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PA Vascular Institute Uses State-of-the-Art Atherectomy Devices when Treating Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease

The PA Vascular Institute is pleased to announce that any patient in search of peripheral artery disease treatment in Philadelphia can enjoy state-of-the-art medical equipment and innovative techniques from an elite staff of medical professionals. From diagnosis to treatment and then recovery, the staff at the PA Vascular Institute is there every step of the way making sure the patient is well-informed and comfortable during this stressful time.

Join Solve.Care on Telegram to Claim Tokens in Their Airdrop

Solve.Care invites the global community to participate in their Airdrop of CAN tokens. The Airdrop campaign rewards participants for joining and exploring the company's simplified, decentralized approach to healthcare. Using blockchain technology, Solve.Care provides solutions for many problems associated with the current healthcare system. Solve.Care identifies coordination, administration, and payment as trouble zones in healthcare and aims to improve the healthcare process for all parties involved. Participants in the Airdrop each receive 100 CAN tokens by visiting Solve.Care and setting up a wallet. The Airdrop ends March 30, 2018. Participation in the Airdrop is open to everyone except for US entities.

DS Healing Arts Announces Two New Flower Essence Therapy Healing Courses in California

Based in Santa Cruz, DS Healing Arts is a coaching and healing company that has just announced two exciting new courses being held in Santa Cruz and Berkeley. Both courses teach the healing powers of flower energetics and the therapeutic process to restore balance to life for yourself and in your work with others. By utilizing the healing energies that lie within flower and plant extracts, Dina teaches how students can relieve stress, reduce fatigue, and cope with fears. Details for both courses are as follows:

McAllister Dentistry's Comfortable Environment Alleviates Dental Anxiety and Dental Fear

McAllister Dentistry, the premier dental clinic located in Ottawa Ontario is now offering a comprehensive list of General Family Dentistry services all under one roof through state-of-the-art technology and techniques. Dr. McAllister and her team offer dental care services to patients –both young and old, as the most accomplished dentist serving the Ottawa region, Dr. McAllistor provides friendly, knowledgeable and professional dental care services.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Abroad - Study Reveals Why Women Go Abroad for Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery abroad is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to enhancing the breast size and shape. The reconstructive procedure involves the placement of silicone or saline breast implants for aesthetic purposes.

Why Patients Choose Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad: The Advantages Outweigh the Risks

Gastric bypass surgery involves making the stomach smaller by dividing it into a small upper pouch and larger lower pouch then connecting the small intestine into a hole in the smaller pouch. Many people go abroad for gastric bypass surgery as a weight-loss option nowadays.

Laser Fat Removal Abroad - More and More Patients Go Abroad for Laser Lipolysis

People living in the UK and Scandinavian countries undergo laser fat removal surgery abroad because the big savings they get do not compromise the quality and professionalism being offered. Laser lipolysis is a great way to melt stubborn fat and having the procedure done abroad is getting to be a popular choice.

Jerry Remy, Lung Cancer Survivor, and ProLung, Inc. Urge You to "Get to Your Doctor"

LogoMr. Jerry Remy, the well-recognized broadcast voice of the Boston Red Sox, is a five-time lung cancer survivor. In an interview conducted by ProLung, Inc. ("ProLung" or the "Company"), Mr. Remy and his wife, Phoebe, urge those at risk of lung cancer "to get to their doctor."

Opiogo Patents Solution to Significantly Reduce Opiate Overdose

LogoThis medication has approval from the FDA for human consumption.

Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD: Top 250 Nationwide in 2018

In early February 2018, the team at Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa M.D. were proud to announce their advancement to Allergan's Top 250 Preferred Partner list out of all cosmetic practices nationwide. The ranking is based on volume of injectables including Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma. The rankings are provided by Allergan which is the maker of the products.

AminoFitin Fat Burning Powder Is Officially Launched on the Asian Online Market

LogoThis month AminoFitin LLC launched their new product - AminoFitin, intended to burn the excess fat, remove belly and side fat, and enhance muscle growth by natural increase of testosteron levels. AminoFitin is formulated with brown seaweed extract and whey protein, both well known with their benefits on human's health.

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Is Offering Savings and Special Discounts Throughout March 2018

Dr. Genter and the staff members at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center are pleased to announce that they are offering savings and special discounts for various cosmetic procedures throughout March 2018. Spring is approaching, and the team at the center would like to help men and women throughout the Philadelphia area get a headstart on their summer look.

