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Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal Abroad: Surgery Price Suggests Going Abroad Is the Right Choice

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery, also known as cholecystectomy, is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Because the surgery does not have risks as high as other surgeries, many patients choose to go abroad for laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery.

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Cost: Prices in the UK Make Patients Choose to Go Abroad for Breast Implant Replacement Surgery

The purpose of the breast implant replacement surgery is to remove the old breast implants and replace them with new ones. Because this surgery is not the first breast surgery for patients, recovery is much easier and shorter. The price of such surgery in the UK is high, and because the surgery does not require a long and difficult recovery, many women choose to go abroad for breast implant replacement surgery.

Eye Specialist Maria Elisa Scarale Releases Interview on Disorder Called Strabismus

LogoApparently, a simple photo with a cell phone's flash can be useful to diagnose what affects more people than was once realized. To that end, Maria Elisa Scarale, a Turin ophthalmologist specializing in eye movement disorders, offered information about a widespread condition in a recent interview. She outlined that strabismus is often misdiagnosed and therefore not always taken care of properly. Often it can cause other problems, such as headaches, double vision, or the abnormal posture of the head known as torticollis. In her experience, many patients have become aware they had the disorder while watching a 3D movie, just by realizing that they can't see it clearly.

Be HAPPY Yoga and Stage Co Studios Present 'Beats and Balance' Summer Workshop

LogoCome and move, groove, balance and create through yoga and dance. You will learn the skills of mindfulness art and craft, breath work and relaxation.

New Kansas Study Finds Inequality, Racial Disparity, Redlining and Infant Mortality

LogoA new study released by the Community Health Council of Wyandotte County (CHC) entitled H.E.A.T (Health Equity Action Transformation) will reveal problems related to health and health outcomes, race, poverty and multiple other socioeconomic limitations in Wyandotte County. The study, in cooperation with the REACH Healthcare Foundation, was performed by the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, The Ohio State University. This report dives into the causes of high infant mortality rates and problems associated with poor access to affordable housing and routine health care providers, as well as historical records related to zoning and real estate issues like redlining. (Redlining is the practice of arbitrarily denying or limiting financial services to specific neighborhoods, generally because its residents are people of color or are poor) H.E.A.T also reveals why many are suffering from chronic heart disease and lead poisoning. The full report as well as videos of the study results are available to the public at

As Clients Slim Down, Lipo Spa LLC Weight Loss Centers Expand

Helping hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds, Lipo Spa, LLC announces plans to open two more locations in 2017 while working with a national franchising team to expand nationwide.

ESA Medical's Selection of Different Sized Electrodes Provides Customers with More Options for Pain Management

When shopping for electrodes for stimulation devices, finding the right shape and size can be a little tedious, especially since different retailers offer different types of electrodes. However, buying electrodes has never been easier when browsing the selection available at ESA Medical. ESA Medical is a premier online retailer of clinical-quality electrodes and other electrotherapy products. Their inventory contains every type of stimulation pad needed to achieve effective pain management.

Optometrist in Jacksonville, AL Utilizes Newest Technology in Eye Care for Affordable Lifetime Eye Health

Many people are at risk for developing some form of eye condition. From vision correction and injuries to the eye, to conditions that develop over time, Dr. Terry Bonds of Lifetime Eye Health in Jacksonville, AL provides a variety of technologies within his office to give patients the best in eye care available. He provides these technologies along with a staff that is well trained and caring, giving patients in the Jacksonville area the highest quality of treatment.

Stress Busting Wearable Hits $50K Kickstarter Goal

Lief Therapeutics, a San Francisco-based startup, is on track to have one of the most successful medical device crowdfunding campaigns of 2016. The "Lief" is a new wearable that puts users in control of their body's natural stress response and has raised over $60,000 in less than a week, creating the opportunity to accelerate the development of this anxiety and depression management device by hitting a stretch goal of $250,000.

Belle Vie Now Offering IV Nutritional Therapy

Belle Vie Wellness & Medical Aesthetics is pleased to announce the arrival of IV nutritional therapy to its Cerritos, CA location!

Cobbdale Assisted Living Provides Newly Renovated Facility to Fairfax, VA Area

LogoCobbdale Assisted Living is providing top-quality assisted living for seniors in a newly renovated building. This Fairfax, VA assisted living facility has a number of amenities not found in other assisted living homes. The building has been completely renovated and has been designed from the ground up with seniors in mind. Cobbdale also provides comprehensive care and support to their residents. They have a philosophy of holistic, resident-centered care which dictates their 24/7 personal service. In addition to a wide range of recreational and social activities, Cobbdale provides medication management, nutritional and meal planning, coordination with medical professionals, and support for "activities of daily living" (ADLs).

NoCo Hemp Expo Returns to Loveland, Colorado, Continues Growth in 2017

LogoThe NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest hemp-centric event in the U.S., returns to The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado for its fourth year March 31 and April 1, 2017. The event, dedicated to Setting the Stage for Hemp Tomorrow, is the most diverse scene anywhere for manufacturers, sellers, investors and consumers of industrial hemp products to connect and learn more about the fast-growing industrial hemp business.

Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign Launched for Healthywatch, a Lifestyle Watch to Help Make Daily Healthcare Easy

GrekTek LLC, ( a health solutions provider, today announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign ( for the HealthyWatch, a new device to help patients manage their health by collecting vital signs, managing medications, providing active alerts and even taking and EKG from the watch while sharing these events with caregivers in real time. 

