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Gastroenterologist in Beverly Hills Specialist, Dr. Berookim, Rated as Top in the Field

LogoGastroenterologist in Beverly Hills specialist, Dr. Berookim, has been cited as a top performer in the Colonoscopy field. The Gastroenterologist in Beverly Hills doctor is pleased to be recognized as a top performer as patients realize just how much dedication and hard work goes into such a distinction. Dr. Berookim is poised to continue to deliver excellent service in the years to come.

The Eyeman Optical Offers Military Discount

The Eyeman Optical of Stuart now offers a military discount on their prescription eyewear collection for men and women. This offer is for all active duty military personnel and veterans. It discounts any prescription eyeglass or sunglass purchase by 25%. This promotion begins June 20th and ends August 20th.

ExerciseN - Jumpstarts and Supports Individuals' Health and Fitness Goals

With the aim of jumpstarting and supporting individuals' health and fitness goals, ExerciseN takes pride in offering highly innovative health and fitness product reviews to all health lovers and fitness enthusiasts. One of the most sought after review categories of ExerciseN is health and fitness. This is a clear indication that more and more individuals want to take care of their competence and well-being. That being said, ExerciseN plays its role by helping these individuals accomplish their goals and offering specially designed and innovative reviews on products like weight benches, rowing machines, and many more. Individuals can incorporate these products into their regular fitness routines.

Q BioMed Inc. Provides Important Update on Mannin Research Tie2 Technology Platform Development

LogoQ BioMed Inc., a commercial stage biotechnology acceleration development company, provides the following update on its exclusively licensed platform technology asset from Mannin Research Inc.

Fiorentini Dentistry Helps Hundreds of Athletes Practice Healthy Habits

LogoFor the second year in a row, Chris Fiorentini of Fiorentini Family Dentistry joined the "Healthy Athletes" initiative to bring special wellness services and education to all athletes competing in the 50th Special Olympics of New Jersey. In just two days, over 350 athletes received dental screenings, mouth guard fabrication and oral hygiene instruction as part of the Special Smiles program set up and coordinated by Fiorentini.

Studio City Compounding Pharmacy, ABC Compounding Pharmacy, Recognized as Leaders

LogoTop-rated Studio City compounding pharmacy, ABC Compounding Pharmacy, has recently been recognized as one of the premier compounding pharmacies in the greater Los Angeles area. ABC Compounding Pharmacy is pleased to receive the distinction as they continue to push the bounds of their service to greater heights. The Studio City compounding pharmacy recognizes the amount of dedication it requires to be a top performing pharmacy and is poised to continue their excellent services.

Family Tree in-Home Care Appoints Kelley Richard as Regional Director

Family Tree In-Home Care, a premier regional provider of private duty caregiving and nursing services, is pleased to announce the addition of Kelley Richard as Regional Director. With over 25 years of experience, Kelley will be responsible for operational excellence and growth initiatives for the home care company across its branch offices in Houston, Austin, The Woodlands, Clear Lake, and (coming August 2018) Denver.

iDental Group Is Now Taking Patients in Need of Root Canal Treatments at All Four of Their Convenient Locations

iDental Group is pleased to offer patients quick and painless root canal treatments at each of their four convenient locations. Sometimes a cavity becomes so large that it starts to affect the tooth's nerve, and that is when a root canal is necessary to not only relieve pain, but to save the tooth from being completely removed. No matter what type of service is needed, such as a root canal treatment in Miami or a simple cleaning in Coconut Creek, iDental Group always exceeds patient standards with the highest quality dental care in the South Florida region.

First Choice Accident & Injury Care Hires Auto Accident Chiropractor in Marietta and Atlanta

LogoFirst Choice Accident & Injury Care, LLC. is a reputable accident injury clinic, delivering professional medical treatment and care to relieve immediate pain caused by an untoward accident as well as chronic neck or back pain. To provide right course of treatment and care, the company employs only knowledgeable and expert auto accident chiropractor in Marietta and Atlanta who has a high level of expertise and experience in treating injured patients.

First Choice Accident and Injury Engages Personal Injury Doctor in Alpharetta and Atlanta to Deliver Professional Care and Treatment

LogoInjury of any kind, major or minor can be devastating if not treated on time. It becomes even more severe when the injury occurs due to an accident. The impact of the accident might be so severe at times that the injured may not in a state to take the right course of treatment. Besides, the person might be writhing in excruciating pain. In such cases, First Choice Accident and Injury Care is a name one can trust.

Happy Komucha's Leading Fermenting Jars Now All Available at Discounted Prices

Happy Kombucha, posisbly the UK's most renowned supplier of probiotic drink and probiotic drink/food making equipment, are now offering all of their high quality fermenting jars at reduced prices, enabling all to kickstart their healthy lifestyles affordably. Not only this, but the company are also offer free shipping on all orders over £35.

