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Magnetic MagneSteps Insoles Have Been Prepared for Sale Online

LogoNew acupressure magnetic insoles have been prepared for sale online first in Asia, and later - in other countries outside Asian borders. MagneSteps insoles are made of high quality material, which does not cause excessive perspiration.

Bash Dental Helps Correct Accidentally Damaged Smiles

Is charcoal toothpaste really better for teeth? Will drinking diet soda instead of the full-sugar version improve oral health? This month, Bash Dental is encouraging residents of the Greater Philadelphia area to re-evaluate their "healthy" dental care habits this month—and to make sure they're getting the right care that they need for great-looking smiles.

Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse in the United States in 2019

LogoRight now, travel nurse assignments across the country are opening up for the first few parts of 2019. Why might someone choose to travel nursing? This article contains 9 points to consider for someone considering being a traveling nurse.

February Is American Heart Month at Hudson Regional Hospital

February is American Heart Month at Hudson Regional Hospital (HRH). Our Cardiology Department deals with all aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases (cardiology). This department, like every department in our hospital, is staffed with specially trained physicians and nurses and outfitted with the latest technology and equipment to provide you with the best possible care.

Five Chiropractic Trends from 2018 to Keep in Mind in 2019

LogoRedefine Healthcare shares five chiropractic trends from 2018 to keep in mind in 2019. As 2019 gets started, many people look ahead to new trends. However, it's also important not to overlook the tried and true, especially when they're as useful as these five trends from 2018.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Advocates for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center advocates for minimally invasive surgery, citing the advantages and increased safety of such procedures. Minimally invasive spine surgery is an endoscopic procedure involving the use of special instruments and video cameras, which are inserted through very small incisions into the area being treated to help the orthopedic spine surgeon access the spine and perform the required procedure with increased accuracy and safety.

Nagler Foot Center Houston Specializes in Offering Hammer Toe Treatment

Nagler Foot Center Houston is one of the leading clinics based in Houston, Texas, USA. It enjoys a formidable reputation and tremendous popularity in and around the area for offering specialized treatments for foot and ankle problems. The clinic takes immense pride in the fact that it has so far successfully treated pediatric and adult foot and ankle disorders. Owing to these reasons, people in and around Houston count on Nagler Foot Center Houston for treating foot problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

CardioTrust Was Presented as the Newest Alternative Hypertension Treatment in Asia

LogoThe newly developed CardioTrust was recently presented in Asia as an alternative treatment of high blood pressure. The product contributes to reducing the high blood pressure to a level, appropriate for patient's age, without damaging his health. CardioTrust restores the flexibility of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Cone Health Transforms tele-ICU with Univago HE and Epic

LogoAt Cone Health, a tele-ICU is more than a way to remotely manage patients. Cone Health's tele-ICU, called eLink, reduces mortality, shortens time in the ICU and even lowers progression to septic shock. The newest version of eLink lets Cone Health customize new and existing workflows. It now uses Yorktel's Univago HE as its video platform.

IT's Never Too Late to Lose Those Extra Pounds

Just as January has come and gone, so have many well-intentioned New Year's resolutions to eat right, exercise more and lose those extra pounds.

Dr. Robert A. Kayal Receives Rave Reviews from Patients

For the ninth year in a row, Dr. Robert A. Kayal has been recognized by patients as one of New Jersey's most well-respected doctors.

No. 1 Korea Surgery Agency Offers All Round Care

The medical world is constantly evolving around us. Technology happens to be the primary driving factor for sales in this area but, over the years with emphasis on technology, the need for personal touch is slowly getting lost. One agency though, that wishes to give its customers a seamless service keeping quality care in mind is STMstyle, the no.1 Korea Surgery agency.

Women Worldwide Rave About Hyaldew Derma Fillers

In a world where women are going to great lengths to look young, painful accounts of unsuccessful surgeries are on the rise. Cosmetic surgeries which claim to be the cure all for wrinkle treatments are slowly losing their edge making it a lost cause.

Super-Specialist Dr. Stein Joins the RealSelf Hall of Fame in 2019

Dr. Stein and his team were recently honored as one of the top-rated practices within the U.S by RealSelf. The RealSelf Hall of Fame is just another accomplishment for the double board-certified surgeon. However, Dr. Stein notes the award is a significant reminder of the importance of an ongoing commitment to providing above-standard care.

