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CITrials Conducts Clinical Trials to Find the Best Possible Medical Treatments for Arthritis

LogoClinical trials are one of the best ways to discover newer ways of preventing, detecting and treating diseases. From mental to physical, clinical trials are conducted for thousands of diseases. Arthritis is among the few common physical diseases for which clinical trials has been conducted over the years. A clinical research organization, like CITrials conducts clinical trials to find the best possible medical treatments for Arthritis. They have a team of board-certified physician-researchers specializing in conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials for patients with Arthritis.

CITrials Conducts Highly Reliable Clinical Trials for People with Arthritis Diseases

LogoArthritis is one of the most leading causes of pain and disability worldwide. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related diseases. However, the most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid. In the United States, arthritis affects more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children.

Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. Is a Proud Partner of Broadway Dental, Inc.

LogoCornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. is proud to announce a new partnership with Broadway Dental, Inc., where they serve as a majority owner. A deal that has been in the works for quite some time became official this February 2020. It is an exciting time for the company and its clients because it's joining forces with a company that values quality and innovation as much as the Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprise, Inc. team.

Save with the Invisalign Promotion at Assure a Smile

LogoUntil April 15th, Assure a Smile patients can save $1,000 when they choose Invisalign to enhance their existing smile.

FinPay LLC Names Tim Kowalski as Chief Executive Officer and President

LogoFinPay LLC, the recognized leader in Pre-Care Payments and Patient Engagement, today announced that seasoned C-suite executive Tim Kowalski has been appointed as president and CEO of the company.

Green Spirit Hydroponics Announces That Maxi Bright Daylight 660W LED Grow Light Is in Stock

Maxi bright Daylight 660W is one of the best-selling products in the market. After running out of stock Green Spirit Hydroponics has the product and is ready to serve hydroponics lovers who need it.

Train Healthcare Is Offering Bls Certificate Courses Online

LogoTrain Healthcare provides essential training to healthcare providers across the UK. We provide online and Face to face training that is in line with the Core Skill Training Framework. Their qualifications ensure that individuals and organisations are compliant with current legislation and best practice guidance. The professionals at Train Healthcare are aware of the pressures on healthcare professionals to continually adapt to a rapidly changing environment. They have designed their services to help learners keep up to date with the latest training practices at a low cost in both time and money. They want to give learners complete control over the training process so that they can take courses online at their convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The institution has a large talent pool of in-house tutors, with over ten years of experience, who are ready to travel to the student's location.

Bioparanta Synovia Launches: The Living Healthy with Community Outreach and Public Education Program

An estimated one in three people ages 40-70 currently lives with joints pain and discomfort such as arthritis, and more than half of those reported that arthritis limits their activity, making everyday tasks difficult and painful. Indeed, deteriorating joints health and joint pain forces people to give up the things they love to do and are passionate about, like a hobby, sports or favorite pastime.

Interpretation of the FDA OTC Hearing Aids Law-What Is the Future of OTC Hearing Aids?

LogoOver-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are about to hit the market in 2020

All Eye Care Doctors Provides Corneal Mapping to Help Diagnose, Monitor, and Treat Eye Conditions

One of the unsung services offered by All Eye Care Doctors at their optical centers in Cambridge, MA and Medford, MA is called corneal mapping or "corneal topography." While the technical terminology may sound a bit scary on the surface, there's nothing frightening about optometrists taking pictures of their patients' corneas. In fact, corneal topography is extremely useful because it allows eye doctors to diagnose, monitor, and treat various eye conditions.

Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic Offers Effective Homoeopathy Treatments for Kidney Diseases

LogoDr. Devendra Singh is a well-recognized homoeopathic physician, practicing for over 40 years. In the year 1979, he established a full-time homoeopathy clinic by the name of Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic. Ever since then, this clinic has been spreading wellness through its safe, reliable and effective homoeopathic treatments. They are different from the traditional homoeopathic treatments, which were not as reliable and safe. Based on intensive research, all the treatments provided by Expert Cancer Homoeo Clinic are high in quality and offer promising results.

Fulfilling Opportunities Are Available with CareGivers America

LogoThere is a caregiver crisis looming on the horizon. With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, there's barely enough help at home and in the home care industry to keep up with demand. Although seniors want to spend their golden years relaxing and surrounded by their family members, most adults have too many other life responsibilities to provide proper care for elderly relatives, prompting them to look at private caregivers in the greater Philadelphia area or, if they qualify, waiver programs like Pennsylvania's Community Health Choices Program, for help.

