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SAMI-Aid Online Platform Revolutionizes Healthcare Using Technology in the Bay Area

LogoSAMI-Aid, the Bay Area's newest Healthcare Solutions online platform, is poised to revolutionize the delivery of basic medical and health services for patients without insurance. SAMI-Aid uses internet-and-telemedicine-based technologies to offer a portfolio of services and a dedicated telephone-based concierge that is available to offer healthcare support. The platform was recently launched to cater to underserved patients of the Bay Area community and provides immediate affordable healthcare choices with transparent pricing.

Signature Medicine's Dr. Sitapara Wins Second Consecutive "Top Doctor" Award

LogoDr. Ashish J. Sitapara, who specializes in Internal Medicine at Signature Medicine, can add another highlight to his distinguished career. A previous winner of multiple Patients' Choice Awards and the "Top Doctor 2018" award from Philadelphia magazine, he has now won "Top Doctor 2019" as well.

Sicklerville NJ Dentist Now Accepting New Patients for the Summer

LogoStein Cullen Family Dental, a Sicklerville NJ dentist, is happy to announce that they are now accepting new clients. The business, which has expanded over the last year, is eager to provide its high quality and comprehensive dental care to new patients.

American Health Care Academy Offering Online First Aid and CPR Certification Training

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy stands out as a nationally approved health training institution driven by the overall mission of promoting, preserving, and improving the health of individuals and communities. The institution is renowned for its online training programs with their focus being on first aid, AED, and CPR certification courses. To stay at the forefront of the demanding health industry, American Health Care Academy continuously monitors its course curriculum and makes professional updates to keep up with approved standards.

ANG Health Care Offers the Best Senior Home Care in Citrus Heights and Folsom California

LogoANG Health Care is a renowned organization that provides in-home care to people. This institute majorly serves the residents of the Sacramento County, as well as the communities present in Placer, El Dorado counties. ANG Health Care tends to measure its success in diverse aspects in regards to the effect it has on their clients. This health care unit follows a specialized Outcome-Based Care Model, to ensure the good health of all the people they serve. Only if a technique, process, or program followed by them has a positive impact on the health and well-being of the patients, only then it is considered to be a success. From ANG Health Care people can easily avail the best of senior home care in Citrus Heights and Folsom California.

Sunsafe Rx – A Supplement Full of Ingredients That Help Prevent Melasma and Protect Your Eyes and Skin During Sun Exposure

LogoAs the summer is ending, people are trying to soak up the last of the sun, but in doing so it is vital that the health of skin and eyes is not ignored. Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation which can be severely triggered by sun exposure or more specifically UV exposure. Protecting the skin effectively against the sun is one of the most effective melasma treatments. Sunsafe Rx is the oral supplement that comes laden with a plethora of natural ingredients which help in protecting your skin against the sun.

Full of Ingredients Known to Prevent Damage from the Sun, Sunsafe Rx Can Be a Savior for Your Skin

LogoNow that the warmer, sunnier months are here, protecting yourself from the sun becomes even more important. One of the more concerning effects of sun on the skin of many people is the erythematous skin rash which makes your skin red, sting, and hot to the touch. Erythema also causes inflammation and often is painful. One of the most effective measures to prevent erythema is to protect your skin from sun exposure. Sunsafe Rx is an effective solution; it is a supplement which has a number of natural ingredients that can prevent your skin and eyes from bearing the full brunt of the harsh effects of the sun.

Be Sun Ready with Sunsafe Rx Nutritional Supplement – A Proven Sunscreen Supplement That Doesn't Block Your Vitamin D Production

LogoThe summer is almost here and a little bit of sunbathing will doubtlessly be coming. However, it is important that your skin is well defended. Using the right preventive and protective measures is crucial, even if you are not allergic to the sun. While you may be getting out in the sun to produce Vitamin D, sunscreen lotions interfere with production in your body. This is why Sunsafe Rx can be helpful. Packed with ingredients proven to protect your skin and eyes from sun damage, only one capsule per day helps provide natural, healthy, anti-aging protection but doesn't block the Vitamin D production in your body.

ANG Health Care Offers Speech Therapy in Roseville and Sacramento California

LogoANG Health Care Inc. is a well-known organization known for offering in-home care to the people of Sacramento County, as well as its nearby regions. They follow a distinct Outcome-Based Care Model to make sure of the optimal good health of all the people they serve. As per ANG Health Care, a program, technique, or process is only considered to be a success when it has a positive impact on the well-being of the patients. They are known to provide the best services of senior home care in Citrus Heights and Folsom California.