The CCGNJ Advises March Madness Gamblers to Play Responsibly

Soon, millions of basketball fans across the country will enjoy the annual tournament known as March Madness. Every year, 68 NCAA teams compete for the national championship. Many of these fans will also participate in the popular betting activities that accompany this phenomenon. These activities may pose some challenges to those struggling with disordered gambling and alcohol dependency or "addiction" in Monmouth County and the surrounding areas. With that in mind, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) warns of the risks of disordered gambling and advises people to gamble responsibly.

Dr. Robert Ryan Joins Renovion, Inc. Board of Directors

LogoRenovion, Inc., a privately-held biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics for respiratory diseases, including lung transplant patients, cystic fibrosis (CF), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), announced today that Dr Robert Ryan has joined the Board of Directors for the company.

RR Aesthetics Anticipates New Line of Dermal Fillers from Allergan

RR Aesthetics, the premier aesthetic center located in Beverly Hills, has recently learned that pharmaceutical giant Allergan will be releasing a brand-new series of dermal fillers for their popular Juvéderm line. As a cosmetic center renowned for their work with dermal fillers, RR Aesthetics is excited at the prospect of an entirely new line produced by a novel technique.

Amera Solutions Provides Hospital Patient Transport in Jacksonville and Tampa Florida

LogoThe patient transport services are responsible for transporting people to and from hospital appointments. Amera Solutions offers clinicians a range of transport options to help them with the transfer of their patients. They are capable of handling over 3, 000 patient journeys a day to over 1,000 treatment centers and have a variety of vehicles designed to meet the different needs of patients.

Amera Solutions Offers Non Emergency Medical Transport in Tampa and Jacksonville Florida

LogoAmera Solutions is all set to provide on-demand non-emergency medical transportation in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the reputable agency provides every client with reliable transportation care connections and common sense solutions. They make sure every reservation is carefully monitored from start to finish.

Newtown Athletic Club Offers Details for Camp NAC in Advance

One of the biggest challenges of parenting is figuring out how to chase away the blues of summer without spending the season staring at television or video game screens. Camp NAC, Newtown Athletic Club's summer program for children ages 3 through 15, is offering families details of the innovative programs that Camp NAC has in store this year.

The Opulence Skin Launches Time to Glow Face Brightening Set

LogoThe Opulence has earned a reputation in the skin care industry for quality products that work. The co-owner of The Opulence Skin announced that the firm has launched its newest skin whitening formula, a five-item Time To Glow Face Brightening Set.

Top Torrance Dentist Practice Offers Years of Quality Customer Care and Top of the Line Equipment to Thousands of Customers

LogoSelect Dental Office offers both cosmetic dental work as well as standard dental cleanings. No matter the treatment, this Torrance dentist facility meets with each client individually to make sure that all questions and concerns are addressed properly before proceeding with any procedures. The staff at this Torrance dentist practice will work with you to make sure you are able to find a payment plan and treatment plan that is right for you. Additionally, due to recent renovations, Select Dental Office is able to schedule more appointments per day, so finding a time to schedule an appointment that works for you is a breeze.

Bash Dental Highlights the Importance of Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy

Most expecting mothers already know that they should be avoiding alcohol and eating right to help their little one develop. Unfortunately, few understand the full importance of taking care of their own teeth during this special time. This month, Bash Dental is highlighting the importance of maintaining positive oral health when pregnant.

Purple Wishing Gate Donates to Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Delaware in 2018

Purple Wishing Gate, a provider of unique and religious blessing gifts, has chosen the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Delaware (CCCFD) as the charity they will be donating to this year. Each year, Purple Wishing Gate selects one organization to donate a portion of all proceeds. The CCCFD was chosen based on Facebook votes and input from the company's founder, Barbara D. MacAdam.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Provides Patients with Linear Gravity Plate Therapy

LogoPatients who are suffering from musculoskeletal pains associated with certain injuries or disorders and are in need of unique and effective chiropractic services in Philadelphia are encouraged to contact Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates.

Access Elevator and Lift Introduces New Platform Lift Alongside Other Mobility Equipment

LogoWhen it comes to mobility difficulty, the convenient solution one can consider to get rid of this problem is to have stair lifts installed in the house. The mobility equipment is specifically tailored to address the issues faced by homeowners with mobility restrictions. Access Elevator and Lift is one such company that has answers to all such queries related to mobility restrictions.

Access Elevator and Lift Shows New Stairlift and Wheel Chair Lift in Pittsburgh

LogoAccess Elevator and Lift is a premier resource for a wide range of mobility solutions, such as stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and home elevators. For years, the company has been serving the customers throughout Erie, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. With excellent customer service, the company is considered one of the trusted home lift suppliers in the industry. They have a wide range of products ranging from wheelchair lifts to Stair lifts from Stannah and Savaria. The products are of the highest quality and available at reasonable prices.