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Campus Eye Center Encourages Importance of Eye Exams for Children

LogoCampus Eye Center, a leader of eye care in Lancaster County, recently released a blog post on the importance of eye care for children and why you should schedule a child's first eye exam.

National Nutrition Month at Hudson Regional Hospital

There's no time like the present to consider your eating habits and make healthy changes mainly because March happens to be National Nutrition Month, an educational campaign designed to draw attention to the importance of making educated decisions about what you eat and drink and developing healthy eating and exercise habits.

Tellus' Open EVV Platform Seamlessly Integrates with Agency Management, Third-Party EVV, Financial Management and Other Health Care Information Technology Systems

LogoTellus LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) technology solutions, announced today that its open platform allows third-party software tools to seamlessly and easily integrate in advance of the federally-mandated deadline to implement EVV by January 2020. This includes Agency Management Systems (AMS), third-party EVV vendors, financial management and other health care information technology providers.

Four Ways Chiropractic Treatments Can Help Treat Headaches

LogoHeadaches are a common complaint and one that can be tricky to diagnose. That's because there are many different types of headaches, with many different triggers. Some common causes of headaches include lack of sleep, alcohol, skipped meals, poor posture, and excessive stress. Paying attention to what sets off your headaches can help your chiropractor diagnose and treat them appropriately. Other than lifestyle factors, there are several potential causes of headaches, including referred pain from the soft tissues or bony structures in the neck.

The February Issue of Suburban Life Magazine Features Richard N. Bash of Bash Dental

Richard N. Bash, DDS, appeared on the cover of the February issue of Suburban Life Magazine for his work at Bash Dental. The magazine is now available at high-end retail stores throughout the community. For over 30 years, Dr. Bash has helped patients with dental work, both general and cosmetic, providing an unparalleled level of care whenever it is needed.

The Most Innovative Beauty Loyalty Program Was Just Launched by Shiny Leaf

LogoShiny Leaf introduces 'Shiny Leaf Rewards', a points-based loyalty program that rewards its loyal customers with perks and exclusive privileges. It comes with a brief preview to the Shiny Leaf mobile app which is soon to launch. The mobile app has useful features to support the rewards club functions and to enhance customer's shopping experience.

Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center Offers Facial Surgeries to Patients in Philadelphia and South Jersey

LogoPhiladelphia and South Jersey's leading plastic surgery center, Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center is offering cosmetic facial surgery to patients who are interested in gaining a more youthful appearance. While many patients understand that facial surgery can aid them in their efforts to correct common facial issues such a sagging skin and facial jowls, many don't know which type of facial surgery will best suit their needs.

Nishtha Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Offering Liposuction for Removal of Unwanted Localized Fat

Nishtha Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is the right place for getting quality backed and result-oriented liposuction surgery in the city of Vadodara.

Diamond Herpanacine of PA Offers DiamondMIND® to Improve Focus and Cognitive Function

Cognitive health is top of mind for millions of people across the globe. Positive mental focus is an absolutely essential part of every workday, as well as life at home. Unfortunately, with the rise of cognitive disease throughout the world, there is an increased awareness of how imperative it is to maintain a healthy mind for overall happiness. To help combat the deterioration of mental well-being and unlock the highest performance level from one's brain, Diamond Herpanacine of PA offers DiamondMIND? Advanced Mental Cognition Formula.

CCED Looking to Help Straighten Up Smiles for Spring

Whether an individual has experienced tooth loss after an injury, oral surgery, or due to an extraction, it's necessary to get their gap(s) filled in as soon as possible to improve not only the appearance of their smile, but for overall improved oral health.

All-Natural Elevated Soul CBD Products Now Available for Purchase

LogoElevated Hemp Solutions—a Wisconsin-based producer of all-natural, farm-to-table CBD products—has launched its Elevated Soul CBD brand of hemp flower tinctures. Elevated Soul full-spectrum CBD products are now available for purchase on the brand's website, as well as at a growing number of retailers nationwide.

All Eye Care Doctors Discusses the Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

At All Eye Care Doctors, the leading vision center for Cambridge, MA, as well as Medford, MA situated near Porter Square in Cambridge and Davis Square, and Assembly Row in Somerville, the optometrists are invested in ensuring that every patient has access to the best possible eye care treatment and recommendations. This season, the team at All Eye Care Doctors is discussing the numerous benefits wearing sunglasses provides.

Innovative Separations Addresses Common Myths and Misconceptions About CBD

As the premier producer and provider of high-quality CBD products made from all-natural hemp, Innovative Separations understands that as the use of CBD spreads across the country and around the globe, so do many myths and misconceptions about this substance. Now, the Oregon-based company that provides the country with high-quality bulk CBD for sale seeks to separate fact from fiction and dispel some of the most common rumors surrounding CBD.

