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The New Generation of Natural Therapy Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill Replaces Antibiotics to Cure Chronic Prostatitis

LogoDiuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill, which has obtained the national patent (Patent Number: 200910157894.4) has been modified to become a newly released natural therapy that can completely replace antibiotics and heal Chronic Prostatitis.

Award-Winning Turmeric Formula from Offers Relief with No Side Effects

LogoChristian Wilde is announcing the relaunch of his website, carries several quality products for customers searching for health supplements, including Christian Wilde's Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula. Wilde advocated the health benefits of turmeric for 13 years on national radio with George Noory before envisioning the Christian Wilde's Enhanced Turmeric+ Formula. The formula went on to win the Excellence in New Health Product Innovation Award in Cambridge, Maryland at the Emord & Associates 10th year Gala "For Inventing Novel and Effective Products that Enhance Health and Life." This formula has sold over 140,000 bottles by word of mouth, without paid advertising, and can boast an overall 89% website reorder rate.

Griswold Home Care Helps Families Struggling with Long-Distance Caregiving

According to a survey conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving, nearly 34 million Americans are caregivers for an elderly parent. Out of that number, almost five million are living more than an hour away from the person they are caring for. Long-distance caregiving can pose unique challenges for all parties involved, and for those families that find caregiving from a distance especially difficult, Griswold Home Care of Northern Vermont is here to help.

Precision Pain & Spine Institute Offering Electrodiagnostic Testing

Electrodiagnostic testing, also known as a nerve conduction velocity testing or NCV, is a common technique used to test nerve and muscle function. Physicians order these studies to help identify the cause of numbness or tingling in the neck or back. Conditions often diagnosed this way include pinched nerves, muscle disease, and peripheral nerve injuries. The test generally has two parts: one that tests the nerves (nerve conduction studies) and one that tests the muscles (electromyography). NCV shows how the nerves and muscles are functioning, helping determine the causes of pain, numbness, or weakness in the back or body.

Gentle Braces Offers Highest Quality Invisalign Treatment to Improve a Person's Smile and Oral Health

Gentle Braces offers invisalign treatment that focuses on alignment of the teeth and jaws to improve a person's smile and oral health. They have a team of experienced orthodontists who have the expertise and experience in tooth alignment for children, teenagers and adults. The aligners they use in this treatment are developed with the 3D computer graphics technology. In the initial stage, aligners are fabricated and fit in the mouth which moves the teeth in every 2 weeks. After a period of 2 weeks, new aligners are adjusted. This process continues till the desired position of teeth is achieved. This dental procedure is widely used to correct crooked, stained, or damaged teeth. Their orthodontists in Aventura have helped many people with their personalized treatment and have improved their dental appearance.

Gentle Teeth Offers Successful Treatments for People Suffering from Any Kind of Periodontal Disease

Gentle Teeth, a leading orthodontist in Parkland, offers periodontal therapy to patients of all ages. They have a team of periodontists who are experienced in providing both, non-surgical and surgical treatments, for any kind of periodontal disease. Each of their periodontist is compassionate, committed and dedicated to provide the best treatment possible. Their periodontal therapy focuses on improving overall oral health by removing of calculus and bacterial plaque, which is highly responsible for causing a host of periodontal diseases. This dental procedure not only relieves the pain of an infection deep inside the teeth, but also enhances the overall function of patients' teeth. Anyone looking for a reliable dental care center for periodontal therapy can contact Gentle Teeth now.

Braverman Eye Center Provides LASIK Surgery Assisting Patients in Regaining Their Normal Vision

LogoA prominent name in the realm of ophthalmology, Braverman Eye Center offers Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis surgery (LASIK) to help improve people's vision. Their LASIK procedure has become widely popular across South Florida due to its accuracy and success rates. The procedure is carried out by a team of board certified Ophthalmologists with years of experience under their belt. They use advanced tools to ensure that their patients recuperate their normal vision within minimum possible time. Anyone looking for a reputable eye center can contact them by filling out the simple form present on their official website,

Braverman Eye Center Offers a Free LASIK Screening at Its Center at Hollywood, Florida

LogoBraverman Eye Center, a premier Lasik specialist in South Florida, offers free LASIK screenings to individuals who want to know whether they are a suitable candidate for this eye surgery. They provide free LASIK screenings at their eye center in Hollywood, Florida. The team of experienced professionals uses the latest tools and technology in eye examinations to get an accurate analysis of disease for proper management. Their screening services are the best for people who want to get rid of glasses and contact lenses. They have built their reputation on integrity and the highest standards of care. Individuals who are interested in their free LASIK screening can fill out a form available on

Choice MedWaste Offers Flexible Pricing for Medical Facilities

Medical facility owners and managers who feel trapped in their current contract controlling their medical waste disposal in Lancaster County, PA are encouraged to contact Choice MedWaste today to learn about how their flexible pricing can provide a more individualized solution to the issue of biohazard removal.

