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Sunsafe Rx Pills, the Nutritionary Supplement, Can Help Relieve the Symptoms of Solar Urticaria

LogoThis press release is to announce that the Sunsafe Rx pill, a nutritionary supplement, can help patients relieve the symptoms of Solar Urticaria.

Airdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics Is Providing Affordable Dentistry Services

LogoAirdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics takes seriously the fact that everyone desires to have beautiful and healthy smiles, a core factor that resulted in the establishment of the clinic. True to its founding goals, the team of highly qualified and seasoned dentists has brought within the access of everyone in Airdrie a platform for availing cost-effective and quality backed dentistry services. Airdrie Bayside Dental & Orthodontics has its doors ever open for everyone as the dental facility strives to keep the oral health of the entire family at its best.

Amera Solutions Helps Find Transportation Medical Appointments in Houston and Dallas, Texas

LogoTo reduce the travel time, and ensure quick treatment, Amera Medical Solutions offers transportation medical appointments in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Amera Solutions Offers Ambulance Service in Houston and Jacksonville, Florida

LogoTo navigate through the dense traffic can be tricky. Opting for air ambulance services can be an excellent solution to avoid such crowds.

Center City Emergency Dentist Sheds Light on the Early Signs of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a gum disease that develops slowly enough to go unnoticed by most patients, especially those who skip their biannual dentist appointments. Gingivitis, characterized by an inflammation of the gums, is the first stage of periodontal disease and can be treated with home remedies and extensive oral care. However, if left untreated, the inflammation will cause the gums to recede upwards, leading to bone loss and eventual tooth loss. As such, it's important for patients to be able to identify the warning signs and contact their trusted Center City Emergency Dentist (CCED) practitioner for a check-up. As the best local orthodontist in Philadelphia, CCED is always accepting new cases and patients.

National Quality Forum Appoints Intermountain Healthcare's Chief Patient Experience Officer to Its Board of Directors

LogoThe National Quality Forum (NQF) has named Shannon Connor Phillips, MD, MPH, Intermountain Healthcare chief patient experience officer, to its board of directors. A non-profit organization committed to driving measurable health improvements, NQF fosters healthy multistakeholder collaboration to advance quality measures and improvement strategies that lead to better outcomes and greater value in healthcare.

Is It Just a Cold? Should I Worry About RSV? Respiratory Infections on the Rise, According to Intermountain Healthcare

LogoCold and flu season is upon us, and Utah is seeing the rising tide of seasonal respiratory pathogens, including Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, according to Intermountain Healthcare providers. Specific to RSV, many parts of the state are experiencing moderate to high levels of activity, according to Intermountain's GermWatch.

South Texas Medical Equipment and Supplies Good Quality Walkers in Corpus Christi and Monterrey

LogoPeople can purchase cost-effective walkers through the South Texas Medical Equipment and Supplies.

South Texas Medical Equipment and Supplies Offers Premium Wheelchairs in Corpus Christi and Monterrey

LogoSouth Texas Medical Equipment and Supplies was established in the year 2005. Through this company, people can purchase a wide range of medical equipment, including high-quality walkers in Corpus Christi and Monterrey. The South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies are famed for supplying items to several organizations and institutional bodies, including businesses, governmental agencies, home health companies, businesses, home health companies, as well as assisted living communities.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Encourages Families Doing a Post Holiday Cleanout to Donate Gently Used Items They No Longer Need

LogoFamilies who find themselves with a cluttered house or overstuffed storage closets after receiving another year's worth of holiday gifts are encouraged to donate any gently used medical equipment they find in their post-holiday cleanout to Goodwill Home Medical Equipment.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Accepting Hospital Bed Donations Throughout the Winter Season

LogoHospital beds offer many benefits for people with limited mobility who struggle to get in and out of a traditional bed. Residents of New Jersey who donate hospital beds to Goodwill Home Medical Equipment can help seniors who find themselves confined to their homes during the winter season live a more comfortable life.

Get Affordable Dental Alternatives to Crowns by Consulting with the Leading Dentist in Florida- Sindledecker Dentistry.

Patients are usually not aware about different dental alternatives to crowns and get roped in for continuous crown replacement, even in case of extreme tooth damage. With the help of Sindledecker Dentistry, patients now have an opportunity to get dental

Get a Perfect Smile Makeover at Absolutely Affordable Costs Only at the Best Dentist in Palm Beach.

