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New York, New York Community News: Charitable Foundation Founded by Krikor and Hilda Sarkisyan Announce NEW Donation Tab on for Local Donors

LogoDiagnosed with leukemia at age 14, Nataline Sarkisyan had health insurance coverage under the employer coverage of her parents. Physicians informed the family and insurance company, Cigna HealthCare, that patients in similar circumstances have a six-month survival rate of 65% after a liver transplant. The likelihood of success of the recommended procedure was questioned. Dr. John Roberts, chief of the transplant service at UC San Francisco (not the transplant center treating Sarkisyan), stated that his center generally does not accept a patient without a 50% or greater five year survival rate. Please DONATE TODAY to help children with cancer!

Get Head Lice Treatment at Competitive Rates from Advice on Lice

Getting a call from your child's sleep-away summer camp or from school regarding head lice is troublesome for any parent. To take care of the problem quickly, parents can get their child's head lice treated at competitive rates from Advice on Lice. They offer pre-camp screens for $20.00 per head and are extremely reliable, as they perform a thorough screen test for head lice and nits. During the screening process, they section the hair into four parts and meticulously look through each section for any sign of lice or nits. Then, appropriate lice killing shampoo is used to remove the lice from the child's scalp. Parents, who want their child to pass all sleep-away camp lice checks, can count on the head lice treatment provided by Advice on Lice.

Charity Launches Relief Effort for Horses Injured, Traumatized by Earthquake in Nepal

Agency has saved hundreds of equines, continues to offer veterinary services.

UK Residents to Have Healthier Water with Launch of the Hygea Water System

The public hears more and more about how Chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other harmful substances are reported in water supplies. With the launch of Hygea Water Systems, UK residents now have a way to get clean, delicious water, without having to resort to costly mineral water, or systems that constantly need work and new filters.

My IDentity Doctor Offers Medical Bracelets for Travellers

Individuals who travel at frequent intervals need to keep a check on their health, particularly if they are dealing with chronic problems. To make their journeys stress-free, My IDentity Doctor now offers medical bracelets for travelers with chronic diseases. Patients can trust on the quality medical bracelets provided by them, as they use bold black defined print for engravings that is easily readable. These bracelets come in multiple language engravings and are suitable for travelers who are required to visit other countries.

Research Suggests That a Treat-to-Target Strategy Can Potentially Work Well for Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis that affects about 30 percent of individuals with the skin condition, which is characterized by scaly, red and painful rashes. The condition can lead to inflammation, pain and joint damage. Fortunately, there seems to be good news for patients.

A Study Investigates the Efficacy of PT Regimen for Hip Osteoarthritis Patients

Hip osteoarthritis patients often suffer from movement difficulty and pain. Physicians normally prescribe physical therapy to help patients improve their overall condition. However, it seems that this treatment option is gaining the attention of more researchers, especially in terms of its effects on hip osteoarthritis.

Experts Provide New Guidelines for Psoriatic Arthritis Patients

Psoriatic arthritis patients were given the first guidelines that were created to educate doctors about the importance of screening patients with psoriatic arthritis for diseases that usually accompany the disease.

Experts Provide a Buying Guide for Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are widely popular these days, and they are even believed to be one of the most effective natural remedies available on the market. Since there are quite a number of fish oil supplement brands for consumers to choose from, it is imperative to learn exactly how to choose the right product.

Six Pack Factory Expands Their Remit to Help People Develop the Ultimate Biceps with New Workouts

When men think about the ideal body, it always includes a six pack. This most fundamental bodily asset requires considerable muscle development and very low body fat, making it difficult to achieve in a busy modern lifestyle. Six Pack Factory was created to help people overcome the obstacles on the road to perfect abs, and has been hugely successful in that endeavor; so successful that they have expanded their site to include guides to optimizing other parts of the body, including the biceps.

The Healthcare Records Management Experts from InfoStore Records Management to Attend NJHIMA's Annual Meeting

InfoStore Records Management, a member of the 2-20 Family of Companies, would like to announce they will be a proud sponsor of the New Jersey Health Information Management Association's (NJHIMA) annual meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey on June 24-26. Entitled 'Riding High and Staying Focused' leading experts in healthcare will discuss industry innovations, Information Governance, Health Reform, ICD 10 as well as the much anticipated Coding Roundtable. InfoStore, leader in Healthcare Records Management, is proud to both sponsor and exhibit at this event.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Offering Liposuction Procedures This Summer

LogoFor some individuals, eating a healthier diet and exercising may only show a little improvement in their appearance. One way to get rid of excess fat is the cosmetic procedure of liposuction, which removes fat from a particular area of the body. Men and women who want to look and feel good this summer by enhancing their appearance with liposuction can opt for the cosmetic services of Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery. The center specializes in high-quality liposuction procedures that result in the improvement of body contour and proportion. Patients are invited to schedule a free consultation concerning their liposuction procedure with the surgeons of Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery.

