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Change in Ownership at Hudson Regional Hospital Bring a New Mission, Vision and Approach to Medicine for Hudson County Community

Under the new ownership of Yan Moshe, Hudson Regional Hospital (formerly known as Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center) proudly announces several developments that build towards its promise of providing high-quality, trustworthy and affordable healthcare services to the residents of Secaucus and its neighboring communities.

Chronic Prostatitis(CP) Probable Pathogen Includes Inflammatory/immune, Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill Is Effective in Curing CP and Restoring Immunity

LogoAs one of the most common male's urology and reproductive system diseases, chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome is a complex, mysterious and time-consuming disease, it is difficult to be cured. Most chronic prostatitis patients have to fight against this disease for years without thorough recovery. It is a universal cognition that antibiotic medicines are enemies for inflammation so that it is not odd for doctors and chronic prostatitis sufferers choose antibiotic medicines for its treatment. However, long time chronic prostatitis treatment duration by antibiotic medicines will weaken treatment effect for the drug resistance antibiotic medicines produce to patients.

Dr. Michael Luciano Featured on PHL17 Discussing IV Vitamin Therapy Treatments

LogoDr. Michael Luciano of Healthy Solutions by Dr. Luciano was recently on PHL17's Morning News discussing how people can benefit from IV vitamin therapy.

Accutrition Nutritional Consultants Offers PheniTropic Products by Biotics Research to Help Ease Anxiety

LogoAccutrition Nutritional Consultants, one of the leading online natural nutritional sources, is pleased to announce that they offer PheniTropic products by Biotics Research to help ease anxiety and support the sleep/wake cycle. The three products found on the Accutrition website that people can buy include PheniTropic, PheniTropic PM, and PheniTropic Ultra PM.

iDental Group Now Booking Appointments for New Patients

Patients seeking the best dentists in the Delray Beach, and surrounding areas rely on iDental Group for their superb and painless services. Utilizing the latest technologies and the best practices, the dentists at iDental Group prioritize their patients' oral health above all else. Comprised of the most talented and experienced dentists, iDental Group offers a comprehensive range of dental services—including dental implants, root canals, Invisalign and sedation dentistry. Affordability and comfortability remain driving forces for the staff of iDental Group. In fact, the full-service dentistry is scheduling and booking appointments with new patients at any of their four locations.

New Paper Highlights Role of Immune-Stimulating Cells That Shrink Breast Cancer Tumors

LogoBriaCell Therapeutics Corp., an immuno-oncology focused biotechnology company with a proprietary targeted immunotherapy technology, published a paper that sheds light on the potentially unique mechanism of action of BriaCell's lead product candidate, Bria-IMT™, in the journal of Frontiers in Immunology, the 5th most cited journal in Immunology.

ANG Health Care Inc., Offers Comprehensive Nursing Care in Roseville and Sacramento

LogoBe it for old age, or long-term illness, everyone needs to be looked after at some point in time. It is true that family members are always around, but even they might need a break sometime, and that is when one feels the need for professional help. ANG Health Care, Inc., is one such home health care service provider that offers skilled nursing care in Roseville and Sacramento. They have trained and professional nurses who are committed to their profession. They are a dedicated lot that will assure family members that their loved one is taken care of properly and that they are in safe hands. Most importantly, many people want to live independently even during prolonged illness, any medical condition or following surgery. For them appointing a nurse is the best possible idea and ANG Health Care, Inc., will be the place to look for assistance.

ANG Health Care Inc., Offers First Class Home Care Services in Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks California

LogoIt does not take life much time to make a quick turn. Those on their feet at one point in time can now use a wheelchair temporarily or for a long time. A long-term illness, accident, or surgery can be life-changing. In such circumstances, one often has a hard time accepting the new life and the challenges it brings. Some individuals require professional care, and such compassionate and loving care is promised by the professionals working with ANG Health Care Inc. For all those individuals who do not want to leave the comfort of their home and want to stay on, ANG Health Care Inc. has the perfect solution for them. Their home care services in Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks California helps senior members of the family or those who are facing physical disabilities because of injury or a surgery stay at home and heal. The home healthcare service provider has made life simple for all such individuals who would require some assistance.