Celdara Medical Receives $2.3M Grant to Advance a Novel Treatment for Acute Kidney Injury

LogoCeldara Medical, LLC today announced that the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a three-year Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) fast track award to fund the company's advancement of APP-103 for the treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI). This project builds on the inventions of co-collaborator Dr. Peter Kang at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Open Health Network Launches PatientSphere So Consumers Can Control and Monetize Their Medical Data

Platform uses blockchain and smart contracts to enable HIPAA-compliant data sharing among various players in the healthcare ecosystem

The Orthopedic Health Center of Hoboken Now Accepting New Patients

LogoEdward Feliciano, MD and James Dwyer, MD will offer comprehensive orthopedic care to the Hudson County community

Latina Breast Cancer Survivor Does Cancer Outreach in Orlando's Spanish-Speaking Community

LogoAfter realizing her local hospital only offered a single breast cancer support group for Spanish-speakers, local breast cancer survivor Pierre started her own support group in her apartment building, in connection with LatinaSHARE, the Spanish-language division of national cancer nonprofit SHARE. Her next meeting, open to all Spanish-speaking women affected by breast cancer, is June 25. Pierre is also making a targeted effort to perform outreach into Orlando's Spanish-speaking communities.

Total Performance Physical Therapy's Dr. Heather Moore Featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Patients looking for physical therapy rehabilitation in the Hatboro and Horsham areas have come to trust the specialists at Total Performance Physical Therapy to get them back in the game stronger, better, and faster. Now, the organization is proud to announce that its founder, Dr. Heather Moore, has recently contributed to the Philadelphia Inquirer as a featured columnist.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Booking Patients Interested in Radial Shock Wave Therapy

LogoRadial shock wave therapy uses energy waves to reduce the pain that is present in several injuries and conditions. The process increases metabolic energy around treated areas, stimulating the reabsorption of irritated calcium deposits, and speeding up the body's natural healing process. Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates, a well-known provider of deep tissue massage near Bryn Mawr, PA, is currently booking patients interested in radial shock wave therapy.

Amera Medical Transportation Solution Offers Unmatched Air Medical in Tampa, Florida, and San Antonia, Texas

LogoThe demand for air medical service has soared high over recent years since people are taking more and longer trips abroad. Moreover, with tremendous pressure on traffic and road inconvenience, it becomes difficult for the family members of the patients to shift them to the medical facility on time. Air medical service is one such option that one can opt to avoid wastage of time.

Assured & Associates Personal Care Offers Independent Living and Handicap Accessible Apartments at Affordable Pricing in Atlanta and DeKalb County, Georgia

LogoFinding an apartment that is both accessible and comfortable can be challenging for disabled apartment hunters and their network of support. With a clear idea of what's needed in an apartment and nearby, the task becomes much easier.

Assured & Associates Personal Care Offers Unmatched Occupational Therapy in Alpharetta and Douglasville, Georgia

LogoMany people have a misconception that occupation therapy has something to do with occupations or only office work as the name suggests. However, the term 'occupations' is not limited to just that. Instead, it refers to all the daily activity that is necessary for normal functioning, and it can also include brushing hair and teeth, tying shoes, and self-feeding.

Amera Medical Transportation Solutions Offers Air Ambulance in Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida

LogoDue to increasing traffic and road inconvenience, it often becomes difficult to transport a patient to the medical facility on time. It becomes even more difficult for those who live in remote areas. Sometimes, the situation gets so critical that it demands immediate action. Wasting even a second seems like the worst thing in the world. In such a situation, booking even a ground ambulance proves to be a seemingly difficult task. This is where air ambulance in Houston Texas and Miami, Florida comes into the scene.

Proper Nutrition May Help with Periodontitis

LogoA Journal of Clinical Periodontology study took a close look at how an anti-inflammatory diet would affect an individual's periodontal health. Since periodontitis is inflammation, it was safe to assume that the effects would more than likely lead to positive results.

20% off Everything at Happy Kombucha Now

We all love spring, but one company that loves spring more than many is Happy Kombucha – now offering their customers the chance to buy all of the products on their website with a huge 20% discount.

Salt Lamps Back in Stock at Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha, one of the UK's favourite online health stores, are selling beautiful salt lamps once again, and at incredibly low prices. The company previously tested selling Himalayan salt lamps and products on their website, and after seeing much success have decided to restock and to continue selling them going forward.

The Orthopedic Health Center of Hoboken Now Accepting New Patients

LogoThe Orthopedic Health Center opens its doors on Monday, June 3rd in Hoboken, NJ, bringing innovative orthopedic surgical care to the Hudson County community. Combining the expertise of two noted orthopedic surgeons, Edward Feliciano, MD and James Dwyer, MD, The Orthopedic Health Center will provide world-class care to Hoboken, NJ and surrounding Hudson County patients.

Braun Medical Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund New Urgent Care Centers

LogoEverywhere we turn it seems a new urgent care center is there. This relatively young branch of medical care has become a necessary bridge between waiting days or sometimes weeks to keep a doctor's appointment or hours in an emergency room. Along with immediate medical relief, patients and insurance companies are getting quicker results in the form of lower medical expenses.

TruVision Health Offers the Products to Help Individuals Shed Extra Pounds Before Summer Arrives

The weight loss industry in the USA is worth over $70 billion. It's a nation with the highest levels of obesity in the western world. Every year new fad diets come to market, often promising the world and underdelivering. TruVision Health is a company that takes pride in working with nutritionists and health professionals to create a range of products that help hundreds of people shed pounds before the summer or any time of the year.