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Intermountain Receives $1.8 Million from CDC for Collaborative Antibiotic Initiative with U of U Health

LogoIf you're sick but not in dire straits, where do you go when your doctor's office is closed? For a lot of people, the answer is increasingly a nearby urgent care clinic. Nationally, urgent care clinics have been identified as a setting where antibiotics are more likely to be prescribed inappropriately when compared to other outpatient settings.

Vancouver Medical Doctor Introduces Facial Peels in Vancouver

LogoLooking for an all-in-one skin solution in Vancouver? The facial peel is probably as close as it gets. As an aesthetic doctor, Dr. Roz Kamani offers medical strength facial peels in Vancouver. With the ability to simultaneously address a variety of skin concerns, these peels are rapidly gaining a reputation as the holy grail of skincare. For more, go to: medical strength facial peels in Vancouver

CareMax Is Offering the Latest TENS Units Machines and Permanent IPL Hair Removal Devices

LogoCareMax is a family-owned and local Australian company that was established to provide quality and affordable alternative wellness products to Australians. The company's interest has been in offering modern devices that use the latest technology for their functionality. Since the market is flooded with such devices, CareMax has a team of specialists who carefully select the inventory, taking into account the country's regulations and performance of the products.

Seattle's Family Dentistry Holds the Reputation of Being the Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle and Shoreline Washington

LogoSeattle's Family Dentistry is the dental practice of Dr. Ajwant Goraya, from where people can acquire several dental treatments.

Intermountain Healthcare Says It Is Well-Positioned for the Future in Annual Report to the Community

LogoIn its annual report to the community, Intermountain Healthcare's leaders said the organization is making strides to improve care and make it more affordable for patients and communities.

Dr. Paul Drago Makes Facial Reconstructive Cosmetic Treatments Available to Clients in Greenville

LogoDr. Paul Drago is a renowned surgeon based in Greenville and has been practicing corrective and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years. In a recent announcement, Dr. Drago has decided to expand on his list of cosmetic surgery solutions and is now offering clients the option of availing reconstructive surgery.

Global Investment in Sports Medicine Leads to Growth in ACL/PCL and Meniscus Repair

LogoCountries like Japan investing $3.67 billion in the Tokyo 2020 summer games are one of many factors increasing the awareness and importance of sports medicine.

Wynnewood Dental Arts Provide Emergency Dentistry for Philadelphia Residents

Wynnewood Dental Artsis proud to provide professional emergency dentistry services across the Philadelphia region. Dr. Thomas DeFinnis and his team of dental professionals are family dentistry specialists, offering a relaxing environment in which patients can find relief from pain and discomfort. The staff at Wynnewood Dental Arts have recently explained the importance of emergency dentistry.

Seattle Scanning Company Offers Medical Records Scanning

LogoMedical scanning services in Seattle work to leverage patient data, reduce data entry, and mitigate errors

Why Choose Cosmetic Surgery Center of Nashville

LogoDeciding to have plastic surgery is a big decision. We want the best results with minimal downtime. So not only do you have to decide who your plastic surgeon will be, but you also have to decide on where your surgery will take place based on the plastic surgeon you choose. Many people do not think about the location of their plastic surgery as an important part of their decision.

Right Medical Billing Is Offering Reliable and Affordable Medical Billing Services

LogoRight Medical Billing focus has been on ensuring that physicians and healthcare centers in Houston get to worry less about their revenue cycle management and concentrate more on their primary duties. Instead of straining to manage these all-important aspects individually, the company comes to the rescue by offering custom-tailored medical coding and billing solutions. Right Medical Billing has a team of seasoned specialists with decades of experience in this niche segment, making them the ultimate financial partner.

Radiant Expression Dental Offers the Best Services of Cosmetic Dentistry in Davie and Pembroke Pines Florida

LogoRadiant Expression Dental is renowned family dentistry based in the state of Florida. This dentistry is staffed with experienced dentists who strive to ensure the good dental health of their discerning patients.

Chronic Prostatitis: Why Do More and More People Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine Rather Than Homeopathy?

LogoGreen therapy is a natural and safe general biomedical therapy proposed and promoted by the World Health Organization in the world. Homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine are part of the most commonly used natural therapies.