SwiftPath Program, LLC Announces the SwiftPath Certified Program for Ambulatory Joint Replacement Centers of Excellence (AJRCs)

LogoSwiftPath Certified® Ambulatory Joint Replacement Centers of Excellence (AJRCs) represent the next innovation in joint replacement care, according to Craig McAllister, MD, President and chief medical officer of the SwiftPath Program.

Acute or Chronic Sports Injury? It's Important to Know the Difference

When most athletes suffer acute injuries such as broken bones, torn muscles or bruised tendons, they head straight to emergency rooms or their trusted medical experts' offices. But when they experience chronic injuries, too often they play through the pain for too long, greatly increasing the risks of more severe injuries.

Cornerstone Dental Labs to Host Event on the Latest in Implant Dentistry This May

LogoCornerstone Dental Labs, Bucks County's leading dental lab, is pleased to announce they will be hosting an event on The Changing World of Implant Dentistry and encourages all local clinicians to register now while spots remain. In the dental industry, technology is changing on a daily basis, and to stay ahead of the curve, dentists need to be up to date on all of the latest technologies available to them.

Apollo Physical Medicine Partners with BizIQ

Apollo Physical Medicine, a clinic specializing in orthopedics, sports medicine and pain management in Fort Mill, SC, announced today that it has partnered with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital marketing agency that specializes in services for North American small businesses.

Can Yoga Be as Lucrative as Banking

LogoSally Griffyn AKA Millionaire Yogi is a Spiritual Business Coach who coaches entrepreneurs, "Yotrepreneurs", in the Wellbeing and Yoga sector to find their Super Niche and create financially abundant businesses.

Startup Developing Device to Reduce Threat of Stroke in Heart Procedures

LogoFocusStart LLC, a Minneapolis based developer of medical devices, revealed results of a pre-clinical study investigating the use of their technology to reduce the risk of stroke in patients undergoing radiofrequency (RF) ablation catheter procedures. In a peer-reviewed paper published online May 2 2018 by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), FocusStart personnel, aided by Mayo Clinic electrophysiologists, showed that by adding a small negative charge to the electrode tips of RF catheters, it is possible to prevent the formation of coagulum, and thus reduce the risk of thromboembolic events such as transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) and stroke.

Center for Network Therapy Offering Safe and Effective Detox from Methadone

LogoCenter for Network Therapy is setting benchmarks in long-term recovery from all types and stages of substance dependence in New Jersey. The premium Detox center offers a broad treatment portfolio backed by personalized care, evidence-based models, and medication management. Center for Network Therapy leads the way in Network Therapy, which is a proven technique working within the 12-step framework. Premised on the belief that the clients' network is integral to recovery, the Network Therapy involves providing the necessary skills to any caring individual upon whom the client turns to when in crisis and craving.

Avoid Inevitable Darkening & Staining of Teeth with Cosmetic Bleaching from Gentle Teeth

One of the foremost orthodontists in Kendall, Gentle Teeth offers cosmetic bleaching to help the patients in avoiding inevitable darkening & staining of teeth. The cosmetic bleaching treatment is offered to patients witnessing the deterioration of the quality of their teeth due to staining from food, coffee, or tobacco. Also, this treatment is extensively used to efficiently treat the natural darkening & staining of teeth that occurs with aging. Extremely affordable, cosmetic bleaching helps in whitening the teeth of patients up to two shades and its results can expectedly last for more than a decade. Individuals looking for cosmetic bleaching services can make an appointment by completing a simple form present on their official website,

Join a Blind Breakfast at the Yesnick Vision Center

LogoYesnick Vision Center invites the public to take a seat at their annual Blind Breakfast, which was established as a way to enhance their optometry staff members' understanding of life with Low Vision. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, June 16th, 2018, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM at Marie Calendars and is being run as a fundraiser for their non-profit Vision Recovery Center. Funds will be channeled towards providing underprivileged children with low vision aids. Sandy Yesnick, the only OTR/L, Certified Low Vision Therapist in Nevada, is the driving force behind this innovative, one-of-a-kind experience.

