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Dr. John v. Di Girolamo, D.D.S. Taking New Patients in Need of Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Dr. John V. Di Girolamo, D.D.S. is taking new patients in need of treatment for periodontal disease. Because periodontal disease is an ongoing infection in the pockets around the teeth, getting treatment as soon as possible is critical. Dr. Di Girolamo has an extensive amount of experience in all areas of periodontics, including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. Patients can also turn to Dr. Di Girolamo to restore their smiles with state-of-the-art dental implant surgery.

Palisades Dental Goes over the Healthiest Foods for Oral Health

Palisades Dental of American Fork, UT, would like to advise local residents on some of the foods that are the most beneficial to one's dental and oral health due to their unique nutritional properties.

No More Phone Tag Features Medical Answering Services for Overwhelmed Practitioners

LogoNo More Phone Tag has developed into the leading provider of quality answering services established in a variety of industries. They have emerged as one of the forefront pioneers regarding effective solutions when it comes to representative complications involved with after-hours obligations. The company has built their steady stream of clientele as a result of their dedication to the specifics involved with their solutions and is recognized as a modern approach to commercial medical endeavors. The organization is dedicated to the delivery of efficient responses that make it hard for inquirers to differentiate between the company and their service provider.

NeoMed Adheres to NICU Feeding Tubes Protocols

LogoNeoMed is a reliable resource for neonatal enteral medical device and other equipment. One of the most common products available to them is ENFit NICU feeding tubes. These tubes are designed to reduce tissue trauma, which is standard with oversized sharp side portholes and sharp unfinished distal tips. Distal tips should be usually smooth, well-formed, and open.

NeoMed Is Pleased to Offer ML Only Syringes

LogoNeoMed offers a wide range of Pharmacy ENFit syringes, needles, and other medical equipment available online. The syringes are available in clear with purple gradient markings and amber with white gradient markings.

Redefine Healthcare Expanding to Paterson, NJ

LogoRedefine Healthcare is excited to announce the opening of our new location in Paterson, NJ. We will be bringing with us all the specialties offered at our other three existing sites, in Union, Clifton, and Edison. Paterson residents will now have access to our expert services including:

Therapeutic Massage of CNY in Liverpool NY Offers More Than Relaxation

LogoIt's been long believed that massage is a great way to relax, but studies have shown that massage can help treat chronic medical conditions, such as improve digestive disorders, and alleviate fibromyalgia. Therapeutic massage in Liverpool NY also strengthens the immune system and reduces depression.

Get Online First Aid and CPR Courses at American Health Care Academy

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy is a well-known institute that has taken on the mantle of promoting, preserving and improving the health as well as the Good Samaritan well-being of individuals and the community as a whole. The company does this by offering top-quality online health training with the primary objective of saving lives. The learning institute aims at building on educational and experiential pillars of healthcare professionals and the public generally by developing a curriculum that features a rich theoretical background, practical hands-on experience, and knowledge in the medical field. Their core competencies include First Aid and CPR courses which are easy-to-understand, comprehensives and highly cost-effective. One can access their course materials online or have one-on-one training with the company's instructors from all around the US.

ANG Health Care Inc Offers Unmatched Speech Therapy in Folsom and Roseville

LogoANG Health Care Inc. is a recognized leading speech therapy center, offering the highest quality language and occupational speech therapy in Folsom and Roseville. With years of experience in the field, they have been assisting people to achieve their goals in life without much interruption.

ANG Health Care Inc Offers Compassionate Nursing Care in Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights California

LogoWhen it comes to caring for someone who is not capable of taking care of own, relying on a service provider who can offer that much-needed help seems to be a good idea. Taking care of someone who is recovering from an illness or post surgery, or who is terminally ill, can be hard and taxing for someone who has to juggle both home and outside. Service providers like ANG Health Care can provide the much-needed assistance. They are a reliable name when it comes to nursing care in Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights California. They have some of the skilled and well-trained nurses who can help individuals lead an independent life. They assist their clients to complete all the day to day activities as well as live life on their terms.

YESnick Vision Center Reaches 300 Google Reviews

LogoYESnick Vision Center is proud to have ranked up 300 patient reviews on Google, with a fantastic average rating of 4.8 stars! As the largest private optometry practice in Nevada, Dr. David Yesnick and his entire team is known to provide superior customer service and cutting-edge vision care. As the reviews demonstrate, both local and international patients travel to visit this world-class eye care clinic. To what does Dr. Yesnick attribute the success of YESnick Vision Center?

Innovative PinkGoddess Formula for Eliminating Hyperpigmentation Has Been Recently Developed

LogoThe skin is the biggest organ of human's body which provides protection and structure for the other organs, tissue, bones and veins. Not many people have smooth and youthful looking skin into older age. Hormones, genes, lifestyle and dietary habits have a huge impact on skin's health and appearance.

Full Arch Zirconia Implant Bridge Is Finally in Chicago

LogoBucktown Dental Associates is proud to offer full arch zirconia implant bridge in Chicago. The full arch zirconia implant bridge, also called a hybrid denture, offers a permanently anchored teeth replacement for edentulous patients. It is far stronger than the traditional plastic full arch implant bridge. Therefore, it can withstand the significant stresses of chewing. Zirconia offers better aesthetic outcome and is resistant to staining.