Project Whitecard Wins Funding for Vr App to Improve Memory

LogoProject Whitecard Digital announces today that it has officially signed a significant contract with the Canada Media Fund to create and deliver a new virtual reality game to people around the world. Project Whitecard Digital's idea to create content for older adults was first funded by On Screen Manitoba in 2017, and received a significant first investment in 2018 from private investors Paul Thiessen and Mark Evans, who as directors joined CEO/founder Khal Shariff and mentor Greg Loader in bringing VR for older adults to life. The resulting concept was submitted in September 2018 to the Canada Media Fund for consideration, and won, expanding Manitoba's leadership in VR content development.

American CPR Care Association Is Providing Online CPR and First Aid Certification

LogoThe American CPR Care Association is an acclaimed healthcare emergency education trainer with several years of tutoring experience. The Institute through its website offers video training on basic life support skills to both healthcare providers and lay responders and corporates worldwide. The American CPR Care Association courses offered include First Aid skills, AED training, blood pathogens certifications, and Child, Infant, and adult CPR training among others. The Institute courses are nationally accepted because only OSHA trained and certified instructors conduct the online video tutorial and certification.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month at Hudson Regional Hospital

For many Americans, colorectal cancer is an all-too-common reality as the disease is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in the United States.

Innovative Vertebral Augmentation Relieves Compression Fracture Pain

Compression fractures of the spine are often painful and disabling, but the elite surgeons at Kayal Pain & Spine Center have the superior skills to provide patients with immediate relief.

10 Tips to Prevent Injury when Restarting a Stalled Workout Routine

Recommitting to an exercise routine after a winter hiatus can be overwhelming. But trying to do too much too quickly is never the answer. It's a serious mistake that increases the risk of injury.

Happy CBD Answer Frequently Asked CBD Questions

Happy CBD, one of the UK's newest and favourite suppliers of high quality CBD products, has recently updated their website providing a frequently asked CBD questions and answer page, allowing all of their customers to easily discover all of the information that they need and want before placing their CBD orders.

Minimally Invasive Treatments Offered at Redefine Healthcare

LogoRedefine Healthcare announced today that they would be offering same-day, minimally-invasive pain treatments at their four New Jersey locations: Union, Clifton, Edison, and Paterson.

Healing Testicle Pain and Hematospermia with over 50 Kinds of Natural Herbs - Dr.Lee TCM Clinic Advocates Harmless at-Home Therapy

LogoRecently, Wuhan TCM Clinic announces that they use more than 50 kinds of natural plants to make Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (patent No. ZL200910189 4.4), it can successfully remove testicle pain, cure complications such as hemospermia (blood in semen) and restore male fertility. It is praised by the media as "Harmless At-Home Therapy".

Bayshore Home Care Is the Place to Look for Homemaker in Florida

LogoThere is one home health agency that has been breaking new grounds in home health care service since they opened their doors for service well back in 1986. Over the years they have provided passionate and caring professionals who have proved to be the best caregivers that families have had for looking after the senior members in the family. Bayshore Home Care has been a trusted source for providing home health care in Florida, and they have successfully met the need for caring individuals who will look after the senior members in the family as much as their own.

Bayshore Home Care Is the Place to Look for Caring Caregivers for Home Health Care in Florida

LogoWhen it comes to finding someone who can help with caring for aged parents, then there is only one place to look for some help. Bayshore Home Care has been around since 1986, and they are one of the choicest places for getting assistance with senior care at home. The home health agency has been the right place where family owners have looked for help. Taking care of senior members in the family is never an easy thing especially for those who have to fulfill duties both at home and outside. Senior members of the family are always on the lookout for living in their house and without depending on anyone, but leaving them alone is not an option as they might meet with some accident that can be life-threatening. All that can be avoided just by hiring a professional who is excellent at providing home health care in Florida. Such assistance comes easily from Bayshore Home Care who are champions in this field. They have served residents of Florida, and have helped many families have the peace of mind when they have to leave the elderly one at home. A home health caregiver is an extended family member who takes care of the senior member at home much like their family members. Apart from handling the household chores and administering medicines to them, or taking them for their medical checkup or to the supermarket for grocery shopping, the home health care provider comes to their rescue.

Home Elevators Provide a Much-Needed Accessibility Solution

LogoAccess Elevator is a long-standing company that has established a reputation as one of the leading providers of home elevators in Upstate, NY and Western, PA. They are passionate about the work that they do, because they help people gain accessibility in their homes. At the present time, there is an ever-increasing demand for home elevators because of the rapid aging of the population.