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Rapha Dental Centre Offers Teeth Whitening Treatment at Affordable Prices

LogoRapha Dental Centre is one of the most sought dental clinics in British Columbia. For many years, the facility has been offering reliable dental services to the residents of Prince George. Some of the dental services provided by the facility include dentures, teeth whitening, implants, general dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation, and preventive services. The local and regional authorities have approved and certified the products and services offered by the company to meet the set industrial quality standards.

The Answer to Unresolved Pain Is Finally Discovered Deep in the Hip

LogoAfter decades of practice as a physical therapist, Christine Koth saw a pattern emerge. Nearly everyone had a tight iliacus muscle and next to no one was aware of it. In her practice, this pattern of tightness soon became a predictable root cause of pain in the lower back, hip, tailbone, knee and foot. After countless successes releasing the iliacus and zero evidence that this muscle is being widely addressed by anyone else, it was time for a paradigm shift. Christine decided to put the iliacus muscle on the map in her best-selling book, Tight Hip, Twisted Core - The Key to Unresolved Pain.

CareMax Is Offering Respiratory Care Products and Permanent Hair Removal Solutions in Australia

CareMax is an Australian owned company that specializes in the provision of modernized health and wellness products that meet the highest standards of quality for individuals looking for healthier living. The focus on alternatives to drugs for pain management, personal care, respiratory care, and general wellness has seen the store build an extensive inventory to address the various concerns. CareMax has been in operation for almost ten years and enjoys an outstanding market reputation, thanks to the excellent performance of their offered devices.

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center Offering Microdiscectomy

Landa Spine & Orthopedic Center now offers microdiscectomy, a surgical procedure used to relieve pressure over the nerve roots and spinal cord in patients with a herniated (ruptured) intervertebral disc. Not long ago, patients who needed back surgery had no option except large incisions, long and difficult recoveries, and painful rehab. Now, thanks to microdiscectomy and other minimally-invasive procedures, the process has improved dramatically and gotten much easier for patients.

TruVision Health Introduces New Line of Wellness Vitamin Gummies

TruVision Health, a company dedicated to making improved health more achievable, is proud to announce its new line of vitamin gummies designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. Safe for both adults and children as young as four years old, TruVision Health's new line of vitamin gummies make it easier for consumers to get the essential vitamins they need.

Zen'd out Massage Is Offering Full-Body Massage Treatment in Denver, Colorado

LogoZen'd Out Massage has for years been setting the standards when it comes to offering massage therapies in Denver where the spa has established itself as the home for providing luxurious services. The spa is run and managed by certified and highly professional therapists who have years of working experience behind them that enhances the quality of their massage treatment sessions. Zen'd Out Massage is a client-focused spa and is committed to ensuring they take everyone who seeks their services through a soothing journey of the mind, body, and spirit.

Right Medical Billing Offers Electronic Billing Services to Physicians and Healthcare Centers

LogoRight Medical Billing has always had the belief that the medical industry deserves better, especially when it comes to cash flow management that has a significant impact on a practice's bottom-line. In a bid to save physicians from the extra burden of thinking about finances while attending to their patients, the company has offered a team of medical billing and coding specialists who will guide their practices to financial success. For Right Medical Billing, no practice or clinic is too big or small for their attention as they offer end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions.

Garden Dental and Orthodontics Commits to Maintaining That Perfect Smile

LogoFounded in the year 1993 by Dr. Peter Ahpin, Garden Dental and Orthodontic Clinic is located in the heart of Spruce Grove, Alberta and works to provide customized care for each patient in a family-friendly and caring atmosphere, allowing patients to obtain their perfect smile and optimize oral health. Dental and Orthodontic performs smile assessments with the iTero 3D scanner digital smile photography. Dental insurance plans are accepted, and payment plans are also available. Walk-in and emergency patients are welcome six days/week. The company operates from 8 AM–5 PM on weekdays except for Thursday where operations run from 11 AM-8 PM; on weekends, the company remains closed.