Introducing Full Mouth Dental Implants – The New Implant Denture

LogoFull mouth dental implants can be a more affordable teeth replacement solution to traditional dental implant bridges. Rather than use 10-12 dental implants to replace teeth in a dental arch, only 5-6 implants are used. This significantly reduces treatment cost, while offering the patient full arch restoration. Bucktown Dental Associates now offers full arch dental implants to Chicago residents.

Green City Beauty Introduces Kindred Skincare Co. to Their Line of Products

LogoOf all of the Philadelphia waxing salons, Green City Beauty is the best providing professional sugaring hair removal and a multitude of other services. To continue to meet the dynamic needs of their clients, Green City Beauty has introduced Kindred Skincare Co. products to their salons.

Alliance Medical's Ultrasound Guide Gives Patients Important Answers to Questions or Concerns

The aim of Alliance Medical is clear: to provide numerous patients with the care and technological innovations they need when it comes to diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays, ultrasounds, and various kinds of scans. But Alliance Medical's services also extend to providing patients with the proper information in regard to procedures, so they are well-prepared and well-informed, and this includes a convenient and detailed ultrasound guide.

American CPR Care Association Provides Online First Aid and CPR Courses Online

LogoAmerican CPR Care Association is an online institute that's helping make the society a safe, fun and better place to live in. The institute achieves this goal through their online courses which include CPR certification, Standard First Aid, and AED training which are designed to equip both health care professionals and first-lay responders with the knowledge they need. Following both the 2015 ECC and American Heart Association guidelines, the courses are rich in information and cover all the pain points of the various fields of concern. These courses cover all stages of life from infanthood, childhood to adulthood and one can be sure to get unmatched customer service throughout the courses.

Pacifico Plastic Surgery Now Booking Consultations for Women Seeking Breast Augmentation Procedures This Fall

Dr. Biagio Pacifico, one of the leading board-certified plastic surgeons serving New Jersey and New York, is now booking consultations for women wanting breast augmentation surgery. One of the most popular procedures offered at Pacifico Plastic Surgery, breast enhancement is commonly used to counteract the sagging effect following childbirth and breastfeeding as well as to increase cup size for aesthetic reasons. No matter the reasoning, Dr. Pacifico provides top-notch and reputable augmentation solutions.

Beat Depression with TMS Therapy from SuccessTMS

SuccessTMS, a premier transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy provider, aims to do more than offer a traditional solution to a deeper problem. TMS therapy, an FDA-cleared therapy, has been proven to reduce, and in many cases, eliminate symptoms of depression in people who follow the initial six-week treatment schedule. There is significant proof that this treatment works, and its noninvasive and low side-effect nature is allowing it to gain traction as the most effective procedure in treating depression. In fact, over 300 million people in the US have insurance policies that cover TMS Therapy.

More Single Women Taking Control of Their Fertility According to Study

LogoA new study by researchers at Yale University presented at the at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s conference (ESHRE) in Barcelona shows that the majority of women who freeze their eggs do so because they have not found a partner to have children with.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Various Pain Management Techniques for Patients Across Northwest Indiana

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates is proud to offer various pain management techniques for patients across Northwest Indiana. According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Chronic pain affects more people than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. However, modern medicine and health providers are becoming increasingly better at finding new and effective treatments to combat pain for their patients than they were a decade ago.

NeoMed Inc Announces the Launch of New Pharmacy Bottle Adapter

LogoNeoMed, Inc is a leading resource for a wide variety of neonatal products. It offers enteral safety systems, such as oral dispensers, enteral only extension sets, and feeding tubes, polyurethane feeding tubes, solutions for the collection, storage, and feeding of expressed breast milk, and polyethylene drape/wrap products. The company also provides neonatal catheters and kits, including a line of special procedure kits, which include catheterization trays, urinary collection kits, and drainage catheters and lumbar puncture kits and needles, and other products to manage identification, storage, and verification.

NeoMed Inc Prepares Low Dose Solution for Market Introduction

LogoNeoMed has long been in the industry displaying innovative product design and commitment to patient safety and favorable outcomes. The low dose solution is undoubtedly compatible with those objectives.

Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute Now Offering Cutting-Edge Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) for Varicose Vein Treatments

Shiloh Vein & Aesthetics Institute, the Montgomery County area's leading center for the best hair loss treatment and varicose vein therapies, is proud to offer patients intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) technology for all arterial and venous cases. Intravascular ultrasound, sometimes known as endovascular ultrasound or intravascular echocardiography, is a cutting-edge imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture pictures of the inside of blood vessels. With these images, Dr. Shiloh can determine what the best treatment route is for each patient.

PA Vascular Institute Provides Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) to Treat Arterial and Venous Cases

The PA Vascular Institute is pleased to announce that they provide intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) testing to help patients undergoing treatment for arterial and venous cases. The medical professionals from this vascular disease treatment clinic in Philadelphia are able to use cutting-edge technology like IVUS to better help diagnose certain diseases of the circulatory system that affect blood cells. Contact the PA Vascular Institute today to learn more about this type of test.