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Precision Coating Co., Inc. to Exhibit at EASTEC 2019 Trade Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts

LogoGlobal Supply Chain Leader in Anodic and Fluoropolymer Coatings for Medical Devices to Attend Innovative Manufacturing Event

Elevated Hemp Solutions Products Now Available for Purchase at That's No Smoke

LogoThat's No Smoke—a locally-owned and -operated vape shop in Butler, WI—is now an authorized retailer for Elevated Hemp Solutions products. The store carries Happy Place Hemp and Elevated Soul CBD full-spectrum hemp flower tinctures, made from locally-grown, pesticide-free hemp.

Excess Scarring on the Spine Can Lead to Severe Back, Leg Pain

Epidural lysis of adhesions. Those who haven't experienced serious back and leg pain due to excess scarring on the spine probably know little or nothing about this procedure.

Get Relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Recognizing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome is the first step toward solving the problem and relieving the pain. Symptoms include: tingling, numbness, weakness and pain that start in the fingers and wrist and travel up the arm into the shoulder. It also can lead to dropping items and experiencing problems completing delicate tasks with the fingers, such as buttoning a shirt.

Nursing Personnel Is Providing Nursing Staffing Solutions in the United Kingdom

LogoNursing Personnel was founded with the primary objective of ensuring that the healthcare sector in the United Kingdom has a trusted agency for all nursing staffing requirements. The NHS framework-approved agency has over the years proven their ability by continuously going the extra mile when it comes to meeting and exceeding their mandates. Nursing Personnel is proud of building a national brand and offering all professional nursing personnel a platform where they are guaranteed quality.

Robotic Surgery Now Offered at Hudson Regional Hospital

Ever since being taken over by a new owner last year, the hospital in Secaucus — now renamed Hudson Regional Hospital — continues to offer new services for patients.

The Ultimate Method to Attain Health -- Introduction of Guang Huan Mi Zong Holy Mountain Buddha Land and Its Positive Effects

LogoFor more than two thousand years, Guang Huan Mi Zong (GHMZ) Great Perfection Dharma has been considered as the supreme manifestation of the Nine Vehicles of Buddhism by all venerable masters. It is the essence of all Esoteric Buddhist Dharma, and preserves all the teachings of Supreme Yoga.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Offers Advanced Chiropractic Care in Newtown Square, PA

LogoWhen individuals are looking to turn to a trusted professional to address their chronic back pain near West Chester, PA, they can rely on Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates to provide the expert chiropractic care and physical therapy services their condition requires.

Center City Emergency Dentist Provides Emergency Dental Care for Those in Need

Center City Emergency Dentist is proud to provide professional emergency dental care for those in need across Philadelphia. Those experiencing pain or difficulty, or looking for teeth straightening options in Philadelphia can call Center City Emergency Dentist seven days a week for advice and treatment options. Center City Emergency Dentist specializes in orthodontic treatments, emergency services, and cosmetic dentistry using the latest advanced technologies.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Informs Customers of the Top Supplements for Winter Health

Arguably, the toughest season on one's health is winter. From the lack of sunlight to freezing cold temperatures and numerous illnesses making their way around, there almost always seems to be a greater risk of being ill during the winter. However, Big Daddy's Nutrition believes that does not always have to be the case. There is a wide range of supplements available to help individuals deal with winter illnesses, and this leading nutrition company wants to inform customers of the top supplements available to combat various winter ills.

Signature Medicine Offers Medical Weight Loss Programs to Patients

LogoSignature Medicine proudly offers medical weight loss programs in Langhorne, PA, and surrounding areas. Their medical weight loss programs include specialist medications and low-calorie diet guidance. They also supply meal replacement products that help to manage hunger and assist with your overall weight loss plan.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Offers Advice on Winter Bulking for Bodybuilders

As the premier provider of bodybuilding, weight loss, and nutritional supplements, Big Daddy's Nutrition is dedicated to offering not only high-quality products, but sound advice, tips, and information for weightlifters. Now, the company is featuring instruction and guidance on how bodybuilders can take advantage of specific nutritional supplements to cultivate mass and enhance their muscle strength.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Offers Tips for Athletes Coming out of Winter Workout Hibernation

As the premier provider of all-natural workout supplements, training tips, and advice on fitness regimens across Chester County, PA, Big Daddy's Nutrition is the go-to resource for athletes, gym goers, and weekend warriors all across the region. Now, the company is offering tips for shaking off winter workout hibernation and preventing training injuries this spring.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Residents Can Turn to Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center for Hand and Wrist Care

