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MANTACC Introduces the Best Flocked Swabs for Sample Collection and Release

LogoInnovative Miraclean Technology Co.,Ltd. has launched its Mantacc series of medical-grade flocked swab that make a difference both in specimens collection, storage and transportation in fields of medical health care and analytic science.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Ready to the Meet High Demand During the Busy 2018 Holiday Season

LogoCornerstone Dental Labs, one of the leading dental laboratories on the East Coast, is pleased to announce it is prepared to meet the high demand of dental product requests for the 2018 holiday season. Whenever dentists across the country need dental products created such as implants, crowns, and removables, they can turn to Cornerstone Dental Labs. Each holiday season, there is a high demand for dental products as patients look to upgrade their smiles before the festivities with friends and family begin. Because of this, dentist offices can rest assured that the dental products they need will be delivered on time when they rely on Cornerstone Dental Labs.

Hudson Regional Hospital Offers Many Successful Outreach Programs

As we come to the end of the calendar year, Hudson Regional Hospital (HRH) started looking back at what was accomplished this year, 2018, in their mission to build a healthier community, especially with community outreach to the general public and healthcare professionals.

Access Elevators Supplies Quality Stair Lifts in Rochester and Pittsburgh

LogoMobility difficulty is a common impediment to many elderlies and disabled who often find it difficult to cope with the condition. Access Elevators & Stairlifts is a reliable company offering a wide range of stairlifts and other mobility equipment.

Accesss Elevators Helps People with Quality Stair Lifts in Rochester and Pittsburgh

LogoStairs can be considered for more dangerous for elderlies and disabled people. Pregnant women are also advised not to climb stairs during this time. With all the struggle and hard work required to climb, elderlies may find it difficult to move between floors and perform their tasks. Considering this, Access Elevators and Stairlifts brings in a range of stair and chair lifts to keep them secure at home.

Family Members Can Increase Home Mobility This Winter with Mobility123

LogoAs family members start to get up there in age, getting around the home can turn into a more difficult task than it once was. Completing everyday tasks can feel like chores for senior citizens in the family. Mobility123, the top choice for the installation of stair lifts in Philadelphia, is proud to give the gift of mobility to family members all across the Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.

101 Mobility Helps Men and Women Living with Disabilities Regain Their Independence

Living with a disability can be frustrating, depressing, and dehumanizing—especially if the man or women living with a disability has trouble navigating his or her own home. 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia is proud to help members of the community stay safer in their homes and regain their sense of independence through the installation of home elevators and residential wheelchair lifts in Camden County, PA.

LogiTag Medical Wins Tender for Secured Medication Management System

LogoLaunched only six months ago, the new secured medication management system is the only solution in the market that ensures a secured full reconciliation of drug administration regulations, while achieving efficient monitoring over staff and inventory. It is a simple and user-friendly application for both physician and pharmacy employee.

Farole Cosmetic Facial Surgery Center Is Hosting an Exclusive Client-Appreciation Event This December

On Thursday December 6th, 2018, Farole Cosmetic Facial Surgery Center extends an invitation to enjoy an evening of refreshments, exclusive client deals, and super secret savings -to be announced at the event. Botox treatments will also be available at the event with extremely discounted rates. Festivities will be held from 5pm-8pm and shouldn't be missed.

Fiorentini Dentistry Helps Make 'Smiles for Our Heroes' a Growing Success

LogoOn November 3rd, Fiorentini Family Dentistry became part of a new tradition to help brighten and whiten the holiday season for veterans and their families. Dr. Fiorentini and Dr. Chris spent the day at Zufall Community Health Center for the second annual Smiles for our Heroes event, providing free dental care in New Jersey to military families in the local area.

Wondfo and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Joined Hands Against Malaria

LogoThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found their firm ally against malaria. Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co., Ltd, a leading developer and manufacturer of biological technology products, has reached an agreement with the Foundation regarding solutions for a rapid diagnostic test for malaria. Both parties signed an agreement on future cooperation in the headquarter office of Wondfo.

Introducing "Zealie Check", an Electronic Verification of Benefits (VOB) Cloud Based Software for the Behavioral Health Industry

LogoZealie, a provider of advanced revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services for the Behavioral Health industry today announced "Zealie Check", a cloud based electronic Verification of Benefits (eVOB) product that allows providers to admit patients quickly by submitting basic patient information electronically and getting verification results back in a matter of seconds.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Nerve Block Treatment to Patients with Chronic Pain Conditions

LogoMany patients who have suffered from chronic pain conditions for long periods of time often wonder if they will ever be able to find relief for their discomfort. As the most dedicated pain management team in Indiana, the neurologists at Midwest Neurology Associates take pride in using the latest and greatest medical techniques to help their patients eliminate pain at its source. In fact, one of the procedures the team at Midwest Neurology Associates uses to combat chronic pain conditions is a nerve block treatment.

