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Expert Aesthetics Has a Unique Seven Step Approach to Weight Loss

LogoExpert Aesthetics is a leading provider of skin lasers and non-invasive aesthetic treatments based in Mumbai. Set in a pristine setting and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, it serves as a speciality skin clinic for all types of aesthetic treatments. Led by Dr. Dipanjali Singh, who is a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine and specializes in cosmetic, anti-ageing, hair loss and weight loss treatments, the clinic attracts not just local but overseas patients as well. She is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (USA) and has been associated with the official training of doctors in MPG in Mumbai.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Minimally Invasive TLIF Treatment

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center is proud to offer minimally-invasive TLIF treatment. TLIF stands for transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and is used to treat a variety of conditions that can cause spinal compression and instability as well as reduced disc height.

Green Scientific Labs Offers Lab Testing for Hemp CBD

Green Scientific Labs has announced that they are offering lab testing for hemp CBD products including oils, pills, gummies, lotions and other items. As the demand and competition for the industry heats up, hemp CBD oil 3rd party lab testing is essential for brands to separate themselves from the competition. While optional, accreditation of the quality of products can help brands to stand out from the competitors and build trust among consumers.

Clearing Chlamydial Infection with Phytoconstituents, Natural Therapy Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill Achieves a "Flora Balance"

LogoRecently, Wuhan Dr.Lee TCM Clinic announced that they use a variety of medicinal plants to compound Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill on the basis of retaining beneficial bacteria while eliminating harmful bacteria, thus to complete eradication of chlamydia infection and its complications without side effects with this natural therapy.

Vibcare Pharma Provides Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions

LogoVibcare Pharma has since their establishment been run with the primary objective of providing players in the pharmaceutical sector with a trusted partner to cater for all their contract manufacturing and pharma franchising requirements. The company runs its production from the World Health Organization and GMP certified facilities which are a guarantee of top class solutions. Vibcare Pharma complements their already high standards of operations to the continual improvement of their products, processes, and systems to stay ahead of market trends.

Campus Eye to Provide Educational Lectures for Lancaster County Optometric Association

LogoCampus Eye Center, a leading eye care practice in Lancaster County, is excited to announce that it will be providing two educational lectures at the Lancaster County Optometric Association's first meeting of 2019.

101 Mobility of Greater Philadelphia Offers Stairlift and Wheelchair Ramp Rentals

101 Mobility offers residential chair lifts for Philadelphia residents, helping individuals move from one place to another and maintain their independence. However, every person's situation is unique, and some scenarios, such as a visiting relative or other event, require a short-term solution. 101 Mobility's rental programs, which provide wheelchair ramps and stairlifts, allow customers to select the best plan for their needs.

Vancouver Medical Spa Now Offers Facial Peels for Optimal Skin Beauty and Health

LogoReady for smoother, more radiant skin? Dr. Roz Kamani now offers chemical peels at her Vancouver medical spa in Kitsilano. For those of you new to the beauty biz, facial peels are a form of chemical exfoliation that reaches deep into the skin to dissolve the dead cells and other debris. As a less abrasive, deeper type of exfoliation, chemical peels may be used to correct issues such as uneven tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and even acne. T

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center Wants Liposuction Candidates to Understand the Recovery Process

LogoIf you're considering undergoing cosmetic surgery for liposuction in Philadelphia, Gabay and Gottlieb are the area's experts. Their team of cosmetic professionals has been performing this popular procedure for almost two decades. They have a wealth of experienced surgeons and nurses that aid all clients through their surgery from planning through to recovery.

NUOLOGY Inc Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Revolutionize Healthcare

The Pyneamid (Pi-nee-uh-mid) is an all-new and remarkable aromatherapy diffuser/infuser that presents like a stylish pyramid and has endless health benefits. With unparalleled functionality (including vibrational frequency infusion) and so many exciting features, this amazing device has been developed by NUOLOGY Inc, and the company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds and support for the project. The Pyneamid incorporates all four healing methods by combining aroma, sound, vibration, and color modalities, addressing all the 7 senses.

Rapha Dental Centre Offering Family Dental Care Solutions by Professional Dentists

LogoRapha Dental Centre is a family dental clinic that specializes in several areas, including dental filling, teeth cleaning, dentures, crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, extraction, implantation, orthodontics, and TMJ therapy respectively. The clinic offers dental hygiene solutions that range from calculus removal to fluoride treatments. Rapha Dental Centre provides professional cleaning that involves scaling and root planning to remove bacteria and calcified plaque. Routine cleaning decreases the inflammation of the gum tissue that causes gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Caremax Provides Healthcare Products in Australia

Located in Melbourne, CareMax is a fast-growing company dedicated to providing their discerning Australian customers with high-quality healthcare products. The company (whose products are carefully selected through extensive research and testing) has over the years partnered with reputable manufacturers with regards to the importation of their classified products. With the grand launching of their eBay store, they have received positive feedback from their clients with reference to their services and products. Their desire to provide high-end products with the latest technology and still maintain affordable prices has been their driving force since their inception, making them a reliable shopping store.

Gentle Teeth Offers Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure, Performed by Certified Orthodontists

One of the most prominent orthodontist in Pembroke Pines, Gentle Teeth offers cosmetic dentistry procedure, performed by certified orthodontists. The process is carried out to improve the physical appearance of the individual's teeth and enhance the look of their teeth. The wide range of procedures that are performed under cosmetic dentistry, include cosmetic bleaching, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers and white fillings. In fact, the procedure also restores an individual's dental health as well as the confidence and self-esteem lost due to damaged teeth—a physical trait whose perfection our society views as highly important.

