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Two Utah Facial Plastic Surgeons Chosen for "10 Best" Award in Utah

LogoEach year, the American Institute of Plastic Surgeons recognizes 10 excellent practitioners in the field of plastic surgery for each state. For 2018, both Utah facial plastic surgeons of Utah Facial Plastics, Drs. Henstrom and Thompson, have been selected among the elite group in Utah.

Health Addicts Haven Announces Partnership with BizIQ

Health Addicts Haven, a naturopathic health and wellness center providing a variety of wellness services, announced today it has teamed up with BizIQ, a digital marketing company in Phoenix that specializes in providing its services to small business owners across North America.

Rapha Dental Centre Provides Family Dental and Oral Healthcare Services

LogoRapha Dental Centre is a family dental care clinic dedicated to the provision of personalized care to all their patients in a caring and comfortable environment. Comprised of a team of professional family dentists, endodontic specialists, and oral hygienists, the dental center thrives in their unrivaled levels of expertise and a commonly shared vision. Rapha Dental Centre strives to meet all dental health issues and is open for all walk-in patients from Monday to Thursday.

BriaCell Adds New Clinical Site to Phase IIa Study in Advanced Breast Cancer and Expands R&D Team

LogoBriaCell Therapeutics Corp. ("BriaCell"), an immuno-oncology focused biotechnology company with a proprietary targeted immunotherapy technology, is pleased to announce that the Cancer Center of Kansas (CCK) has been added as a new clinical trial site. BriaCell is currently conducting an ongoing, multicenter, Phase IIa study of Bria-IMT™ (listed in as NCT03066947) in advanced breast cancer, as well as the rollover combination study of Bria-IMT™ with pembrolizumab or ipilimumab (listed in as NCT03328026). Dr. Shaker R. Dakhil, Board certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine, will act as the clinical site's principal investigator (PI). Under the direction of Dr. Dakhil, the Cancer Center of Kansas lists 16 offices, and 13 Sub Investigators. Dr. Dakhil will work closely with Cancer Insight, LLC., BriaCell's contract research organization, to manage the clinical and regulatory aspects of the Phase IIa clinical trial in advanced breast cancer on behalf of BriaCell.

Living Healthy with Simple Changes to Lifestyle and Using the Right Products is pleased to present their latest range of health and wellness products for individuals who want to live healthy by following a healthy lifestyle. One can make some simple changes to the lifestyle and lead a healthy life. The first step is to eat a well-balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits included. The second step is to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. An exercise can include brisk walking, cycling, jogging, workouts at gym, etc. The third step is to give body enough rest through an undisturbed sleep. Finally, the body and mind should be at peace with no stress whatsoever. All these might sound difficult because of the time crunch that many individuals have.

Nagler Foot Center Houston Is Providing Podiatrist Services in Houston

Nagler Foot Center Houston was founded by Dr. Sherman Nagler, a respected podiatrist who brings with him immense knowledge and expertise in the medical field. The superior guidance and foundation upon which this center was built gives the facility a competitive edge making it the ultimate go-to location for professional assistance. Nagler Foot Center Houston specializes in the treatment of disorders that affect the ankle, lower leg, and foot for all patients regardless of their age.

MRI Health Checkup Abroad Gains Popularity Between Mid-Age Men and Women in Europe

Why do people living in the UK and Scandinavian countries go abroad for MRI health checkup? Mainly because it costs significantly less, but the quality of service is equal or higher.

Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano Medspa Adds Acne Scar Treatment with Bellafill

LogoHealthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano med spa in Bucks County, PA, is now offering Bellafill®, an FDA approved acne scar treatment that seeks to restore the skin, not just fill it. This treatment creates instant and lasting improvement, and 90% of Bellafill® patients were satisfied with their results at the one-year mark.

Urgent Care on Wheels Launches Brand New Tele-Mobile Medical Service for Urgent Care in Santa Monica

Urgent Care On Wheels is proud to announce the launch of its mobile medical service. A full-service, multi-specialty mobile urgent care service provided by USMDDirect, Urgent Care On Wheels officially debuted its offering to the Santa Monica, California area. Corporate employees who are in need of immediate care can view the location of the Urgent Care On Wheels van and book an appointment online.

A Jaw Exercise Device That Helps Improve Jaw Line and Strengthens Facial Muscles is pleased to present JAWFLEX, a jaw exercise device that is exclusively designed to help patients get relief from TMJ Disorders. With the help of this gadget, patients can perform certain jaw firming exercises and potentially get rid of the TMJ problem. This gadget also helps individuals get rid of their double chin problem. There are certain facial or jaw exercises for TMJ that patients can easily perform with this jaw exercise device.

Sunsafe Rx Protects Skin from Sun Exposure While Offering an Effective PMLE Treatment

LogoSummers are ideal for a bit of water sports, sun bathing and getting a gorgeous tan, but how safe is your skin from the damages of sun exposure? Sunsafe Rx is one of the most effective skin treatments that prevent you from the full brunt of the ageing effects of the sun. The all-natural ingredients of this solution are formulated with Antioxidine which help your skin function optimally in the sun. However, that is not all that it does. The capsule, when taken in the required dosage can prove to be an effective treatment for PMLE.