No More Phone Tag Offering Top Notch and Affordable Medical Bilingual Call Support

LogoOhio based, No More Phone Tag has raised the bar in medical call answering service delivery with a team of experienced, personable and agile call handlers. These professionals are tasked with taking up patient calls 24/7/365 on behalf of the client practice and forwarding them to the correct on-call doctor, accurately and speedily. The call handlers are multi-lingual, ready to answer calls in Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian and other languages. They handle over 10,000 calls per day for medical practices of all sizes across the US in line with the HIPAA guidelines.

Doctors Who Show Compassion Improve Their Patients' Outcomes

The research results are in: Caring doctors can make a huge difference in their patients' lives.

Professional Healthcare Resources Offers Premium Services of Home Health Aide in Arlington and Baltimore

LogoProfessional Healthcare Resources is an extremely trustworthy organization that caters to the people of Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and many of their nearby areas. Through them, people can typically seek out premium services of personal care, hospice, skilled nursing, healthcare and elder care in Baltimore and Arlington. Professional Healthcare Resources is highly famed for offering an extensive range of compassionate and careful care to various patients. The extensive range of services offered by the Professional Healthcare Resources are designed in an expert fashion, and tend to go a long way in helping the patients to promptly recover from any recent illnesses or hospitalization. This organization strives to ensure that their patients get all the care they need to adequately recover and become healthy.

Professional Healthcare Resources Offers the Best Services for Elder Care in Baltimore and Arlington

LogoProfessional Healthcare Resources is an extremely trustworthy organization that caters to the people of Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and many of their nearby areas. Through them, people can typically seek out premium services of personal care, hospice, skilled nursing, healthcare, and elder care in Baltimore and Arlington. Professional Healthcare Resources is highly famed for offering an extensive range of compassionate and careful attention to various patients. The broad range of services provided by the Professional Healthcare Resources is designed expertly, and tend to go a long way in helping the patients to recover from any recent illness or hospitalization promptly. This organization strives to ensure that their patients get all the care they need to improve and become healthy adequately.

Dr. Paul Drago Is an Expert ENT Specialist and Cosmetic Surgeon, with 25 Years of Experience

LogoCurrently working in South Carolina's Department of Corrections as a Medical Director, Dr. Paul Drago also serves citizens of the state who are seeking treatment for injuries and issues related to the ears, nose, and throat. He's conducted extensive research over a long period of time to provide patients with the most effective treatment possible; Dr. Drago takes all factors into account before coming up with a diagnosis.

Walk-in STI Clinic Is Ready to Tackle Sexual Health Problems in Los Angeles

LogoIf you believe that you are at risk of contracting an STI, be sure to schedule an STD test at STD Free. Thanks to their walk-in STI clinic, STD Free LA can give you results as soon as possible in order to begin treatment. Some STD's, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can even be treated using antibiotics. That is why STD Free offers the necessary types of antibiotics to treat these STDs at their walk-in STI clinic.

MTF Voice Therapy Los Angeles Brings Speech Solutions To The Transgender Community

LogoUnfortunately, taking estrogen past puberty does not affect the masculine voice in MTF patients like testosterone does in FTM patients. Because of this, LA Speech Therapy is assisting those patients who are seeking MTF voice therapy Los Angeles to help with vocal feminization. Speech therapy for female vocalization is safe and can be done even after puberty. MTF voice therapy Los Angeles is invaluable to members of the transgender community. That is why LA Speech Therapy Solutions is making it their mission to help MTF people feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Natural Therapy of Fuyan Pill Is Expected to Cure Endometriosis of 176 Million Women Worldwide by Oral Use

LogoRecently, the 1st World TCM and Acupuncture Forum was held in Argentina. More than 500 herbal medicine experts and scholars from the United States, China, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, and other countries participated in the Forum. At the meeting, Zhilin Dong, chairman of the overseas Chinese Medicine Forum, issued a concise report on the current situation of global herbal medicine development. Expert Xiaoxiong Shen(United States) highlighted the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis in herbal medicine.