Elements Toronto Makes Wellness Medispa an Integral Part of Its Holistic Health Care Services

Elements Toronto now considers wellness medispa as an integral part of its holistic medical care services. The clinic that offers high-end cosmetic surgery has integrated the wellness spa as part of its holistic approach to care and things are working quite well. Elements Toronto has urged clients to continue leveraging on the spa for better health outcomes in the future.

101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia Now Offers Commercial Stairlift Installation

Business owners in Philadelphia know that inclusivity is important and accommodating guests with a disability should be a top priority. 101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia is proud to announce that they are now offering commercial stair chair lifts for seniors in Bucks County to help business owners increase their office's accessibility. 101 Mobility even offers commercially approved wheelchair lifts to enhance a business' level of accessibility even further.

Stop! Before Selling an Eye Care Practice, Contact Optometric Transactions Consultants

When it comes time to sell an optometry practice, the process can be long and intricate. Optometric Transactions Consultants (OTC) offers a streamlined, simplified way to sell and buy. Acting as an in-house brokerage service, OTC encourages optometrists to contact them for early consultations, as soon as they begin to think about selling.

Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle with Arteries in Harmony, to Be Released Oct 9th

LogoArteries in Harmony: Defending Our Arteries, Protecting Our Lives And Preserving Our Happiness In The Era of Obesity And Diabetes is the newest book from Anthony Pothoulakis, a medical doctor and author. His goal is to help readers looking for a healthy lifestyle, whom most likely were otherwise engaged in unhealthy habits. With a focus on obesity and diabetes, Dr. Pothoulakis hopes to see the rates of these diseases go down to the levels they were 50 years ago, but he realizes this cannot be done simply by relying on doctors, nurses, universities and hospitals. According to Dr. Anthony , we must all make efforts towards our own healthier lives.

Simsii Featuring Superior Yet Affordable Non-Sterile PES Syringe Filters

LogoSimsii Inc. has a tradition of delivering top quality membrane filters and syringe filters since the year 2013. The products are designed by an in-house R&D team and manufactured in a modern facility through proven techniques and attention to detail. The products are a smart investment for biological, chemical, beverage, and other laboratories, helping them to bring agility, accuracy and assurance in applications. Be it filtering particles and microorganisms for sterile venting, clarification and sample preparation, ion chromatography or other laboratory operation, the filters support it all. Thanks to Simsii's competitive pricing, they are always easy on the pocket.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Provides High-Quality Removables and Timely Denture Repair Services

LogoAs one of Pennsylvania's leading providers of high-quality removables and denture repair services, Cornerstone Dental Labs is a top choice for numerous dentist offices across Lansdale, PA, and many other areas. The technicians from this dental lab take great pride in the dentures they make, and it shows with each patient's smile. Creating the dentures is no simple task, as the team at Cornerstone Dental Labs has to take the time to examine the size of each patient's jaw, the previous teeth, and keep in mind any considerations or needs the patient has to achieve that new, perfect smile.

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment Offers Tips to Help Seniors Boost Their Social Wellness

LogoGoodwill Home Medical Equipment recommends that seniors maintain a strong social support network. Strong relationships lead to a feeling of wellbeing, and they foster emotional and tangible support that is crucial as people age.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Assists Parents to Remove Lice from Their Child's Head Without Using Harmful Chemicals

Small parasitic and creepy creatures, head lice, are blood suckers that reside on human scalps and are contagious. Although, they are not dangerous, but itchiness associated with them is annoyingly unbearable and one might end up plucking one's hair. Head lice infestation is one of the most common problems, particularly among school-age children in USA and world over. With this in mind, Advice on Lice, Inc. provides highly effective Head Lice Treatment in MD, DC, & VA. Karen Franco, the founder of the company, is committed to assist people with a full range of head lice removal services. She educates parents and teaches them how to remove lice from their child's head without using harmful chemicals.

