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CareMax Is Providing Approved Devices for Pain Relief, Respiratory Care, and Personal Care Needs Online

LogoCareMax is a company that was established out of a family's endeavors to find pain relief devices for their loved ones who were suffering from chronic pain. The search to find modernized devices locally proved futile, and they were necessitated to make expensive imports. This consequently became the inspiration for the establishment of CareMax to address the needs of similar individuals across Australia. Years later, the company continues to grow in popularity and in the diverse inventory of technology-driven devices that they offer.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Booking Consultations with Patients Interested in Mommy Makeovers in the New Year

LogoPregnancy and childbirth can make permanent changes to a woman's physical appearance. For some, this can impact their confidence and leave them feeling depressed and unfulfilled. As a leading provider of mommy makeovers near Princetown, NJ, the expert team at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery is currently booking consultations for mommy makeovers in the new year.

No More Phone Tag Is Providing Medical Telephone Answering Services

LogoNo More Phone Tag is an innovative firm that has fostered a reputation for itself in the call answering world, particularly catering to the needs of medical professionals. Brought to life by an industry enthusiast, the company has, for decades, embarked on delivering affordable, reliable, and customized call answering solutions to its clients in the US and beyond. Today, the firm boasts of making the society a better place, as they have helped many medical practices achieve efficiency in their operations, which has led to the enhanced healthy of the community. No More Phone Tags works with clients of all sizes and is always ready to address any concerns that their clients might have.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Is Offering Spruce Grove Dental Services

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics has brought together a team of seasoned dentists and orthodontists who are united in the goal of providing modern and satisfactory services to the locals. For the professionals, dental health is a vital part of the overall wellbeing of anyone, and they have equally ensured all patients have affordable packages. Garden Dental & Orthodontics has achieved this by strictly following the Alberta dental guide that has significantly reduced the fees for virtually all services.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Is Offering Tooth Implant and Teeth Removal Services

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics is a renowned dental and orthodontics clinic that has been associated with the provision of an extensive range of dental and orthodontic services to their clients in the Spruce Grove region and its surroundings. Pioneered by industry professionals (Dr. Suzanne Cziraki and Dr. Peter Ahpin), the center caters to a broad range of client requirements, including general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry which they personalize to suit different client requirements. Garden Dental & Orthodontics further utilizes the latest equipment in providing these dental solutions and can be relied upon to deliver excellent care when one visits them.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Providing Emergency and General Dentistry Services in Spruce Grove

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics is a dental clinic that is out on a mission to ensure that all the residents of Spruce Grove and its environs have access to quality backed dental care. The driving objective of the practice has been to offer these world-class services at the most affordable rates to ensure that excellent oral health is not a privilege but an essential requirement. Garden Dental & Orthodontics has further gone the extra mile to offer their patients with on-the-spot financing solutions with flexible payment terms.

Beurer and Jinghao Medical Plan Investment in New Hearing Aid Factory in China

LogoBeurer plans to invest in the establishment of a new hearing aid factory in China covering an area of 20,000 square meters. One million new hearing aids can be produced each year. Burer is also expanding significantly in the world's largest medical device market.

Start the New Year with a New Way to Search for Travel Nursing Jobs

LogoElite Specialty Staffing has set out on a mission to revolutionize the way that nurses search and apply for jobs online. Imagine, an app that allows nurses to perform every single step of the process to submit their application for per diem nursing shifts or travel nursing jobs from the palm of their hand.

Train Healthcare Is Offering Healthcare Courses Online 

LogoTrain Healthcare is one of the most sought-after institutions in the UK. For many years, the company has been helping individuals to access quality backed and reliable healthcare training services. The institution has specialized in the provision of certified and accredited face-to-face and e-learning courses for all healthcare providers. The online courses provided by the company covers a range of topics that relate to safeguarding adults. Institutions such as CPD and GSA have certified and approved the courses offered by the institution to meet the set industrial guidelines. Therefore, individuals in the healthcare industry can rely on the quality of their services. 

Facelift Surgery in Long Island Sees an Increase in Demand with Advancements in Procedures

LogoIn the most recent data for 2018, facelift surgery and associated procedures saw in increase in demand, especially in locations further away from metropolitan areas such as Long Island NY. Overall, the increase in the number of surgeries has led to nearly 10,000 more surgeries performed for the face in 2018 over 2017. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has yet to release data for 2019 however it is expected for the trend to continue as residents of more rural areas compete with those in metropolitan areas.

Studies of Successful Bariatric Procedures in New York City Detail Advancements in Metabolic Surgery

LogoIn the most recent data available from Obesity Week 2018, there were 228,000 metabolic weight loss surgeries and procedures performed in the United States in 2017. Most of these were performed in the North East and other states that rank in the upper half of all state economies.