FOND Introduces a Line of Delicious and Nutrient Dense Artisan Bone Broth

LogoFOND Bone Broth, the nutrient dense bone broth available in five signature flavors seeking to replace sugary and caffeinated drinks, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to scale the company and introduce the product line nationwide.

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions Introduces Equine Assisted Therapy to Its Vast Array of Addiction Treatment Modalities

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions, a South Florida leading addiction treatment center, is proud to announce today that they have added Equine Assisted Psychotherapy amongst their already extensive list of therapy programs.

Premier Biomedical's Research on Its Patent Pending Anti-Cancer Treatment with Metronomic Chemotherapy Recognized for Publication in the Prestigious British Journal of Cancer

LogoPremier Biomedical, Inc. (OTCQB:BIEI) a biotech research public company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing medical treatments for a wide range of diseases in humans, including innovative therapies for breast cancer as well as potential novel therapies for pain management, announced today that a paper describing their groundbreaking metronomic cancer therapy work in conjunction with development of a patent pending CTLA4 anti-cancer antibody drug at the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) has been accepted for publication by the prestigious British Journal of Cancer.

Champion Pain Care Corporation Closes a Credit Facility and Acquires Two Pain Management Clinics

On December 1, 2016, Champion Pain Care Corporation (OTCQB:CPAI) closed a Senior Secured Credit Facility (the "Credit Facility") with TCA Global Credit Master Fund, LP ("TCA") for a maximum $13 million senior secured line of credit, of which the initial line of credit is $6,500,000 is made available to the Company to fund acquisitions of pain management clinics and provide working capital.

Vedanta Laboratories Receives 2016 Best of San Clemente Award

LogoVedanta Laboratories was selected as the 2016 Best of San Clemente Award in the Laboratory category by the San Clemente Award Program. The drug detection services of Vedanta, a toxicology laboratory, assist medical professionals in choosing individually based treatments for patients. The extended list includes the most up-to-date prescribed medications and illicit substances.

Top Stockton-Based Plastic Surgeon Featured in November Issue of HerLife Magazine

Dr. John Silverton and his professional team are excited to announce that HerLife Magazine, a premier lifestyle magazine for women, has featured Dr. Silverton and Club BEAUTY in their November edition. Created exclusively for Dr. Silverton's practice, Club BEAUTY is a reward system that allows patients to earn generous reward points for every product purchased as well as for each procedure performed at Dr. Silverton's office.

Expert Ortho-K Lens Fittings, at Warm Springs Optometric Group, in Fremont, CA

LogoOrthokeratology, commonly known as ortho-k, is the revolutionary, progressive way to achieve perfect vision without surgery. Now offered by Dr. Michael F. Fauria, optometrist at Warm Springs Optometric Group, in Fremont, CA, this procedure is highly effective, safe and reversible. Specialized, hard gas permeable contact lenses are inserted at bedtime. During sleep, these lenses mold and reshape the cornea to correct refractive error that is responsible for nearsightedness.With years of professional experience and high credentials, Dr. Fauria provides thorough eye exams and fittings for ortho-k lenses.

Renowned Plastic Surgeon Receives 2016 Best of Stockton Award

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. John S. Silverton recently won the 2016 Best of Stockton Award in the Plastic Surgeon category. Dr. Silverton is known to combine artistry and medical proficiency when performing cosmetic procedures. This allows him to produce aesthetically pleasing results that optimally satisfy his patients. He provides complete details to patients to help them make well-informed decisions about achieving their cosmetic goals, making him one of the most considerate and empathic surgeons in the area.

TBI Therapy Set to Take a Major Role in the Growing Concussion Treatment Industry

TBI Therapy, a subsidiary of Aspen Integrative Medicine, an established leader in concussion related healing therapies, has set the foundation to become a leader in the treatment of concussion related and traumatic brain injuries. They have developed a patented protocol, utilizing different treatment modalities, which provide more effective long-term results for brain healing. The protocol process ultimately creates conditions within the brain where it can begin its own self-repair process - thus producing more regenerative healing on a permanent basis, in a shorter period of time than the more common industry standards.

Anti-Neurofibromatosis Revival Campaign Launched; "From My Loved Ones to Yours"

After going through his mother's battle with breast cancer and later with brain metastasis, Mohamed A. Elsherif made his mission to find a cure for neurofibromatosis to restore familes and restore hopes. To raise support and funds for his cause, Elsherif has set up the a crowdfunding campaign for research that is useful in the fight against Neurofibromatosis, A genetic form of nerve tumors (benign and malignant). Through the campaign, on the popular crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe Elsherif aims to raise at least $250,000 by Wed, March 1st , 2017.

New Meditative Blog Lists an Impressive 108 Reasons Why Meditation Is So Beneficial

LogoHumans have been practicing meditation for thousands of years because of its beneficial effects. But not until now have we had so much science confirm just how useful the exercise is for our bodies and minds. Now Meditative Wisdom has assembled all the most exciting science on the subject and turned it into an easily digestible blog where visitors can read about all the profound benefits of this ancient practice.

Digipath, Inc. to Hold Corporate Update Conference Call

LogoDigipath, Inc. (OTCQB:DIGP), an independent cannabis lab testing and media firm, is pleased to announce that it will hold a corporate update conference call on Wednesday, December 7th, at 4:15pm ET. The purpose of the call is to provide an update on Digipath's organic growth strategy, acquisition strategy, developments in the Nevada market post recreational legalization and the Company's expanding technological capabilities.