The CCGNJ Discusses the Potential Dangers of FanDuel Group's New Online Casino

Fantasy sports giant, FanDuel Group, has announced that it will launch an internet casino in the state of New Jersey in addition to the brick-and-mortar location it recently opened at the Meadowlands Racetrack in NJ to offer sports betting. As a non-profit organization that helps those with a gambling problem get the help they need to recover, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey sees the potential dangers the new online casino could pose for New Jersey residents and warns gamblers across the state to use caution when gambling online.

RAYDIAN Provides Adaptogenic Herbal Supplements

LogoRAYDIAN lives up to its expectations as a natural supplement company by sticking to their greatest strength, which is looking for natural solutions to improve the health of their clients. The company was founded by a doctor and pharmacist, husband and wife team after encountering struggles their patients were going through, which could only be resolved by nature. Over the years, RAYDIAN has steadily risen to be a trusted brand renowned for their herbal supplements which have become essential elements for a balanced lifestyle. Provides Information on Rhinoplasty Cost in Plano, Texas

People who are considering a corrective or functional Rhinoplasty in Plano, Texas can look for details such as the price, pre and post operative care in the aforementioned website. It is an extensive source that helps people take an informed decision about the process. The information is formulated by doctors and other medical experts and is viable.

All Strength and Health Launches New E-Commerce Site –

Online shopping makes up more than 50% of surveyed shoppers' purchases, according to a new report from shipper UPS and researcher ComScore. The obvious reason behind the push towards online shopping has proven to be more than just lower, more competitive pricing, but the simple convenience. All Strength and Health is no stranger to the concept of modest pricing and suitability; in fact, they specialize in just that!

Find Relief from Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic lower back pain is complicated and confusing. Luckily, anyone who suffers from this excruciating, debilitating problem can find an accurate diagnosis—and relief—from the skilled and experienced team at Kayal Pain & Spine Center.

Online Luxury Nebulizing Diffuser Maker Organic Aromas Announces Will Begin Accepting Bitcoin for Payment; Offers Big Discount

LogoOrganic Aromas® (, a leading maker of premium nebulizing diffusers® for aromatherapy, announced today that the Company will officially begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment on its website.

American CPR Care Association Provides BLS Certification for Healthcare Professionals in America

LogoAmerican CPR Care Association is an online training platform that has taken the mantle of making sure the community is a safer place to live in. The training platform achieves this goal through their range of programs which include online CPR certification, AED training, and Standard First Aid. These programs aim at equipping healthcare professionals and lay-responders with the needed skills and knowledge to offer assistance in life threatening situations. Following the industry's set standards, the courses provide a wealth of information that will see learners get the best out of the program. The training center is made up of a team of brilliant instructors who see to it that learners get all the help they need as it relates to the courses and that at the end of the day, one walks away fully satisfied with the program.

Neo-Shamanism: The Four Winds' Energy Medicine, a Viable Approach for Health

With more and more people searching for natural approaches to achieving and maintaining optimal health, Alberto Villoldo, Ph. D., a psychologist and medical anthropologist, is currently opening enrollment for energy medicine training courses offered by The Four Winds Society's Light Body School.

Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD Partners with Childhelp Tennessee for Oysterfest 2018

Gallaher Plastic Surgery & Spa MD sponsored the 23rd annual Oysterfest event. The benefit is considered the party to kick of the summer for business leaders, elected officials, young professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Patrons enjoy live music, BBQ, seafood, and of course, plenty of fresh oysters, all while helping a good cause.

Jami Berger, Arizona Care Network, Announced as a Part of Care.Card UX Contest Jury

The Care.Card UX Contest by Solve.Care welcomes Executive Director at Arizona Care Network (ACN), Jami Berger, to the judge's panel. The contest judges are tasked with picking the best prototypes from all of the contest submissions and awarding prizes accordingly. The goal of the contest was to involve UX designers and React Native developers from all over the world in the development of Care.Cards, dApps that automate healthcare processes inside the Care.Wallet ecosystem.

Signature Medicine Offers OPTIFAST Meal Replacements to Promote Medical Weight Loss

LogoSignature Medicine promotes safe and effective medical weight loss near Langhorne, PA, with low-calorie meal replacements from OPTIFAST. These meals are nutritionally dense, quick to prepare, and packed with flavor.

Bash Dental Now Offers Dentures to Pennsylvanians in Need

Pennsylvanians who are looking to restore confidence and youth to an aging smile are encouraged to contact Bash Dental to learn about how dentures have evolved in the 21st century. No longer the clunky plastic masses that grandma wore, modern dentures are fitted to the unique shape of patients' faces, being made to look and feel as natural as the teeth that they were born with.

How Mobility123 Untapped Their Potential to Be a Great Company

LogoAs a family-owned and operated company, Mobility123 knew that offering a great product that customers can trust with service that is unmatched would help them flourish as a business. Since 2003, the team at Mobility123 has been helping keep those with limit mobility safe in their own home. Seniors and people who may not have the freedom to move among their house with no problem can surely benefit from the services of Mobility123.

Recent Studies Link Desk Jobs with Premature Death

Prolonged sitting is shown to increase the likelihood of a host of risk factors including blood clots and poor heart function.