A New Diabetes Study Reveals the Heart-Saving Properties of Turmeric

Today, there are many herbs and spices that are used to improve immunity and overall health. One of the most popular therapeutic spices nowadays is called turmeric. This medicinal spice is widely studied, and is used for a wide variety of health purposes.

Legacy Village at Plantation Manor Voted 'Thomasville's Best Senior Living Community'

LogoLegacy Village at Plantation Manor has been recognized as "Thomasville's Best Senior Living Community" in the Times-Enterprise's 2015 Reader's Choice Awards, considered one of the region's highest honors.

Open Doors Nutrition Launches a Truly 100 Percent Gluten Free Probiotic Supplement

Open Doors Nutrition launches a truly 100 percent gluten free probiotic supplement for individuals struggling with a gluten intolerance. Individuals with celiac disease cannot consume anything with gluten, yet find many products claiming to lack this substance actually contain gluten. The Gluten Free Probiotic Supplement offered through Open Doors Nutrition has undergone testing to ensure that it is not only gluten free, but dairy free and vegetarian also.

Researchers Investigate the Potentially Good Side Effects of Taking RA Drugs

RA drugs are proven to be very helpful among patients, especially those who are suffering from unbearable pain. Albeit taking pain relief drugs has been associated with adverse effects, there seems to be more good news for sufferers. Unveils All the Truth About Diabetes is a new online resource that helps all people suffering from diabetes of different types be aware of the nature, symptoms and ways of treatment the disease. What they try to convey is that diabetes is not a verdict – this is a problem that will not seriously affect a patient's life if a person realizes what exactly happens in the organism that is affected by the disease. The website was created with the only purpose in mind – to help people understand the complexity of the help problem they have and get control of the situation.

A Study Suggests That Milk Consumption Could Potentially Slow Osteoarthritis

Milk consumption has long been associated with a wide variety of health benefits for individuals who suffer from medical conditions associated with calcium deficiency. However, it seems the beverage is also beneficial for osteoarthritis patients.

The Arthritis Foundation Provides Information About Sugary Sodas and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sugary sodas are one of the most popular beverages in the world. However, consumption of it is also associated with the development of a wide variety of medical conditions.

Probiotics Can Prevent Eczema in Babies

A recent study has revealed that pregnant mothers who take 'good bacteria' in the form of probiotics or who feed it to their infant children, reduce the likelihood of their children getting the skin condition, eczema. Eczema is noted by the presence of itchy, inflamed and often red, skin. But recent research has also found that 10% of those who suffer from eczema have typically higher rates of obesity and increased likelihood to smoke. These figures in turn, enhance the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention, many children see impacts to their identity and self-esteem because the onset of eczema most often emerges throughout childhood.

Hook the Cure 'Reels In' More Than $3 (USD) Million

The Tenth Annual Hook the Cure powered by IOTEC will return to Puerto Vallarta on November 5, 2015. The four-day catch-and-release offshore tournament, an official event of the Redbone Celebrity Series, will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Stop Farting Reports Probiotics May Help to Reduce Flatulence

According to Munday Web, men pass gas 17 times daily and women nine times, on average. Certain individuals, however, find this to be a constant problem and one they wish to do something about, not simply to reduce the number of farts they release, but also to minimize the pain of gas associated with this condition. Individuals in this situation may wish to turn to probiotics for gas pain to obtain the desired relief.

Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates Are Dedicated to Non-Surgical Cosmetic Options

LogoCosmetic Surgery Affiliates offers a wide variety of non-surgical options for those who are not completely satisfied with their looks and want to make some sort of change. Injectable fillers, such as Botox and Juvederm, have become extremely popular with those who want to look younger by getting rid of the wrinkles and sagging skin on their faces. Those who are interested in looking years younger will find that there are plenty of non-invasive options that come with minimal risk and plenty of benefits.

New Monetary Systems Intl. Launches Website Offering Quality Natural Health Products

LogoLeona Malmquist is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, The website offers a wide range of holistic and herbal remedies as well as natural preventative products and new breakthroughs in longevity. Malmquist was inspired to start her website by her own love of natural health. She is now finishing her doctorate in natural medicine and understands the benefits of preventative health and natural healing through the use of herbs and other natural remedies. She wanted to provide customers with information about different options for their healthcare outside of the standard medications that might have a lot of side effects.

Carolina Holistic Health LLC the First Choice for Complete Wellness

LogoChristina LeBoeuf, a licensed health care practitioner, opened Carolina Holistic Health LLC in Greenville, SC, in October 2014. The clinic offers safe, effective and chemical free traditional and modern therapies to promote the body's innate self-healing abilities.