Gentle Braces Offers Invisalign Treatment to Help People Straighten Misaligned Teeth and Attain Picture Perfect Smile

A specialist Orthodontist in Aventura, Gentle Braces offers Invisalign treatment that helps people to straighten their misaligned teeth. Their Invisalign treatment is highly recognized by customers for getting a picture perfect smile. The aligners are precisely calibrated and manufactured to ensure they finely fit into the patients' mouth perfectly at each stage of the treatment plan. This treatment is carried out by their team of experienced orthodontists who develop orthodontist invisalign aligners using 3-D computer imaging system. To achieve the desired position of the teeth, new aligners are adjusted after every 2 weeks. This dental procedure is widely used to correct crooked, stained, or damaged teeth.

Advice on Lice Inc. Provides Exceptional Head Lice Treatment Services to Help Prevent Lice Infestations

One of the best head lice salon in MD, Advice on Lice Inc. provides exceptional head lice treatment services to help prevent lice infestations. To eliminate lice and nits infestations, the clinic uses all natural, safe, and effective treatments. All treatments are tailored to the clients' needs and are carried out under the guidance of Karen Franco, who is known as the lice lady. The clinic uses a variety of pesticide free chemicals including to treat their clients effectively. Customers looking to schedule an appointment for lice treatment services can contact the team at 240-242-4267.

Advice on Lice Inc. Offers Head Lice Treatment Services Including Both in-Office Appointments and House Calls

Advice on Lice Inc., the best head lice salon in MD, provides head lice treatment services including both in-office appointments as well as house calls. They provide safe and non-toxic treatment services to patients in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va. Their services are designed to help clients completely eradicate lice & nits and prevent recurring infestations. They educate schools, parents, and pediatricians on head lice and nits, further encouraging them to prevent lice infestations in long run. The center has grown to become a full-service head lice treatment center offering safe and non-toxic lice removal and control services at the most competitive prices. Call our team at 240-242-4267 to schedule an appointment.

The New Premier Plastic Surgery Location Opening This April at Siena at St. Clair

Premier Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new location on Monday, April 15, 2019. Their new office will be located at 100 Siena Drive, Suite 295 in Pittsburgh, PA. Its sister company, Acqua Blu Medical Spa, will also be opening in the same location to offer patients services from both facilities. Those who are interested in cosmetic plastic surgery and medical spa treatments will enjoy all of the same benefits offered by Dr. Brian V. Heil and his team of specialists.

Acqua Medical Spa Welcomes Clients to the Opening of Their New Location in Pittsburgh, PA

Both existing and prospective patients of Acqua Blu Medical Spa will be pleased to learn that the facility is opening a second location, in addition to their Wexford practice, in Pittsburgh, PA. The facility offers expert hair removal services in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as a number of services performed by licensed and certified specialists. Its sister company, Premier Plastic Surgery, will also be opening in the same location. Patients will be able to receive both non-surgical medical spa treatments, as well as cosmetic plastic surgery led by owner and operator, Dr. Brian V. Heil, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

10% off All Happy CBD Orders Now

With CBD now receiving a lot of positive attention around the world and being used to treat illnesses that have previously be considered untreatable, one UK based CBD supplier, Happy CBD, has now made it more affordable than ever before for people to try CBD, allowing all of their website customers to benefit from a huge 10% site-wide discount.

5% off All Happy Kombucha Orders

Happy Kombucha is the UK's favourite online supplier of kombucha and other probiotic and health products, offering the vastest range of probiotic beverages and products that they industry has ever seen, all at the lowest and most competitive prices. Most recently, the company is allowing all of their website customers to receive 5% off their orders, simply be entering their email address upon visiting their website.

Easter Offers Now Available at Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha, one of the leading online probiotics suppliers in the UK, are renowned throughout the health industries for constantly offering the greatest selection of high quality probiotics and products at the industry's best prices, most recently introducing a number of Easter special offers and discounts to their website.

Essential Core Nutrition Rebrands with a New Website

LogoEssential Core Nutrition (ECN) best known for their Turmeric Curcumin Complex is currently in the process of revamping their online store. ECN has since made a name for itself over the past year by producing some of the highest quality products on the market.

Healogics Wound Care Center Opens at Hudson Regional Hospital

Healogics Wound Care Center at Hudson Regional Hospital located at 55 Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus, opens today, April 10, 2019, to offer advanced wound care for people living with chronic, non-healing wounds. Hudson Regional Hospital has partnered with Healogics, the nation's leading provider of advanced, chronic wound care services. Healogics is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and has a nationwide network of nearly 700 Wound Care Centers®.

Mobility123 Provides Installation and Maintenance Service for in-Home Elevators and Stairlifts

LogoMobility123, family-owned and operated since 2003, is proud to provide homeowners with installation and maintenance service for in-home elevators and stairlifts, whether they live in Philadelphia, PA or somewhere in New Jersey. Located in Absecon, NJ, their team serves homeowners and caregivers throughout New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA.

Cornerstone Dental Labs Offers Quality Implants and Custom Abutments

LogoWhen dentists are looking for high-quality products to provide to their patients, they rely on excellent dental implant companies like Cornerstone Dental Labs to source the best products. Cornerstone Dental Labs offers excellent rates on a wide range of dental products including both Emax crowns and cosmetic dental implants. For years, Cornerstone has been a premium partner for dentists in the Philadelphia region and across the United States.