measures that can help them manage their pain and discomfort, patients still experience flares.

Research Revealed Some Easy Meditation Options for Pain

Pain is one of the most undesirable consequences of having arthritis. It can make patients suffer emotionally and physically. There are even those who are unable to do their daily routines and go to work because of pain. However, it seems that there are some pain relief techniques that can potentially help those who suffer from arthritis.

American Children's Cancer Association Now Accepting Your Vehicle Donation in Connecticut

LogoAccording to Joe Way, Director of ACCA, "ACCA has also recently expanded into Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We are now accepting car, truck, SUV, plane, real estate and cash donations in every state in the U.S." Features 6 Times Normal Reward Points Through May 2015 is an online organization providing nutritional consulting and natural supplements to a wide variety of clientele throughout the United States. is currently announcing to their client base that they are eligible for up to 6 times the normal reward points when purchasing any of the company's products or nutritional consultations during the month of May. They have a wide variety of products, packages and consultation options to choose between.

Dermatology Ireland Launches New Website to Promote Innovative Skincare Practice in Dublin

Dermatology is the area of medical practice dedicated to caring for the skin. As the largest organ, and the one that shields and protects people from the outside world while at the same time absorbing and processing key nutrients, skin is a versatile but delicate thing which must be taken care of. Sometimes, doing so requires professional help. Dermatology Ireland is a new dermatologists practice in the heart of Dublin, and they have recently launched a website to promote their services to online audiences, as well as demonstrate their expertise through insightful new resources.

Nationwide Health Care Available Online with Online USA Doctors, Now Allowing Patients to Get a Prescription Online

With healthcare costs continually on the rise, Americans are seeking a better way to confer with doctors. As of the last health insurance report, issued in 2012, annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $15,745 yearly, up 4 percent from 2010, with workers on average paying $4,316 toward the cost of their coverage. A single or individual employee's coverage cost $5,615, with the worker on average paying $951 out-of-pocket.

Demand for Lingual Braces Fueling All over the World

People may have been mulling over getting braces, but are usually worried that it'll cramp their look and style. Metal wires and brackets just don't look to go with much of anything! However, dental braces are the best things that assist to straight teeth and minimize the risk of tooth decay as well. People having crooked or uneven teeth, usually cover their mouth every time they laugh or smile as they feel embarrassed.

Hair Transplant in Pakistan by PMDC Registered Doctor

Hair transplantation in Pakistan is turning out to be a big industry. Specialized surgeons and doctors are getting into the field of hair restoration surgery by getting foreign degrees and diplomas. Taking advanced courses in the field of hair restoration surgery from abroad and then utilizing their expertise here in Pakistan is actually a major reason for this industry to flourish.

Rocheford Plastic Surgery Wins Stillwater Gazette's 2015 Reader's Choice Award

Stillwater Gazette recently awarded a 2015 Reader's Choice Award for Best Plastic Surgery Center in the Twin Cities area to Rocheford Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Research Suggests That Pine Bark Is Potentially Helpful for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Pain is one of the most common symptoms of arthritic conditions, and for individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis pain, getting the best treatment to find relief can be really challenging. However, as more and more scientists and healthcare providers are looking for the best remedy, a wide variety of potentially effective treatment options are also getting the attention of researchers.

Studies Revealed the Food Ingredients That Can Cause Inflammation

What people eat can significantly influence their health. This is why many people nowadays are trying to improve their food preferences and eating habits. Avoiding consumption of certain food items can significantly help improve health and reduce one's risk for ailments.

Fish Oil Supplements Believed to Be Helpful Among Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease, which is considered to be the most common kind of arthritis. It results from the wear and tear in the joint cartilage, and it causes symptoms such as stiffness, swelling and pain. However, it seems that there is a natural alternative that can potentially reduce or eliminate the suffering of individuals with osteoarthritis.

Mobile App Available for Leading Multiple Sclerosis Conference for Healthcare Professionals

The 29th Annual Meeting of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) announces that its mobile app, "CMSC Annual Meeting 2015" is now available for attendees to download to make their experience at the event even more productive and rewarding. This leading conference for healthcare professionals and researchers involved in MS clinical care and research will take place May 27-30, 2015 at the JW Marriott and Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.