Nagler Foot Center Offers Solutions for Foot and Ankle Disorders

Dr. Sherman Nagler obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. He then received a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and later received his surgical residency training at Gouverneur Hospital in New York. Dr. Nagler achieved his board certification in foot and ankle surgery with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery in the year 1985. Dr. Nagler has held many positions on Hospital Committees. He is currently Section Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Tenet Park Plaza Hospital. He has also served on the Operating Room, Credentials, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committees, and the Oral Examinations Committee for the American Board of Podiatric Surgery in Foot and Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery.

Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates Provide Natural Relief for Chronic Lower Back Pain

LogoFor more information, visit Men and women who live with lower back pain know that chronic pain can make normal everyday tasks feel impossible. Unfortunately, many people choose to avoid seeking treatment for their pain because they think that only surgeries or expensive and painkillers will be able to help. Now, there's a natural solution for chronic lower back pain — chiropractic and physical therapy provided by Dr. David W. Nadler & Associates.

Happy Kombucha: Vegetable Fermentation Experts

Happy Kombucha, one of the UK's leading suppliers of kombucha and other helpful probiotics, are renowned throughout the health industries not only for the amazing selection of products that they offer but also for the expert advice and information that they share on a regular basis. Recently the company have recently shared information in regards to vegetable fermentation on their blog, encouraging their customers to revel in the health benefits that fermented veggies offer!

New Products Now Available at Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha is one of the UK's favourite suppliers of kombucha, kefir and other helpful probiotics, known to constantly offer the greatest products and most affordable and competitive prices! The company are renowned for always offering the best selection of products, always introducing new products for their customers to take advantage of!

Kayal Orthopaedic Center Opens Sixth Office in Paramus

Kayal Orthopaedic Center is proud to announce the opening of its newest office at 185 Route 17 South in Paramus. A grand opening was held Aug. 14.

Persistent Health Advancement Truly Alleviates Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Many men are challenged by the inability to get and keep an erection firm and long enough for sex. Others have reduced sexual desire due to such related health challenges. What people should be aware of is that problems of getting and keeping an erection can also be a sign of developing health condition that necessitates treatment. Persistence of erectile dysfunction and failure to solicit for help can lead to stress, affect self-esteem and even cause relationship problems.

Bayshore Home Health Care Engages Expert Homemaker in Florida

LogoWith age, senior people become susceptible to fragility because of illness. They are incapable of handling themselves and requires one's assistance in completing tasks that are deemed necessary. Unfortunately, in the age of competition and fast-paced lifestyle, children cannot spend enough time to assist their parents when they need them most. Sending them to the hospital can have a devastating emotional impact on both children and their parents. Bayshore Home Health Care is one such alternative that not only helps the parents but also allows the children to attend their work.

Bayshore Home Health Care Offers Top-Notch Home Care in Clearwater and Pasco County, Florida

LogoIllness and mobility difficulty are regular companions for the elderly. As one age, bones muscles become weaker, snatching one's mobility. The body condition does not allow the elderly to perform their day to day activities. To revive their will power and restore their independence, Bayshore Home Health Care recommends home care in Clearwater and Pasco County, Florida.

American CPR Care Association Offers Training and Certification in CPR and First Aid

LogoAmerican CPR Care Association offers the best training in first aid and CPR courses for healthcare providers and other students and after that providing those students who have passed with certification. The courses offered by American CPR Care adhere to the American Heart Association and 2015 ECC Guidelines. The instructors at American CPR Care Association give exemplary tutoring services to learners and are highly qualified in their field of practice to provide their students with support needs. American CPR Care Association ensures that it deliveres world-class customer care services to its clients. The content taught in the online CPR, AED training, and First Aid classes is strictly monitored to ensure that American CPR Care Association complies with the American Heart Association and ECC 2015 standard guidelines.