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Griswold Home Care Participates in Walk to End Alzheimer's During World Alzheimer's Month

Griswold Home Care had the pleasure of participating in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer's campaign this month. As one of the worlds largest events, the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's® aims to build awareness and funds to support Alzheimer's care, support, and research. Each year, over 600 communities participate in this powerful gathering of family members, friends, supporters, and donors of all ages.

Griswold Home Care Continues to Build Strong Relationships with Clients

It is natural for some seniors who receive in-home or live-in care in Burlington, VT, and the rest of The Champlain Valley to feel apprehensive about having a caregiver in their home. For family members, a caregiver could be a reminder of the changes in their loved one, and for seniors, in-home care can be a reminder of the things they can no longer do. The professional caregivers at Griswold Home Care value seniors and their loved ones and want nothing more than to aid them in this transition.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic Offering Effective Homoeopathic Treatment for Kidney Failure and Cancer

LogoDr. Devendra Singh, a renowned homoeopathic physician, established Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic in the year 1979. With his profound experience and classical homoeopathic approach, he specializes in providing effective treatment for kidney failure and cancer. After serving all alone for a long time, he brought on board other sincere physicians, including Dr. Dipendra Singh, Dr. Dipanjali Singh and Dr. Dipika Singh. The highly trained and seasoned physicians in the clinic are committed to providing quality backed care, comfort and appropriate treatments to patients. Doing so, they all strive to take Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic to new heights.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Is Providing Tooth Extraction and General Dentistry Services in Spruce Grove

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics is a family dental clinic that is strategically located at McLeod Ave & King St across Columbus Park, making it easily accessible to everyone in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The team of dental care professionals headed by Dr. Suzanne Cziraki, Dr. Dorota Szula, and Dr. Tim Barter are passionate about their duties and are ever at hand to listen and offer the best solutions. Besides having seasoned dentists on-board, Garden Dental & Orthodontics has managed to stand out in the industry through their affordable pricing as they seek to make quality backed dental care, a basic necessity for everyone.

Garden Dental & Orthodontics Offering Orthodontic and Dental Services in Spruce Grove

LogoGarden Dental & Orthodontics has been at the forefront of providing excellent dental and orthodontic care solutions - areas that have seen them achieve a high rating from clients. The family dental office focuses on providing industry-certified solutions, which play an integral role in the day-to-day life of an individual. They cover everything to do with dental services, including comprehensive treatment, bridges, crowns, porcelain veneers, teeth bonding, braces, and much more. These services are further fortified by the dental office's ability to provide top-notch customer care services. Building personal relationships is at the center of all their services, rendering them a caring dental office to partner with.

No More Phone Tag Providing the Best Call Answering Services to Healthcare Facilities in the US

LogoNo More Phone Tag is contributing to the progress of doctors and healthcare practices with state-of-the-art call answering services. No More Phone Tag is a small yet organized operation powered by friendly and knowledgeable call handlers and cutting-edge technology. The blend allows the delivery of HIPAA compliant services, customized to any on-call schedule, requirement, or budget. Plus, real-time changes can be implemented and multiple doctors supported as per the need. When the patient interface is ensured efficiently 24/7/365, the clients can stay competitive and portray themselves as the best at what they do.

All Eye Care Doctors Offering Effective Treatments for Keratoconus

At All Eye Care Doctors, skilled optometrists and opticians use their years of experience to provide the best possible solutions to patients who struggle with vision troubles. Their eye doctors provide pink eye treatments near Cambridge, MA, and Medford, MA, situated near Porter Square in Cambridge and Davis Square, and Assembly Row in Somerville. Additionally, they offer keratoconus treatments and more to their valued patients. With state-of-the-art equipment, skilled doctors, and an interest in bettering their local community, it's hard to match the business model that drives All Eye Care Doctors.

All Eye Care Doctors Breaks Down the Dangers of Wearing Contact Lenses to Bed

The expert optometrists at All Eye Care Doctors are no strangers to the dangers of forgetting to remove contact lenses before bedtime. People with prescription eyewear in Cambridge, MA ought to be equally as aware, because they could be putting themselves at risk of developing serious eye issues. That's why All Eye Care Doctors recently updated their blog to warn readers of the consequences they could suffer when they go to sleep without removing their contact lenses.

Wrinklesaway Is Booking New Clients This Fall

Anyone who is ready to start his or her journey to healthy, beautiful skin is in luck. Wrinklesaway by Mindy is booking new clients for the fall season. This one of a kind medical spa specializes in creating personalized skincare routines for all its clients. The company's aesthetic procedures are designed to reinvigorate and rejuvenate, leaving clients feeling satisfied and confident.

Intermountain Healthcare Launches Initiative and Resources to Increase Utah's Low Mammography Screening Rates to Save More Lives

LogoMammogram screenings are an important part of finding and treating breast cancer, and Intermountain Healthcare is making a new push to increase mammogram screenings just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

KP Aesthetics Offering Revitalizing IV Vitamin Injection Therapy Sessions for Both Men and Women

Vitamin deficiency is an issue running rampant in the United States and is linked to a long list of personal, emotional, and physical maladies among Americans. Fortunately, with the IV vitamin injection therapy at KP Aesthetics, insufficient vitamin-absorption is much less of a concern. As a leader in freezing body fat in Chester County, PA, KP Aesthetics helps their patients look better. And, with the rejuvenating symptoms of KP IV injections, patients can also feel better.