Rad Glasses Offers Radiation Protection Glasses for Medical Professionals Working in the Field of Interventional Radiology

LogoThe use of diagnostic imaging has dramatically grown over the years. The imaging technologies and devices using ionizing radiation have helped medical professionals and doctors improve finding newer ways of treating a range of human diseases. However, the radiation caused by medical sources like X-ray instruments and other scans can create potential health hazards to the professionals. The continuous exposure to radiation over a relatively long period at a low exposure rate can cause permanent damage to your eye lenses. That's why medical professionals in the field of interventional radiology must use protective eyewear. A leading online store, Rad Glasses offers the highest quality radiation protection glasses that are designed to protect human eyes from radiation.

Rad Glasses Offers an Exclusive Collection of X-Ray Protective Glasses Designed to Provide Optimal Radiation Protection

LogoRad Glasses, a leading provider of leaded eyewear, offers an exclusive collection of x-ray protective glasses in a variety of colors, designs, and specifications to cater to the broad needs of the clients. All of their protective eyewear is designed to offer you the most protection when your eyes are potentially exposed to harmful radiation. Each of their protection glasses comes with the highest quality frame that is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. The lenses of the x-ray protective glasses are made from high-quality materials and contain 0.75- and 0.50-millimeter lead equivalency. All of their radiation safety glasses are quality approved and come in prescription and non-prescription forms.

Defend Skin and Eyes Against UV-Induced Erythema with Nutritionary Supplement, Sunsafe Rx Pills

LogoThis press release is to announce that Sunsafe Rx pills, the nutritionary supplement, can help people defend their skin and eyes against UV-induced erythema.

Prevent and Treat Photosensitivity with Sunsafe Rx Pills, the Nutritional Supplement That Protects Your Skin

LogoThis press release is to announce that Sunsafe Rx pills, the nutritional supplement, can help prevent and treat photosensitivity.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Seeking Candidates for Liposuction and Tummy Tucks

LogoAt this time of the year, most people are still working hard at keeping up with their New Year's goal of exercising daily and eating healthy. However, for some, this may not be enough to achieve their ideal image. When exercise and diet alone fall by the wayside, turn to Gabay & Gottlieb for premier aesthetic procedures, like liposuction and tummy tucks, in the Philadelphia area.

Green Spirit Unveils a Range of Carbon Filters

Helps customers make the best buying decision

Intermountain Healthcare and the AMGA Collaborate to Improve Diabetes Care for More Than One Million Patients

LogoIntermountain Healthcare and other health providers across the nation have partnered with the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) to help improve care for more than one million people with type 2 diabetes.

National Electronic Visit Verification Association (NEVVA) Partners with ADvancing States for 2020 EVV Summit

LogoJoin the National EVV Association (NEVVA) on May 8-9, 2020, in Salt Lake City for the Annual EVV Summit immediately following the ADvancing States Spring Meeting to explore the current state of EVV implementations, deadlines and requirements.

All Eye Care Doctors Offers Tips for Buying Pediatric Eyeglasses

All Eye Care Doctors provides parents from the communities surrounding Medford Square and Cambridge, MA, with prescription glasses for kids of all ages. However, when it comes to children, buying their prescription lenses is only half the battle. Many young kids are reluctant to wear glasses but parents can make the experience pain-free for all parties involved by heeding the advice of All Eye Care Doctors!

All Eye Care Doctors Examines the Purpose of Blue Light Computer Lenses

Whether someone needs new contact lenses, an eye examination, or prescription glasses, the Cambridge, MA, and Medford-based optometrists at All Eye Care Doctors can provide everything needed to maintain sharp vision. That includes specially treated lenses that filter out blue light, which has a short wavelength and can have various harmful effects on the human eye. Long periods of exposure to blue light can cause eye strain, discomfort, long-term vision loss, and in some cases, a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

Successful Lip Injections Begin with Open, Honest Communication, Recommends Aesthetic Doctor

LogoProviding a doctor or aesthetic practitioner with an understanding of goals and objectives is vital before going under the needle

Olive Fertility Center Receives the 2020 Employee Recommended Workplace Award

Logo"We are absolutely thrilled to have received this award since it is a recognition that we have created the kind of work environment we want for our staff. We really feel it is only by taking care of the people that work here that we can provide the excellent patient-centered we are known for," says Olive Fertility co-director, Dr Jason Hitkari.

Intermountain Healthcare Park City Psychiatric Clinic Opens with Help of Philanthropic Donations

LogoIntermountain Healthcare has opened a new psychiatry and counseling clinic on its Park City Hospital campus thanks to the vision and donations of local community members and leaders. The clinic will help increase access for behavioral health services in Summit and Wasatch Counties and offers same-day and next-day crisis appointments.