Check out online reviews for the best dentist in Palm Beach before consulting for any dental problems. From dental implants to cosmetic gum treatment, there is a solution for young and old alike at Shapiro Smile Family dentistry clinic.

2020 Best Medical Device Manufacturer & Supplier in Alibaba

LogoBest Hearing aids and medical device manufacturer in Alibaba China.

Emergency Dentistry Is a Phone Call Away with Wynnewood Dental Arts

From searing tooth pain to a chipped tooth, dental emergencies are no joke. Seeking immediate care from a dental professional can mean the difference between a quick-fix and a long-term dental health issue in an emergency situation. Thankfully, residents of all ages know that they can always rely on Wynnewood Dental Arts for emergency dentistry in Philadelphia.

Rad Glasses Offers the Largest Selection of Radiation Protection Glasses in a Variety of Styles and Sizes

LogoRad Glasses, an online store for radiation safety eyewear, offers the largest selection of radiation protection glasses in a variety of styles and sizes. The online store offers both prescription and non-prescription protection glasses so that you can get the pair of sunglasses best suited to your needs. All styles come in a standard size, and most are available in single, bifocal, and progressive prescriptions upon request. All of their safety glasses are advanced and extremely lightweight, durable & stylish looking and are comfortable to wear, and do not distort your view. Each safety glass listed on the website is designed to reduce your exposure to radiation and shield your eyes to prevent serious medical conditions.

Christmas Day Wedding at Intermountain Medical Center

LogoWhile most wake up Christmas morning eager to see what Santa brought them, 56-year-old Curt Harkins of Castleford, Idaho already knew he was getting married in his hospital room.

 Hearing Aid Fitting Type and Performance and Function Selection

LogoHearing aids fitting suggest from Manufacturer

CareGivers America Celebrates the Success of Their 23d Annual Senior Holiday Gala

LogoCareGivers America is proud to announce that its 23d Annual Senior Holiday Gala was an undeniable success. The team at CareGivers America worked closely with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department to present attendees with a lavish gala, featuring live entertainment, a grand luncheon, and spectacular giveaways. CareGivers America would like to thank all attending guests and their families for making this gala one of their greatest yet.

CITrials Conducts Clinical Trials to Find Better Cure for a Range of Mental Illnesses

LogoToday, nearly 1 in 4 people are affected with a form of mental disorder in the United States. While there are various treatment options for people with mental illnesses, there still exists a stigma associated with talking about it. With the advent of new treatment options and shifts in social climate, people have been increasingly seeking treatment for their symptoms. Despite this, many treatment options may accompany a range of side effects. Thus, it is essential to test these medications prior to introducing them to the market. CITrials in particular is an organization dedicated to finding quality, working treatments for all mental illnesses. Their central aims are focused on providing a benefit to patients, communities, and physicians on a worldwide scale.

CITrials Conducts Mental Health Clinical Trials to Help Build a Better Tomorrow

LogoTechnological advancements have allowed medicial sciences to flourish. More and more studies are being conducted on a daily basis to discover novel ways of preventing, detecting, diagnosing, controlling, and treating illnesses. These new research studies have not only uncovered information in the realm of disease and therapy, they have transformed the ways in which health professionals are trained themselves.

New Mental Health Talk Show Comes to YouTube Aimed to Help Improve Mental Health Awareness

LogoMany studies show the impact of stigmas and discrimination toward those with mental illnesses and the misconceptions associated with mental health; changing how society and cultures view mental health and those with mental illness can improve the quality of life for all.

American Health Care Academy Is Offering Accredited CPR Certification Online

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy provides professional, high-quality, and updated online health courses of training. Their mission is to promote and improve the health and well-being of persons and communities. Their primary goal is to prepare people to save lives. Their nationally-accredited courses like First Aid and CPR are created to promote theory development and offer constant education and practice for students. Their course curriculum is perpetually assessed and updated to be in accord with the evolving research and national standards. Besides, their instructors have passed all American Heart Association and OSHA courses.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic Offering Homoeopathy Treatment for Cancer and Other Diseases

LogoExpert Cancer Homoeo Clinic has earned a sterling reputation for providing reliable and effective homoeopathy treatment for cancer and many other diseases.

Expert Aesthetics Offering Safe, Efficient and Affordable Weight Loss Procedures

LogoExpert Aesthetics, a highly rated full-service beauty clinic chain, is providing safe, efficient, and affordable weight loss treatments with ‘The Unique Seven-Step Approach to Weight Loss.’