No More Phone Tag Is the Best Bet for Efficient and Affordable Medical Call Answering Service

LogoNo More Phone Tag is not just helping doctors, healthcare practices and property management firms to get the better of phone answering services but also enabling them to stay competitive and flaunt a professional image. Founded by Walter Lundstrom, No More Phone Tag provides HIPAA compliant, streamlined, customized, and cost-effective call answering services on a pan-USA basis through experienced and trained call handlers. The call answering service leverages on cutting edge technology to have a full back up of any incumbent system or replace the system if required. A collaborative approach is followed when tailoring solutions for each practice or professional.

Medicare Fraud a Concern in Many States, Including South Carolina

Medicare has become a popular place for scammers and fraud artists. The latest scheme offers free DNA testing through a target's health insurance.

Transtek Announces the Single-Lead ECG Wristband Officially Passes CFDA Certification

LogoTranstek is excited to announce that a watch-type single-lead electrocardiogram ("ECG") wristband developed by Guangdong Transtek Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300562) officially received China Food and Drug Administration ("CFDA") certification. It was reported that this product is the first ECG monitoring smartwatch in China to be awarded CFDA certification.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Booking Patients in Need of Radial Shock Therapy Services This Fall Season

LogoChronic pain can take a serious toll on anyone's quality of life. After an accident or a sports' injury, everyday activities like taking a shower, going to work, and doing household chores can be excruciatingly painful. Even worse, most doctors simply recommend that men and women living with chronic pain dull their senses with medication. However, there's finally a non-surgical treatment for those suffering from chronic pain — radial shock wave therapy from Dr. David W. Nadler.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Cautions Consumers About Dangerous Dietary Supplements Ingredients

Big Daddy's Nutrition has recently warned consumers about some harmful ingredients that can be found in dietary and performance supplements. The team at Big Daddy's Nutrition is composed of nutritionists, dieticians, and personal training experts. They stock a wide range of fitness and diet supplements in Chester County, all of which are made with premium ingredients and contain no harmful additives or toxic chemicals.

New Billboard at Intermountain Bear River Hospital Is Supporting Suicide Prevention and Awareness

LogoSeptember is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month — and at Intermountain Healthcare's Bear River Hospital in Tremonton, Utah, leaders and community partners are drawing attention to the issue of suicide in a unique way. Administrator Brandon Vonk recently joined with local suicide awareness and prevention advocates to unveil a new electronic billboard outside the entrance of the hospital that's designed to provide inspiring messages.

Rapha Dental Centre Is Offering Tailor-Made Dental Treatment Plans for the Entire Family

LogoRapha Dental Centre is a family dental office that has been committed to providing professional and friendly services to families in Prince George that want to take charge of their oral health. Rapha Dental Centre, as such, is the go-to office for availing a full range of services from general to cosmetic dentistry that is handled in a caring and comfortable environment.

Olive Fertility Centre Nurse Receives Prestigious Award for LGBTQ+ Care

LogoThis award seeks to acknowledge and commemorate Carole's passion for, and contribution to, patients with infertility. Wendy is "the recipient of this prestigious award for having advanced care for LBGTQ+ and single women in British Columbia, developed and improved the clinical practice of donor sperm access, safety, tracking and use, and because of her expertise in third-party ART."

Protect Cellular DNA from Ultraviolet-Induced Damage with the Green Tea Extract in Sunsafe Rx

LogoSummer is a fun time to spend outdoors. You can take an outing to a pool or park with family and friends, play sports, or simply enjoy the warmth of the sun. However, the sun's ultraviolet rays do a significant amount of damage to your skin. This damage adds up over time and shows itself as wrinkles, sun spots, and the aging of your skin.

Right Medical Billing Specializes in Offering Medical Billing and Coding Services

LogoQuality backed and highly reliable patient care are something that every medical care facility in the healthcare industry is expected to offer. Besides doing this, all these facilities are required to accomplish a wide assortment of non-clinical tasks on a day-to-day basis. They are supposed to perform all the tasks with perfection, which demands a good deal of time and efforts. Being already tied up with providing unmatched patient care; many healthcare practices find managing non-clinical tasks with precision difficult. Therefore, they often decide to outsource such tasks to reliable service providers, such as the Right Medical Billing.

Health Zen Meditation Programs Will Be Held at Amsterdam, NY from Sept. to Nov.

To resolve the health crisis and help realize the Guang Huan Mi Zong mission of Human Health, World Peace and Religious Harmony, a series of the Great Perfection Esoteric Zen Dharma programs, founded by the exalted Holy Master Ziguang Shang Shi, will be offered to those in need.

Olive Fertility Centre Demonstrates Committment to Fertility Research at the 2019 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Annual Meeting

LogoOlive Fertility Centre is proud to announce that Olive staff will be presenting posters on a range of research topics at the September 2019 Canadian Fertility and Andrology Annual Meeting in Ottawa. The Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society is Canada's national organization of professionals dealing with reproductive medicine and science.

'Be the Match' Donor Sign-Up Celebrates Primary Children's Life-Saving Bone Marrow Transplant Program's 25th Anniversary

LogoOne of the first pediatric patients to receive a bone marrow transplant at Intermountain Primary Children's Hospital returned to help caregivers celebrate a medical milestone -– 25 years of providing life-saving bone marrow transplants to children with cancer.

Florida Healthcare Law Firm Helps Curb Potential Risks by Providing Excellent Healthcare Compliance and Regulatory Services

Florida Healthcare Law Firm, a leading healthcare compliance and regulatory services company, is based out of Delray Beach in Florida. With an extensive combined experience panning over 150 years, the lawyers at the agency are solely involved in guiding healthcare businesses and medical professionals in dealing with nuances of the business, in compliance with the state and federal laws.