Using Technology to "Nudge" Heart Patients to Take Meds Leads to Better Outcomes According to Intermountain Healthcare Study

LogoStatins are an effective medication for treating patients with heart disease – they cut the risk of a second major adverse cardiac event by almost 50 percent. But only about six percent of patients take statins as prescribed. One way to solve that? Nudge them. Literally.

Intermountain Cancer Care Is Praised and New Cancer Answers Hotline Launched

LogoWorld-renowned cancer researcher, author, and teacher, Robert Weinberg, Ph.D., calls healthcare delivery in Utah, "extraordinary" and credits Intermountain Healthcare as a model health system when it comes to cancer care.

SwiftPath Program Co-Founder Craig McAllister, MD Joins the Everett Clinic as Medical Director of Total Joint Replacement

LogoSwiftPath Program, LLC is pleased to confirm that Co-founder Craig McAllister, MD has joined The Everett Clinic, part of Optum, as Medical Director of Total Joint Replacement.

ANG Health Care Offers Skilled Nursing in Sacramento and Roseville California

LogoThere are many who, after a prolonged illness or a surgery, wants to recover in the comfort of their home. It might not, however, be possible due to many issues. The family caregivers can't take care of patients who need to be looked after all the time, and constant monitoring. Without all the proper equipment at home and also specialized help, just anyone can't take care of such critical patients. That is why there is the need to get skilled nursing in Sacramento and Roseville, California. It is the experienced nurses only who can take proper care of such patients. Finding such trained personnel is difficult until and unless one knows about AND Health Care. This is one agency that provides trained and skilled nurses to provide the much-needed solution to the patient's family members. Their qualified nurses have many years of experience in caring for critical patients offering them care and love in their known circumstances.

Avalon Globocare Corp (NASDAQ:AVCO) Poised to Take Advantage of the Chinese Trade Deal

LogoAvalon GloboCare Corp. (NASDAQ:AVCO), a leading global developer of cell-based technologies and therapeutics, is poised to take advantage of the Chinese trade deal optimism from last week. Avalon Globocare closed the week on Nov 7th just over even on the week however there was an increase in liquidity from the week before and 3/5 trading sessions closed a green signaling regimen investor optimism.

Diminish the Appearance of Wrinkles with Sunsafe Rx, a Sunscreen Supplement

LogoThis press release is to announce that clinical research shows the sunscreen supplement, Sunsafe Rx, can help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging.

Enhance Your Skin's Defense Against Environmental Damage with the Sun Protection Supplement, Sunsafe Rx

LogoPeople like to go outside during the summer to enjoy picnics or indulge in outdoor sports. And some people enjoy indoor tanning to get a glowing tan. However, years of sun exposure and indoor tanning have multiple harmful effects on your body, particularly on your skin and eyes. One of these issues is actinic keratosis: a skin condition characterized by scaly rough patches of skin on your neck, scalp, hands, forearms, ears, lips, and face as a result of sun damage. Sunsafe Rx sun protection pills enhance your defenses against the effects of environmental exposure that may lead to skin damage including harmful effects like actinic keratosis. Research shows that the ingredients in the Sunsafe Rx nutritional supplement can help reduce harmful effects from UV rays.

Premier Pediatrics Offers the Services of Compassionate Pediatric Doctor in Belleview and Beverly Hills Florida

LogoPremier Pediatrics provides a wide range of pediatric care services that are meant for infants to 18-year-olds.

Kayal Orthopedic Center Expanding in Stony Point, NY, Area

New state-of-the-art office to open at 11 Holt Drive

Nine Intermountain Hospitals Earn 'A' Grades in New National Safety Report

LogoNine Intermountain Healthcare hospitals in Utah have received an 'A' grade in a new national safety report.

WeCare Tlc Adopts Bridges to Excellence Standards at Healthcare Centers Nationwide

LogoWe Care tlc, a leading workplace healthcare center operator, is adopting best practices, Bridges to Excellence standards, at all 53 healthcare centers nationwide, effective immediately. The company will share its own data with the program in order to ensure the highest level of care for its patients.

South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies Excels in Hospital Equipment in Heroica Nogales and Monterrey

LogoFor those looking for hospital equipment in Heroica Nogales and Monterrey, South Texas Medical Equipment & Supplies is the ultimate resource.