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Amera Medical Transport Solutions Champions Patient Well-Being Through Air Ambulance in Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida

LogoTraffic issues cause so much inconvenience and frustration these days. As the number of vehicles has increased, the traffic issue has remained a massive headache for commuters. Of all, patients are the worst sufferers, especially the ones that need to be taken to the distant medical facility. To combat this issue and transfer the patient to the local hospitals or medical facilities, an air medical proves to be the most effective choice.

Amera Medical Transportation Solutions Offers Quick Air Medical Transportation in Tampa, Florida and San Antonio, Texas

LogoWith increasing traffic and inconvenience on the road, transferring a patient to the distant facility by road is often tricky. At times, the condition may be in such serious condition that any delay in transferring the patient may cause significant damage. Amera Medical Transportation Solutions delivers full medical booking, coordination, and monitoring services with highly trained professional representatives.

Naturopathy of Prostatitis Now Is Becoming a Hot Tread in the World: How to Treat Prostatitis in a Natural Way

LogoNormally, when it comes to the treatment of chronic prostatitis, antibiotics usually will come to patients' minds. Antibiotics can quickly alleviate symptoms, and large doses of antibiotics are approved by many doctors and patients. Meanwhile, a medication called an alpha-blocker and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may also be prescribed if you have problems with urination, these medications can also help relax the muscles in the prostate gland and the base of the bladder. During drug treatment, microwave, radiofrequency ablation, laser, and other physical therapies can be used to produce thermal effects to activate the blood circulation of prostatic tissue and accelerate metabolism, which is conducive to eliminate the inflammation, edema, relieve the pelvic floor muscle spasm and so on. However, there are many causes of chronic prostatitis, less than 10% of cases are infected by bacteria. So for most chronic patients, the effect of antibiotics is even less obvious. While antibiotics can undoubtedly cure diseases and save lives, they are not as safe as people think. The overuse will lead to the rise of dangerous drug-resistant bacteria that no longer respond to treatment.

Keen Healthcare Supplies Hospital Beds for Home Use Plus Bariatric Mattress, Low Air Loss Mattress, Bariatric Wheelchair, and Bariatric Walker Designs

LogoKeen Healthcare, one of the premier manufacturers and distributors of wheelchairs, medical equipment, and mobility products, is based in Oregon and have a team of knowledgeable experts who can help advise which products may be best suited to each client need. Their comprehensive range of bariatric products is designed to improve the mobility of patients who may find their challenges increase as they age and can be complicated by any added stress to joints, frequently encountered as osteoarthritis develops over time. The Keen Freelander Heavy Duty Bariatric Wheelchair remains a popular choice and is designed specifically for larger weight capacities. With a 19" seat to floor height, wheelchair cushions fit up to 24" wide and 18" deep. For wheelchair users up to 750lbs, Keen Healthcare also offer a choice of wheelchair cushions which are constructed from highly resilient foam, firm memory foam, and even air within the Star 4" Bariatric Contour Air Cushion. The same set of materials are used to design bariatric mattress es which need a sturdy construction and a larger sleeping area than a standard mattress. Not only are these bariatric products designed to enhance comfort, but they also aim to improve positioning. From hydraulic bariatric patient lifts to bariatric transfer poles, Keen also supplies transfer assist products which can increase safety and boost independence.

Burns Dentistry Celebrates over 20 Years of Excellent Dental Services

There are several different options for replacing missing teeth. But from the many available choices – the most effective and natural-looking one is dental implants. Dental implants act as a complete tooth replacement. They not only look – but also feel like real teeth.

Midwest Neurology Associates Provides Pain Relief for Migraines

LogoThose who suffer from migraines know firsthand just how painful, annoying, and inconvenient those headaches can be. Unfortunately, many Americans don't realize that there are treatment options available and instead, choose to suffer through the pain. Midwest Neurology Associates is ready to help anyone suffering from migraines take back control of their life with pain relief treatments and consultations.

Hudson Regional Hospital's Investment in Robotic Surgery Yields Big Safety, Outcomes Dividends for Patients

When you combine the expertise of a skilled surgeon with the capabilities of robotic technology, patients benefit in ways ranging from better outcomes and fewer complications to greatly reduced blood loss and shorter recovery time, says Yitzhack Asulin, MD, FACS, FACOG.