Advice on Lice, Inc. Provides Professional and Reliable Head Lice Removal Services in MD

Leveraging on its in-depth experience and verified procedures, Advice on Lice, Inc. provides professional service for head lice removal in MD. The lice removal process at Advice on Lice segmented into three stages and each is managed by a team of experienced nitpickers. Each of their head lice removal process is clinically proven and doesn't cause any side effects. Their Salon in MD is equipped with a range of amenities and comfort facilities capable of handling entire families or individuals. Strategically located in Kensington, MD and Falls Church, the company provides in-home & in-office appointments lice removal services throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Call them at 240-242-4267 to set up an appointment.

MS Teamworks Announces New Inspirational Stories for the Multiple Sclerosis Community

LogoThe Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers' online project MS Teamworks has added new educational and inspiring content from patients and MS experts to its innovative digital collection of powerful multiple sclerosis (MS) stories. Authentic video stories from people living with MS, healthcare professionals, and specialty talks on MS Treatment and Management, MS in the Pediatric Population, Mental & Emotional Well-Being and MS, and Special Considerations in MS Care make up the MS Teamworks content library. MS topics such as "MS: Why Numbers Matter," "Neuro-Ophthalmology," and "What Does It Mean to Be in a Clinical Trial," are also part of the programming.

Study Reveals Why Some Patients Choose Brazilian Butt Lift with Implants Rather Than Augmentation with Own Fat

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that can greatly enhance the looks of a person's buttocks. Nowadays, many people choose to go abroad for Brazilian butt lift since the short and inexpensive travel can reduce the total costs significantly.

Breast Lift Abroad - Patient Saves 47% on World-Class Surgery Even After Travel Expenses

A breast lift reshapes the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue, thus raising it. Also known as mastopexy, most women go abroad for breast lift since the savings they get are worth the trip.

A Chronic Pain Warrior Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Her Warrior Life Planner

The Warrior Life Planner is an all-new and truly one of a kind life planner created by an inspiring American woman, McKenna. She is a chronic pain warrior and she has created this planner for all the other chronic pain warriors worldwide. Moreover, McKenna has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for this inspiring project on Kickstarter, where she is aiming to raise a sum of $15,000 for this planner.

Pain Management Is a Dirty Word

Pain management is like a dirty word these days. With so much attention being brought to the opioid crisis, and rightly so, there have been countless articles, radio ads, and magazine features dedicated to the topic of "pain management". Naturally this attention has also created much confusion around what this term means. Pain management is actually a very broad term that includes a wide spectrum of medical professions and wide range of specialists and skill sets. It can include pill-mills where anyone with a license to prescribe can give out medications, to Primary Care physicians, Physical therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Medicine & Rehab physicians, Anesthesiologists, Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons.

Center for Network Therapy Providing Drug Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

LogoCenter for Network Therapy (CNT) provides empirically-supported clinical services to enable life-changing experiences through drug and alcohol treatment. The center offers treatment to people who have been suffering from addiction to prescription drugs or other illicit drugs. CNT has trained staff that is experienced in providing medical interventions and therapeutic treatment. They help individuals overcome addiction with a comprehensive and affordable drug rehab in New Jersey. CNT is licensed to provide medically monitored ambulatory detox from drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.

Light of Gold PR Hosts the Upcoming Gold Women's Wellness Business Breakfast in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

LogoWomen of today have a lot on their plate. Many of us are running a household, taking care of a spouse or significant other, children, and possibly aging parents on top of running a business or having a full-time job. Our health, wellness and self-care often comes last and we forget to take care of ourselves. How can we run businesses and prioritize what is important? How do we plan for unexpected major life events like a serious health diagnosis or a disability? If you're interested in learning how to balance your Health and Wellness while also operating and growing your business, then join Light of Gold PR at our Gold Women's Wellness Business Breakfast to be held on Thursday, October 11th from 8:30am -10:30am at The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, located at 335 Adams Street, Suite 2700, Brooklyn, New York, 11201. The Event also includes Breakfast Refreshments, Prize Drawings, and a Fun Speed Networking Session that starts at 8:30 am.