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Eradicate Head Lice Quickly and Safely with Professional Head Lice Treatment Services from Advice on Lice Inc.

Advice on Lice Inc., a recognized head lice treatment in MD, provides the most effective head lice treatment available. They have a team of trained professionals who offer services with special touch that make individuals feel at home. Using LiceMeister comb, their professionals meticulously and thoroughly remove all lice and nits, ensuring a lice free head. They adopt proven techniques for removing lice from the infested person's head. The company has designed the lice removal treatment in three different steps, which are proven over time for fast and safe removal of nits and lice. Those looking for the best head lice treatment service can book an appointment at Advice on Lice, Inc.

Advice on Lice Offers Safe and Effective Lice Treatment Services Without Use of Pesticides

A reputable Head Lice Treatment Company, Advice on Lice Inc. offers safe and effective lice treatment services without the use of pesticides. With their natural products and proven-lice treatment techniques, the company is committed to offer reliable treatment for families in MD, DC, & VA. They have highly sophisticated salon in MD that deliver spa-like atmosphere to the customers. This salon has a variety of DVD's for kids to keep them busy and entertained during the lice removal process. Advice on Lice was established by Karen Franco, popularly known as 'The Kensington Lice Lady'. She herself is highly experienced in providing the best lice treatment possible. Call them today at 240-242-4267 to schedule an appointment.

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders Announces Partnership, Performs Robotic Surgery at Hudson Regional Hospital

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders and Hudson Regional Hospital have announced a partnership in using the Mazor Renaissance system to perform robotic spinal surgeries. Furthermore, Hudson Regional Hospital is the first hospital in Hudson County where this innovative technology has been used to treat patients.

More Than Skin Deep: Dr. Berk Profiled in Feature Article by Forest Bluff Magazine

May is Melanoma Awareness Month, The Skin Care Center urges everyone to protect their skin from harmful sun rays. When Lake Bluff resident Amy Richer started losing weight and felt tired all the time, she went to numerous doctors to get an explanation for the way she was feeling. It wasn't until she went to board certified dermatologist Dr. Mark Berk at Chicago's The Skin Care Center that she got the answer she needed.

Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine Offering Trigger Point Injections

Progressive Spine and Sports Medicine are pleased to announce that they will now offer trigger point injections for patients at their three New Jersey locations. Trigger point injections contain a local anesthetic and sometimes a corticosteroid and are a relatively easy and inexpensive treatment option that can provide an instant reduction in pain. In addition to the immediate pain relief, they can also provide long-term pain relief and help improve range of motion, helping patients return to their normal daily activities.

Celebrities True Experiences on Endometriosis Treatment Options, Showing Fuyan Pill Is Ideal Answer for Endometriosis Remedies

LogoThe singer Halsey, due to endometriosis and previous miscarriage experiences, chose to freeze her eggs at age 23 to prevent infertility. Freezing eggs is an option to preserve fertility, it is a hope or an option for endometriosis infertility treatment, but this treatment is very costly (frozen eggs usually cost about US$10,000, plus several hundred dollars per year for ovarian storage costs) and it is not 100% successful, so egg freezing is not an ideal solution for most women.

Amera Medical Transportation Solutions Presents Advanced Wheelchairs to Ease Transportation for Handicapped in Dallas and Jacksonville

LogoMobility constraints are severe impediments to disability-inclusive development, as they aggravate the personal, economic, and social isolation of persons with disabilities. To restore their sense of independence, Amera Medical Transportation Solution has improved transportation for handicapped in Dallas and Jacksonville by introducing new vehicles specially designed for wheelchair transport.

Amera Medical Transportation Solutions Announces the Launch of New Air Ambulance and Air Medical in Orlando

LogoAmera Medical Transportation Solutions is considered as the best lifesaving medical transport service that provides complete patient transportation solution at an affordable fare. Whenever a medical emergency occurs in life, it becomes apparent to transport the patients from one point to another. Besides, some emergency cases are often transferred to other hospitals for better treatment and critical surgery. The condition may become more severe and lethal if the patients are not moved on time.

AyurYoga Eco-Ashram Offers a 14-Day Certification Course on Ayurveda in India

AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, a non-profit organization run by spiritual seekers, is offering a 14-day Ayurveda Certification Course nearby Mysure, India. Interested individuals can choose between the May 25 to June 7, 2018 and December 20, 2018 to January 9, 2019 schedules.

Dr. Eric Pugash Earns Respected RealSelf 500 Award for Ongoing Commitment to Consumer Education and High Patient Ratings

Dr. Eric Pugash has been announced as one of 500 board-certified doctors worldwide to receive the RealSelf 500 honor, an esteemed accolade recognizing the highest-rated and most active doctors on RealSelf, the world's largest online aesthetics community to learn about cosmetic treatments and connect with doctors and other clinicians.

iDental Group Sheds Light on the Importance of Regular Dental Visits

Headed by Dr. Saraga and Dr. Alberto, iDental Group has been serving the communities of South Florida for over a decade. With a slew of services, the latest technologies, and a personal, knowledgeable staff, they employ some of the best dentists in Miami. Patients and families rely on iDental Group because of their affordability and authority in the field of dental and orthodontic care. Thinking of their patients, and their oral health, they are stressing the importance of regularly visiting one's dentist.

Nagler Foot Center Offers Foot and Ankle Surgery in Houston

Nagler Foot Center is a renowned wellness center that has over the years been praised for its exceptional services as it relates to foot treatment in Houston, Texas. This center's team of physicians have dedicated their careers to specializing in pediatric and adult foot disorders ranging from the most common problems to the most complex cases with the primary goal of offering the highest level of expertise and care. The podiatrists working in this center have spent years in the medical practice specializing in various ailments including ankle pain, surgery foot pain and other foot-related problems. This clinic purpose is to provide their clients with a comfortable surrounding ensuring their session is as pleasant as possible which makes them the perfect choice for clients with foot ailments.