Chinese Medicine Association Reveals Modified Ancient Formula Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill Heals Male Genitourinary Diseases Which Cannot Be Cured by Antibiotics

LogoFor a long time, for all kinds of chronic prostatitis, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, cystitis, orchitis, etc., most of the doctors only prescribe antibiotics. However antibiotics produce drug resistance, so it won't work substainably after a certain period of time, especially for Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatitis, which is not caused by bacteria itself. Due to the structure and pathological changes of the prostate gland, the efficacy of antibiotics cannot reach, sometimes the unproper use of antibiotics will even aggravate inflammations on the prostate.

Innovest Global Signs Top Ohio Hospital to Four-Year Contract

LogoInnovest Global Inc. (OTCMarkets:IVST) (the "Company" or "Innovest"), a conglomerate with operations in commercial and industrial products and services, biotechnology, and construction & building materials, is excited to announce that Chagrin Safety Supply (CSS), an Innovest Global Company, just closed a four-year contract extension providing safety supplies to the University Hospital and Case Medical Center administration buildings in Cleveland, Ohio. This contract will further boost revenue for Innovest's Commercial & Industrial Division and creates a stepping stone for additional business in 2019. CSS revenue for 2018 exceeds 2017 revenue, and has benefited from larger contracts, including the recently announced six-figure order of HAZMAT boots delivered to the United States Navy.

Los Angeles Urgent Care Specialists, Vermont Urgent Care Recognized as Top in Their Field

LogoOur Los Angeles urgent care specialist team, Vermont Urgent Care has recently been recognized as top-level providers of urgent care in Los Angeles. Our Los Angeles urgent care team is pleased to be recognized and plan on continuing our top-level service going forward. Our team is dedicated to continuing our excellent service and is committed to our patients. At Vermont Urgent Care, we realize the importance of providing their exceptional service to their community.

Diamond Herpanacine of PA Offers Natural Skin Supplements to Promote Healthy Skin Throughout the Winter

For nearly 30 years, Diamond Herpanacine of PA has been offering a selection of supplements that promote healthy living, based on the formulas of Dr. Wayne Diamond, a pioneer of alternative medicine and natural remedies. From anti-aging and anti-stress supplements to supplements for clear skin for sale online, Diamond Herpanacine of PA is the go-to provider for customers around the world for a variety of natural supplements.

Spinal Vitality to Continue Offering Its Popular 20-Minute Free Consultation Service

Spinal Vitality reveals that it will continue to offer its 20-minute free consultation service for patients who are looking for an opinion about the conditions that they are dealing with. The clinic says that since the program launched it has been quite popular and it has played a key role in spreading awareness over a number of wellness issues among patients. The consultation program has also made it possible for patients to access professional medical advice without paying anything.

Canadian Non-Profit Aims to Stop the Silence on Stomach Cancer

LogoStomach cancer kills, it kills mercilessly, it kills young and old, it kills men and women. Yet there is very little awareness about this orphan cancer.

NAC's Mobile App Makes It Easier to Get Fit, from Anywhere

In this highly digital age, it's easier than ever to get your fitness in from anywhere!

Haven House: A Shelter from the Woolsey Fire Devastation

LogoAs the undisputed leader of addiction treatment niche in Southern California, Haven House is dedicated to sheltering the substance abuse clients that were displaced by the Woolsey Fire.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad Helps Patient Lose 38 Kilograms of Weight

It is no secret that obesity is a major problem. There are countless studies continually being published about the negative effects of living a life of obesity. Many who suffer from obesity would like to have surgery, but the costs are astronomical and not covered under most insurance plans. Many choose gastric bypass abroad because of the price.

Study Reveals Patients Choose Gastric Surgery Abroad as the Most Effective Weight Loss Surgery Option

Weight loss is a very important health issue facing virtually everyone in the world today. Many struggle to lose weight and wish to turn to surgery. Sadly, insurance plans will not cover these procedures. As a solution, many people go abroad for weight loss surgery. The number one reason people choose weight loss surgery abroad is cost.

Max Muscle Provides Supplements to Combat Stress and Overeating This Holiday Season

As the trusted provider of nutritional supplements and consulting, Max Muscle Nutrition understands the negative effects that stress, anxiety, and overeating during the holiday season can have on a person. Now, the sports nutrition store in Chester County, PA, is offering information and supplements to safeguard and protect their customers' bodies and minds for the rigors of the upcoming holidays.

Caremax Offering the Hitachi Magic Wand at Reasonable Prices

Physically located in Melbourne, CareMax is a reputable company dedicated to providing the best designed and high-performance healthcare products. It is on a mission to fulfil the diverse requirements of Australian customers with a wide range of products that fully comply with state-of-the-art technologies. Being a customer oriented enterprise; customer satisfaction has been and will always be a top priority for CareMax. For the same, it ensures selecting only quality approved products with a capability to address varied healthcare demands of people.