TruVision Health Offers Stress Relieving Products for Back-to-School Time

Going back to school can be a stressful time for students. Although college students will be returning to their friends and having fun without mom and dad, school can be incredibly stressful. Maintaining a GPA, passing exams, and getting enough sleep can be a struggle, but TruVision Health is here to help. TruVision Health carries a plethora of essentials that can assist anyone with winding down and taking a moment to relax. ByNature Oils has a variety of essential oils to purchase, with each oil serving a different function.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Has Mobility Solutions for Seniors Seeking Greater Independence

LogoSenior citizens who want to buy power wheelchairs in New Jersey but have found costs prohibitive are encouraged to shop at Goodwill Home Medical Equipment, which offers a wide variety of mobility solutions at deeply discounted prices.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Offers Gently Used Hospital Beds for Sale at Bellmawr, N.J., Location

LogoGoodwill Home Medical Equipment offers residents of Camden County, NJ, and the nearby regions a convenient place where they can donate unused medical supplies — but that's not all. In addition to accepting donations, the company also sells gently-used and unused medical essentials, such as hospital beds, at low discount prices.

Hudson Regional Hospital's Investment in Robotic Surgery Yields Big Safety, Outcomes Dividends for Patients

When you combine the expertise of a skilled surgeon with the capabilities of robotic technology, patients benefit in ways ranging from better outcomes and fewer complications to greatly reduced blood loss and shorter recovery time, says Yitzhack Asulin, MD, FACS, FACOG.

Continuum Recovery of Colorado Partners with BizIQ

Continuum Recovery of Colorado, a provider of outpatient rehab in Denver, CO, is pleased to announce it has begun a partnership with BizIQ, a digital marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in providing its services to small business clients across North America.

Redefine Healthcare Offering M.I.L.D. (Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression)

LogoRedefine Healthcare is pleased to announce that they offer the M.I.L.D. (minimally invasive lumbar decompression) procedure at their New Jersey clinics. This procedure is helpful for patients with moderate to severe LSS (lumbar spinal stenosis), who often can't walk more than short distances or even stand for more than a few minutes without experiencing significant pain. This condition significantly affects their quality of life. Until recently, the only treatment options these patients had were conservative methods that weren't always practical or open spine surgery.

Treat 2 Feet Partners with BizIQ

Treat 2 Feet, a provider of at-home foot care, recently signed a deal to partner with BizIQ, a digital marketing company based in Phoenix, Arizona that serves small businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

Bite Reclamation at CCED Improves Patients' Health and Appearance

Over time, the tops of teeth can erode, losing enamel and dentin and leaving the internal area of the tooth exposed. This erosion will affect not only make teeth look shorter, but can also impact dental health.

Urbane Healthcare to Open First Luxury Senior Living Complex in Missouri

LogoUrbane Healthcare, an Inspired Senior Living management company located in Nashville, Tennessee, will open their first luxury senior living complex in Gladstone, Missouri, a northland suburb of Kansas City this November.

Griswold Home Care Celebrates 16 Years of Compassionate Caregiving in Northern Vermont

Griswold Home Care is proud to celebrate their 16-year milestone in serving the needs of senior citizens with first-rate home care in Burlington, VT, as well as the rest of the Champlain Valley. Offering a multitude of services including companion care and personal care, Griswold Home Care has set the standard for compassion and quality of caregiving for senior care in Burlington, VT, over the past 16 years.

Griswold Home Care Highlights the Many Benefits of a Career as a Caregiver

Griswold Home Care encourages kind, compassionate job seekers in and around Burlington, VT, to consider a career in senior care. Interested parties can learn more about caregiver opportunities by visiting the Griswold Home Care website or contacting the company.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Now Offering Innovative Celtra® Duo Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate for Dental Restorations

LogoCornerstone Dental Labs is excited to inform dental professionals about their latest product development: Celtra® Duo Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate (ZLS). When milling porcelain crowns, doctors depend on strong material that is easy to work with, such as Katana aesthetic zirconia. The ultra-fine microstructure of ZLS is what makes Celtra® Duo such a dependable option when it comes to milling porcelain crowns.