Lift & Care Systems Reveals Benefits of Their Annual Inspection Program

LogoDurable medical equipment such as the Bruno Vertical Lift Platform, the SureHands Ceiling Lift Systems and Aqua Creek Pool Lifts are complex systems with many moving parts. Luckily, Lift & Care Systems offers an Annual Inspection Program (AIP) to help assure that all installed durable medical equipment stays in tip-top shape and assure that it is still working safely in a home or business.

The Best Sexual Health Services in Los Angeles Are Provided by STD Free Los Angeles

LogoReceiving sexual health services in Los Angeles is important to maintain your health in any relation to sexuality, be it your physical, emotional, mental, or social well being. Sexual health has to do with embracing and enjoying your sexuality, which in turn affects your physical and emotional health. Clinics that provide sexual health services in Los Angeles require a positive and respectful approach to a patient's sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as providing a safe environment for all patients.

White Paper Finds Need for EVV 2020 Solutions That Offer Innovation and Flexibility for Consumers, Caregivers, Providers

LogoHealth Management Associates, a leading independent national research and consulting firm in the healthcare industry, has released a special report that defines the need for ahead-of-the-curve systems that go beyond legal requirements to address the needs and preferences of the populations they serve.

Seek Medically Monitored Ambulatory Detox at the Center for Network Therapy

LogoCenter for Network Therapy (CNT) is a substance abuse treatment facility licensed by the state of New Jersey. CNT provides cutting edge treatment for addiction and was the first to offer detoxification from alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates on an outpatient basis. CNT's medical director, Indra Cidambi, M.D. is America's leading addiction medicine expert and sought after by the media due to her pioneering work in addiction treatment. CNT favors treatment models that are leading edge and evidence-based such as Motivational Interviewing, Matrix Model, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Enhancement Therapy supported by medication like Suboxone and Subutex.

Lighten the Burden of Running a Private Medical Practice with KASPAR Management

LogoThe challenges of managing a private medical practice are countless. Running a clinic effectively and efficiently, dealing with the ever-changing needs of a clinical environment, and coupled with the overall complexity of providing high-quality healthcare to patients, all while managing a business can sidetrack even the most energetic and overachieving physicians.

Happy Kombucha Spring Sale Now On

Happy Kombucha a leading UK kombucha supplier is now holding a Spring Sale for all to take advantage of – offering some of their most loved products as discounted prices, allowing all customers to get more for their money.

Bunion Surgery Cost - Main Reason for Choosing Bunion Surgery Abroad

Bunions are not only a problem of physical and emotional discomfort, they may also become painful which leads people to surgery. Because of the cost, many people living in the UK, USA, or Western Europe go abroad for bunion surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Cost - Main Reason for Choosing Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Abroad

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure where part of the stomach is removed to create a new, tube-shaped sleeve/stomach. Most overweight people go abroad for gastric sleeve surgery since the procedure is more affordable when compared to the cost in the UK or Scandinavian countries.

Personal Trainer & Private Stretch Therapist in Los Angeles, California

Project Fitness L.A. ( offers convenient in-home services to men and women who are looking for a personalized trainer in the Los Angeles area. The sessions are provided by Paulo Spritze, who is considered to be one of the better-known fitness experts in the Beverly Hills area. The service focuses on delivering an overall exceptional personalized fitness concierge experience that is truly unique. All those who wish to have a knowledgeable and effective trainer can peruse his services offered.

Friedman Dental Group Staff of Highly Accomplished Doctors Has More Than 150 Years of Combined Experience

Friedman Dental Group, an industry-leading dental group with four state-of-the-art offices in South Florida, is proud to announce that its full staff of 10 doctors has more than a century and a half of combined years of dental experience.

Refresh MedSpa Offers Cosmetic Laser and Aesthetics Treatments in California

Refresh MedSpa is a leading cosmetic laser center specializing in the provision of cosmetic laser and aesthetic treatments. Using the latest technology in their treatments, the wellness center has been able to remedy different aesthetic flaws for their clients rendering them a go-to center for patients with similar problems. The facility uses medical grade, cosmetically elegant skincare products which ensures that clients receive fabulous results of treatment through their hair removal therapy techniques. Led by their Medical Director, Dr. Abha Oshtory, the center is comprised of a team of well-experienced and trained physicians who ensure clients get the best care when they visit the facility.

Integrity Eye Associates to Partner with Maui Jim to Host the Maui Jim Sun Hut at the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair

LogoIntegrity Eye Associates, the premier eyewear professionals and eye care center in Wayne, PA, is partnering with Maui Jim to feature the "Maui Jim Sun Hut" at this year's Devon Horse Show & Country Fair. Those interested in attending the always fun and exciting horse show and country fair should keep an eye out for the booth, which will showcase hundreds of demonstration models and all new frames for sale.

Stay Protected in the Hot Sun with Sunsafe Rx, an Effective Melasma & Vitiligo Treatment

LogoThe sun is getting stronger and its going to have a big impact on skin! As the sun is warming up, the air is getting lighter and is going to burn and dry up all skin types, thus damaging it. Natural and safe, Sunsafe Rx is a revolutionary anti-oxidant available in the form of capsules. Not only does this capsule prevent the skin from the effects of sun exposure but is also an excellent Melasma & Vitiligo treatment. Taken daily, this capsule protects the skin from UVA & UVB rays while making sure that the production of Vitamin D in the body is not affected.