Improve Deformed & Misaligned Symmetry of Teeth with Invisalign Treatment from Gentle Braces

One of the foremost Orthodontists in Aventura, Gentle Braces offers world-class invisalign treatment to help people improve the deformed & misaligned symmetry of their teeth. This treatment is considered as the best solution as it brings a picture perfect & radiant smile on the faces of people by straightening their crowded teeth. The dentists at Gentle Braces carry out all the procedures of Invisalign Treatment with utmost care & caution to make the patients feel comfortable, while delivering excellent results, unfailingly. Furthermore, they adopt an extremely patent & persistent approach to help the patients in achieving the desired position of teeth.

Local Philanthropist & Breast Cancer Survivor Brings New Cancer Support Services to Philadelphia

LogoPhiladelphia resident Jo Holz wants to make sure that no woman with breast cancer feels alone. As a former senior market research executive at companies like NBC Universal and The Neilson Group, Holz sits on the board of SHARE, a national nonprofit offering free breast and ovarian cancer support services. This work is personal: a breast cancer survivor herself, Holz has also been a recipient of SHARE's services. Now, she is taking on a third role: Holz will be the facilitator of SHARE's first ever breast cancer support group in Philadelphia at the American Association for Cancer Research, meeting for the first time June 5.

Excel Home Healthcare Excels in Physical Therapy in Clarksville and White Rock, California

LogoPhysical therapy can bring a lot of health benefits. The therapy can be applied to treat both neurological and musculoskeletal conditions, cardiopulmonary diseases, and sports and orthopedic injuries. If properly executed, it can help restore body function impaired by injury, trauma, or illness. Not only does it relieve pain, but also it prevents stiffness and improve strength and mobility.

Excel Home Health Care Specializes in Quality Occupational Therapy in El Dorado Hills and Clarksville, California

LogoExcel Home Health Care has genuinely excelled in skilled nursing, speech therapy, and occupational therapy in El Dorado Hills and Clarksville, California. With years of experience upon their sleeve, the company has been focused on helping individuals with mental or physical illness or disabilities which curtail their independence to a great extent.

Stem Cell Cure Offering Safe and Effective Stem Cell Treatments for Muscular Dystrophy

LogoStem Cell Cure is helping patients with degenerative diseases on the path of recovery with a wide range of safe and effective stem cell intervention strategies. The Delhi based stem cell service provider takes its expertise to a Pan India level through top healthcare facilities, advanced equipment, and associated clinicians and researchers. It also has contracts with top stem cell therapy centres, cord blood stem cell preservation banks and approved stem cell research labs across India. This puts the stem cell service provider in a position to innovate, explore and share unique recovery solutions for conditions that may be incurable through traditional techniques.

Auto & Work Injury Center Welcomes Patients with No Insurance to Their Facility

Individuals injured in automobile accidents or on the job can seek physical therapy services from Auto & Work Injury Center now. The chiropractic care center in Portland, OR, provides various services to help patients deal with recent or lingering injuries. The center welcomes all including those without insurance to come to their facility to get their aches and pains cared for.

The Veggie-View Launches Dynamic Collection of Products

The Veggie-View, a dedicated online store has made it possible for users to go Green and make the lifestyle choices they want without a lot of hassle.

Advice on Lice Inc. Provides Lice Treatment and Removal Services for People in Maryland, Washington, and Virginia

Founded by Karen Franco in 2007, Advice on Lice Inc. provides head lice treatment and removal services in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va., including both in-office appointments as well as house calls. They have a team of professionals who are trained in completely eradicating head lice and nits from the infested person's head. Their method of head lice treatment is time proven and is widely appreciated by customers for effective results. All of their lice treatment products are clinically proven and don't cause any kind of side effects. Individuals looking for the best lice removal services can contact them for their needs.