Philadelphia Hand to Shoulder Center, with 17 state-of-the-art offices located throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, provides care for all injuries and conditions of the hand and wrist. For more than 46 years, the center's physicians and therapists have pioneered advanced non-surgical and surgical techniques, and rehabilitation programs for patients who are looking to maximize function and minimize pain.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Offers Tips for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

In locations far and wide, New Year's Eve is a time of revelry, celebration, and jubilation. While many people engage in the festivities, just as many will make countless resolutions to save more money, take up a new hobby, and most commonly, improve their overall health and fitness level. Now, Big Daddy's Nutrition is providing tips and information on why most people's' resolutions fail, and what they can do about it.

Elevated Hemp Solutions Products Now Available for Purchase at Blowing Clouds

LogoBlowing Clouds—a smoke, vape and hookah shop in Norcross, GA—is now an authorized retailer for Elevated Hemp Solutions products. The store carries Happy Place Hemp and Elevated Soul CBD full-spectrum hemp flower tinctures, made from Wisconsin-grown, pesticide-free hemp.

Five Things To Know About Autism

More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder, but autism itself remains widely misunderstood. As a result, people with an autism spectrum disorder face a significant amount of stigma, which can present additional challenges for themselves and their families.

Integrity Eye Associates Set to Attend Annual Devon Horse Show & Country Fair

LogoFor its 8th year representing the acclaimed luxury glasses designer Maui Jim, Integrity Eye Associates, the most trusted source for eye exams near King of Prussia, PA, will be setting up shop right near the Ferris Wheel in Booth #19 at the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair from May 23, 2019, through June 2, 2019. As an activity for individuals of all ages, hosting hundreds of vendors, special events, exhibitions, and raffles; it will be a fun-filled week that area residents and their families certainly won't want to miss.

TruVision Health Offers a Greener Alternative for Household Cleaning Products

TruVision Health has expanded its eco-friendly health and wellness range by making simplyCLEAN available to households across the USA. This non-toxic biodegradable cleaner was previously only available to professionals and has astonished the commercial cleaning industry with its safety, cleaning power, and cost-effective price tag.

Professional Healthcare Resources Specializes in Quality Occupational Therapy in Annandale and Arlington, Maryland

LogoOccupational therapy is becoming a very popular and growing health profession which helps and guide the people who are suffering from physical and mental problems in their daily lives.

Professional Healthcare Resources Offers Incredible Home Healthcare in Arlington and Baltimore, Maryland

LogoA good number of people are choosing home health care service for multiple reasons. There are many levels of care accessible to people who wish to stay in their homes, however, who require some additional assistance. Having this service enables people to stay in their house and enjoy their lives without needing to rely on family members.

American Health Care Academy Offers BLS Solutions for Healthcare Providers

LogoAmerican Health Care Academy is an American-based institute that focuses on providing individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to save lives in terms of offering first aid. Founded by industry professionals, the institution offers its courses through their online platform as well as in person where they guarantee in-depth insights for learners interested in this particular field. Their core courses include CPR/AED course, First Aid Course, Bloodborne Pathogens and Demo Course. All their courses are in strict adherence with the laid down industry guidelines and through their exceptional team of instructors, one is sure to get value for their money when they enroll for the institute's courses.

Assured & Associates Personal Care Specializes in Occupational Therapy in Atlanta and DeKalb County, Georgia

LogoIn the competitive world, lifestyle has seen a sea change as people spend most of their time in office and other activities. Due to this type of busy routine, they are suffering from different kinds of problems and diseases, including back pain, mental issues, and emotional disorders. This is where occupation therapy can help.

Assured & Associates Personal Care Emerges as the Top Home Health Agency in Alpharetta and Douglasville, Georgia

LogoOne of the major headaches almost every individual has to face at a certain point of their life is when their loved ones get aged. Since the mobility potential begins to deteriorate, they lose the physical strength and power to perform day to day activities. As a result, they start to depend on others for almost anything. This can have a mental pressure on both the elderly and the family members. To avoid such hassle, engaging home health agency is worth considering.

Freedom from Fully Human Supplements Delivers Inflammation Relief at Research Backed Doses

LogoFreedom, the revolutionary new inflammation supplement from Fully Human Supplements delivering relief in doses that research shows can fight ailments, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.