Resurgence Wellness Center Providing PRP and Stem Cell Therapies

LogoResurgence Wellness Center is a regenerative and integrative medical practice that provides specialized treatments and personalized care for our patients.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Offers Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery for the New Year

LogoThe Philadelphia-based doctors at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center ring in the new year by offering state of the art Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery for their patients in the region. Most individuals fail to understand what BBL Surgery is, in addition to all of the benefits that come along with that particular procedure. The masterfully skilled team of doctors provide free consultation for patients considering BBL Surgery in Philadelphia to answer any and every one of their patients' questions and concerns before undergoing BBL surgery. Aside from the phenomenal results patients can expect concerning their appearance, there are some other benefits that patients will take away from this Montgomery County BBL Surgery.

Life Energy Designs Releases Detailed Guide on EMFs and Causes of Insomnia, Electrosensitivity, Stress, and More

Life Energy Designs started with the vision of two individuals who saw the need for better wellness and balance in themselves as well as their friends and family. The company started with just a few products designed for protection from EMF, but now, it has expanded to help others dealing with electrosensitivity, geopathic stress, insomnia, and more. Today, Life Energy Designs releases a detailed guide on its website regarding EMF, EMF protection, and the causes (and cures) of insomnia, stress, and electrosensitivity.

Access Elevator Provides Quality Platform Lift at the Best Rates

LogoThe feeling of being dependant on someone for moving around the house due to long-term physical issues, or for a short time is hard to accept for many. The very fact that one has to take help to get up a few stairs shatters the confidence, and many often go into a depression for this. All this and more can be avoided merely by opting for installing home elevators or a platform lift.

Access Elevator Is the Address for the Best Home Elevators and Residential Elevators

LogoThere have been times when installing a home elevator or residential elevator has been counted as a mark of luxury or unwanted expense. That is, however, not the case anymore. Home elevators and residential elevators are now much of a necessity. Many individuals are restricted to the wheel-chair or have mobility restrictions imposed on them due to accidents or injuries. For them, their home becomes one of the most challenging places to move around freely, and nothing can be more worrisome than that. That is why companies like Access Elevator has been in fame. They are one of the reliable sources for getting high-quality home elevators and residential elevators. They work with the best names in the industry and can guarantee that their clients get the best product for their price.

ANG Health Care Specializes in Home Care Services in Citrus Heights and Roseville, California

LogoHiring a person for home care or elderly caregiving is one of the essential tasks. It involves reckoning on the requirements and interviewing several persons before selecting a person for home care.

ANG Health Care Offers Ample Facilities with Senior Home Care in Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights, California

LogoDue to the time constraint and busy schedule, it becomes difficult for adult kids to find time for the seniors who are reasons for their presence on earth. Despite the sentimental fact, it is indeed difficult to deny the fact that the lifestyle has remarkably changed over the years, so has changed the work culture. Now, people spend most of their time at their desk.

Women's Intimate Wellness Gets a Whole Lot Easier in Nashville, TN

Early January 2019, Image Surgical Arts introduced a new procedure to its already extensive line of non-surgical procedures. The team at Image Surgical Arts is excited to announce the arrival of VIVEVE Geneveve® -an intimate wellness treatment for women. Patients can immediately start to schedule minimally-invasive Geneveve® treatments with a skilled female provider at the Nashville location.

Breast Cancer Survivor Tackles Health Disparities in Black Women in NYC

LogoMs. Walker is expanding breast and ovarian cancer awareness to African-American and Caribbean women in the five boroughs through NYC nonprofit SHARE

Assured & Associates Personal Care Offers Home Health Aide in Marietta and Alpharetta, Georgia

LogoTaking care of the needs of the loved ones on a regular basis is indeed very challenging and stressful. As people age, it becomes challenging for them to perform certain types of work on their own. Some of the find themselves even in more deplorable condition for they are unable to raise themselves out of a chair. Given such a situation that they go through, family members find it useful to engage home health aide in Marietta and Alpharetta, Georgia to take care of their loved ones in their absence.

Griswold Home Care Offers Companion Care Services

Everyone needs human interaction — it's an essential component of living a full, happy life. Many people, as they age, find that they become more withdrawn from social interaction, especially when their family does not have ample time to spend with them. These people need a support system that they can rely on.