Excel Home Healthcare Inc. Provides Dedicated Home Nurse in Amador County and Cameron Park

LogoWith age, it is quite common for individuals to suffer from certain diseases and have trouble in moving around. Mobility is perhaps one of the main concerns for most of the seniors as most of them find it quite difficult to walk without support. Excel Home Healthcare Inc. is one such renowned company that offers total comfort and assistance to these individuals.

Excel Home Healthcare Inc. Offers Speech Therapy in Cameron Park and Clarksville California

LogoExcel Home Healthcare Inc. offers top quality nursing care, home nursing services, senior home care, physical therapy, and home nurse in Clarksville CA, Cameron Park, White Rock CA, El Dorado Hills, Amador County, and nearby areas. This agency has been able to earn a reputation for offering the highest quality of care to each that they serve. They also make sure that the patients maintain their freedom as well as their self-esteem. The 4-star rating received from the CMS or Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is a testimony to the quality care that they offer. Excel Home Healthcare Inc. is certified and licensed by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid in addition to the California Public Health Licensing and Certification Board. The Joint Commission also accredits this agency.

Auto & Work Injury Center Available to Treat Patients with Back Pain This Summer Season

Those injured in automobile accidents, work-related accidents, or in numerous other ways can seek assistance from Auto & Work Injury Center now. The company provides a variety of treatment options, including chiropractic therapy in Portland to those who suffer from back pain and other ailments due to an accident.

Detoxifying Patches Detoki Have Been Released for Sale in Africa

LogoRecently produced Detoki patches are now available in some African countries, including Kenya and Senegal. They are intended to purify human's body through acupuncture points situated on the feet.

Buckingham Pavilion Celebrates 44 Years of Commitment to Excellence

Since its inception as The Stern's Convalescent Home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Buckingham Pavilion has been committed, not only to providing top-of-line nursing care but doing so with a focus on dignity and a homelike atmosphere.

An Inspiring Documentary About Asperger's Syndrome Launches Indiegogo Campaign

George Steeves is a Los Angeles based American artist, who is on the Autism Spectrum and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was only 11 years old in the year 2000. George has recently announced that he will be raising funds and support for this upcoming documentary film on Indiegogo and goal is to raise a sum of $25,000 in this recently launched Indiegogo campaign.

Follow-Up Open Letter to Rite Aid Corporation Stockholders

Today Chris Komatinsky released the following follow-up open letter to stockholders of Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD):

Doctify Announced Its Current Slate of the Top-Rated UK Healthcare Practitioners on Its Platform

Doctify (, the London-based health technology company that connects patients to doctor and hospital reviews and streamlines the appointment process, today announced its current slate of the top-rated UK healthcare practitioners on its platform.

General Health Checkup Abroad: Attractive Pricing and World-Class Medical Care

Many people choose affordable health checkups abroad nowadays to help foresee and fight against heath issues before they even arise. Diagnosing them early increases the chances of being treated and cured. Health checkups abroad cost significantly less especially for people living in the UK and the Scandinavian countries.

Study Shows Weight Loss Surgery Abroad Is Becoming a Go-to Choice for Many

Weight loss surgery abroad is becoming more popular ever since the medical breakthrough was offered to the public. Some people are not genetically designed to lose weight as easily as others, and because surgery is expensive, most choose to go abroad for weight loss surgery. This helps them feel and look better without having to spend a fortune.

ANG Health Care, Inc. Offers the Best Physical Therapy in Roseville and Sacramento

LogoWhen it comes to looking for skilled occupational therapy, home health care, home care services and senior home care in Fair Oaks California, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Folsom, Sacramento and nearby areas, ANG Health Care, Inc. is the name to rely on. At ANG Health Care, the physical therapist here works with the patient to improve their quality of life by helping them reclaim their mobility so that they can live life on their terms.

ANG Health Care, Inc. Brings Senior Home Care in Roseville and Sacramento to the Doorstep

LogoANG Health Care, Inc. can be trusted upon for best quality senior home care in Roseville and Sacramento. The company is often considered as the preferred provider of in-home care for seniors, and they take the pledge to the communities which they serve very sincerely. The company offers senior home care for people who need assistance with their activities of daily living until they regain their ability to live with total independence.

Attention Medical Supply Introduces New Lift Chairs in Batesville and Jonesboro, Arkansas

LogoLift chairs provide a service to many individuals who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position. All one needs to do is push a button, and it brings one up to a standing position without putting pressure on one's knees and back. There are many products on the market. Some are worth more than others due to their overall build and design. However, before investing, one should know what options one has and what features can make a big difference in the quality of one's experience.

Attention Medical Supply Features New Stair Lift in Jonesboro and Searcy, Arkansas

LogoMobility problem with chronic conditions can be a significant impediment to the daily activity. The condition at times may become so severe that people can lose confidence in themselves. No matter how it occurs, the inability to move between the floors can surely snatch the sense of freedom and individuality. Attention Medical Supply deserves the special mention for their effort in bringing in a wide range of mobility equipment, including lift chairs and stair lifts in Jonesboro and Searcy, Arkansas.