The Demand for Liposuction Increases in Queens with Advancements and Successful Procedures

LogoAccording to the most recent data provided by the 2018 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report there were 1,811,740 plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures performed in 2018, which is one percent greater than numbers from 2017 or approximately 20,000 more surgeries. 2017 numbers were 1,790,832 procedures which was one percent greater than numbers from 2016 or approximately 10,000 more surgeries.

Rad Glasses Offers X-Ray Safety Glasses with a 30-Day Return Policy

LogoRad Glasses offers a wide collection of X-Ray safety glasses with a 30-day return policy for complete customer satisfaction. This 30-day return policy is applicable only to non-prescription glasses. However, users don't need to worry at all, along with return/exchange policy, the store also provides a 30-day warranty for all its glasses frames and lenses. Under the 30-day return policy, the x-ray protective glasses are exchanged only after they are returned and received, and thoroughly inspected by the store's quality experts if they are in "re-sellable condition".

Right Medical Billing Provides Medical Credentialing, Coding, and Billing Services

LogoRight Medical Billing has proven themselves to be a trusted partner for all medical professionals and treatment centers that want to improve on their bottom line by having professionals take care of their revenue cycles. The financial experts have spent years understanding the healthcare sector and demands of the highly regulated industry, a feat that enables them to cater to all requirements. Right Medical Billing today handles a full-line of medical coding and billing services which are in line with the latest rules in the continuously advancing niche segment.

Nagler Foot Center Offering Foot Treatment Solutions in Houston

Nagler Foot Center is in the wellness business, where they focus on the treatment of foot ailments. Based out of Houston, this foot center has become the go-to destination for individuals looking to get reliable, professional, and affordable treatment solutions. This wellness center covers a whole range of foot problems such as a bunion, arthritis pain, ankle problems, hammertoe issues, and much more. To ensure the best care, Nagler Foot Center Houston carries with it a team of well-experienced podiatrists who are passionate about what they do. These medical practitioners utilize the latest treatment equipment and approaches in all their services, and can always be trusted to deliver excellent results.

Now Supporting West Texas: Heart to Heart Hospice Expands Hospice Care Services to the Permian Basin

LogoTo continue to serve the great state of Texas, Heart to Heart Hospice has added the Midland-Odessa region to its service area

6 Awesome Things About Travel Nursing During the Holidays

LogoOne might consider taking a travel nursing assignment during the holidays here is a great article on why.

Intermountain Moroni Clinic Receives National Award for Helping Patients Lower Their High Blood Pressure

LogoIntermountain Moroni Clinic is one of 17 clinics nationwide – and the only clinic in Utah and four western states – to be recognized for their efforts to help a large percentage of their patients effectively control their high blood pressure.

Leading Indian Hospital Artemis Crosses 100 HSCT for MS Treatment Milestone

LogoHematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) is an increasingly popular Multiple Sclerosis treatment. Indian hospital Artemis is providing these treatments from leading professionals at affordable prices.

Bundles of Joy Wrapped in Holiday Stockings at Intermountain Medical Center

LogoBabies born around the holidays at Intermountain Medical Center are going home wrapped in hand sewn stockings thanks to an extra special delivery from hospital volunteers.

KWC Dental Group Offering Dental Solutions in Waterloo

LogoKWC Dental Group is a professional dental clinic that focuses on providing top-notch dental services for patients in the Waterloo area. Founded by a team of passionate dental practitioners, the practice has grown to become the go-to destination for individuals looking to get the best dental care. KWC Dental Group has since its inception been known to offer a variety of dental services including cosmetic dentistry, general & family dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, oral surgery & sedation, sleep apnea, and implants, among others. To provide exceptional services, they've adopted the use of modern dental equipment and approaches, allowing them to deliver great results on every treatment they provide.

10% off Must-Have Hydroponics Supplies at Green Spirit Hydroponics

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK's favourite hydroponics supplier, are now offering their customers 10% off many of their must-have winter hydroponics supplies, ensuring that their customers and clients can make the most out of their growing set-ups this winter.

Leading Indian Hospital Artemis Crosses 100 HSCT for MS Treatment Milestone

LogoHematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) is an increasingly popular Multiple Sclerosis treatment. Indian hospital Artemis is providing these treatments from leading professionals at affordable prices.

Intermountain Healthcare CEO Again Named to List of 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare

LogoFor the third consecutive year, Modern Healthcare magazine has named Intermountain Healthcare president and CEO Marc Harrison, MD, to its list of 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare.

Clear Advantage Orthodontics Is Offering Orthodontic Services

LogoClear Advantage Orthodontics is a well-established orthodontics center that seeks to provide the best care as it pertains to orthodontics and dental needs. Led by a team of experienced practitioners, the orthodontics clinic covers a whole range of orthodontic requirements, where they personalize their services to meet the specific needs of a particular patient. Consequently, Clear Advantage Orthodontics has invested in modern treatment equipment and approach, which enable them to provide accurate, fast, and professional orthodontic treatment services. They handle every case that comes their way with utmost care, and can always be relied upon to deliver unmatched results at all times.