Access Elevator Offers FREE Home Consultations for Seniors Looking for Stannah Stairlifts

LogoAccess Elevator has locations in Buffalo, Jamestown, Rochester and Syracuse, NY as well as the Pittsburgh, PA area. They are a leading provider of Stannah Stair Lifts. installing hundreds of stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and elevator solutions each year. With multiple configurations and safety features, an affordable home accessibility solution might be the best option to help seniors stay in their current home.

Big Daddy's Nutrition Announces Move to Downingtown, PA

Big Daddy's Nutrition is excited to announce that it has officially changed its location. Previously located in Exton, Big Daddy's Nutrition now resides on 711 East Lancaster Ave. in Downingtown, PA. Big Daddy's Nutrition remains committed to improving the lifestyles of people of all ages; the only thing that's changed is its location.

Bayshore Home Heath Care Tops in Senior Home Care in St Petersburg and Tampa Florida

LogoThe need to take care of senior members in the family, especially if they are physically not fine can be toiling on a single-family caregiver. All thanks to home care service providers like Bayshore Home Health Care, it is possible for family caregivers now to juggle both ends comfortably. Bayshore Home Health Care has been a trusted source for getting highly trained and professionals for home health care in Clearwater FL and Florida. They are like an extended member of the family who can be trusted with the responsibility of taking care of the senior members in the family as much as their own. One of the primary reasons for asking for their assistance is when any senior member in the family is not physically well and are on prescription drugs. For such critical patients, one needs to be at home to administer the medicines on time. The senior caregiver from Bayshore Home Health Care will not disappoint one in this regard. They are experienced in managing the prescribed drugs to the seniors as and when scheduled. They are dedicated to taking care of one's complete well-being. They will keep a tab on what medications the older adult is taking, what is the dosage, and even what medical issues they have. Being knowledgeable of all these things will help them look after the elderly member in the best possible way.

Bayshore Home Care Emerges to Be at the Top for Home Health Care in Clearwater FL and Florida

LogoIt takes a lot of effort on one's behalf to care for others; people who are outside the family. Treating family members of a different family as their own is not an easy job. There is, however, one home health agency that has been doing a great job in this regard. Bayshore Home Care is rightfully celebrated as one of the finest home health agencies for providing senior home care in St Petersburg and Tampa Florida. They have dedicated professionals who are trained to carry out the job with perfection. They are all happy and committed people full of care, compassion, and respect for the senior members of the family. They understand that being in their golden years means the older adults are nothing less than children. They too need to be cared for and catered also. Some need to depend on a third person because of old age and some due to their physical incapacity. Whatever the reason might be, the person to be chosen for taking care of the senior members of the family needs to be trustworthy. Family caregivers need to see that harmony is maintained in a home. With outside chores to attend to, having a capable and responsible senior home caregiver is a respite for them. They too can understand that it will be simple for them to go around doing their duties as the senior member is in good hands.

Decrease Ultraviolet-Induced Damage to Skin with the Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract in Sunsafe Rx

LogoSummer can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors, be it at the pool or in a park. You enjoy sports and get a tan. However, the ultraviolet rays of the sun do a significant amount of damage to your skin. Polypodium leucotomos leaf extract can help decrease the damage caused by UV rays. The nutritional supplement, Sunsafe Rx, contains polypodium leucotomos leaf extract in combination with various other antioxidants. The photoprotective properties of the extract, and the other antioxidants, have been proven to be effective in the prevention of sunburn and diminishing the skin problems associated with UV-caused damage. The protection of your skin by an oral photoprotective agent can have a plethora of benefits--including protecting your skin from sun damage and keeping it looking more youthful.

Avalon GloboCare (NASDAQ:AVCO) and GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Standardized Automation and Bio-Production for Cellular Medicines

LogoAvalon GloboCare Corp. (NASDAQ:AVCO), a leading clinical-stage global developer of cell-based technologies and therapeutics, today announced that they have established a strategic partnership with GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) . The partnership will accelerate Avalon's standardization, automation and bio-production for clinical-grade Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cells and other immune-effector cells for cellular immunotherapy, as well as exosomes/extracellular vesicles (EV) based regenerative therapeutics. The combination of expertise sets the stage for Avalon to be the leader in cellular medicines with the ability to execute on the complete development lifecycle from innovation through bio-production to the delivery and management of treatment at hospitals for patients. This infrastructure and depth of capabilities ensures the successful execution of the company's ongoing clinical trials.